Panlobular (or panacinar) The emphysema is the type of emphysema , which affects the specific part of the lungs .EMPHYSEMA is a pulmonary disease, in which the bags Air in the lungs (alveolas) are constantly damaged.There are three persistence empires of perseverance, panlobular and paraspepthatcht, affect different parts of the pulmonary structure.

You may have heard the term emphysema in relation to Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) .epoc is a Term of umbrella that includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis. The statistics show that 16.4 million adults in the United States are diagnosed with any type of COPD, chronic bronchitis or emphysema. is a uniformly distributed disease, in which tissue damage is homogeneous in all the acid and the secondary pulmonary batch.

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Symptoms of the PanLobular emphysema

HEMPHYSEMA PANLOBULAR CAUSE CHRONATE TO THE TRACTRespiratory in the lungs. This damage can cause an obstacle to breathe.

Symptoms will vary depending on the person, the history and stages of the disease.However, common symptoms include:

  • brevity of breathing
  • Persistent difficulties of cough
  • , performing activities of daily life (by Example, washing, bandage,Walk up / down the stairs)
  • weight loss
  • fatigue
  • loss of appetite
  • Excess sputum manufacture (wet / mucus)
  • Hheezing
  • Blue tint around the lips or nails / nails
  • The depression of frequent respiratory infections

Panlobular emphysema is a chronic and irreversible disease. This means that symptoms deteriorate as a condition progresses.


Several conditions can be the main cause of the PanLobular emphysema,Including:

  • COPD (mostly found in the heavy copd) : COPD caused by smoking or inhaling other stimuli or air pollutants (for example, at workplace).The irritating calls on the internal walls of the airbags are weakened, and the lining of the alveoli is damaged. The damage is irreversible and causes respiratory problems.
  • Anti-Grasipse alpha-1 deficiency (AATD) : AAATD is A genetic state in which it lacks a protein / enzyme called antitripxine alpha-1 (AAT).When AAT levels are low, its pulmonary tissues are not very well protected and much more easily damaged by smoke or pulmonary infection. The damage to the alveoli can lead to emphysema.
  • Ritalin Lung : Ritaline (methylphenidate) Resentment can develop PanLobular emphysema, by injection of ritalin intravenously.It is also sometimes known as a pulmonary filling disease.
  • Synyer-James Syndrome : Shyer – James Syndrome Very rare condition. This can affect everything easy or part of the lung.With this condition, the lung does not grow correctly and less than the opposite light. You can follow a bronchuist or pneumonite in childhood, but as it caused, it is not fully understood.
  • Sick bronchiolite (also known as popcorn) : BRUCHIOLITE Detectable -This is a rare disease caused by the inhalation of chemical products, the effects of the respiratory virus, or an autoimmune disease of a a


Diagnostics start with your main health professional, which will take a complete disease of the disease.Your medical history will include things like:

  • History of smoking
  • Family History
  • Exposure to smoking Used
  • Product exposure chemical, couples, dust,Or other irritants in the workplace
  • History of allergy
  • Anterior lung diseases / respiratory problems for children

if you suspect emphysema,Several others tests are performed for diagnostic confirmation.This may include:

thunderstringed bending

Although other tests can confirm the emphysema diagnosis,The doctor can determine the diagnosis of Panlobul’s emphysema only through the CT failure display

Soft or moderate disease can be difficult to detect even when CT is displayed.When emphysema pelboile is heavy, the most common features,Visible in computed tomography:

  • Reduced pulmonary damping
  • Various visible pulmonary vessels in abnormal areas
  • bullae or cysts generally missing
  • an experienced respirator specialistI will identify the etipharacteristaday after carefully review CT explorations.


    The treatment of panlobular emphysema may vary slightly depending on the root cause; However, many treatments remain unknown.

    Treatment may include:

    • Inhaled medications : for example,A> bronnorates or steroids
    • oral medications : such as antibiotics and steroids
    • Oxygen therapy at home : can be prescribed,If oxygen levels in the blood are a deficit
    • pulmonary rehabilitation : Exercise and education program for people with an easy disease,To help you achieve a longer exercise with less precautions
    • the nutritious point: For some people, emphysema can cause weight loss.Therefore, a nutritionist can provide advice for the best products to help you maintain a healthy weight.
    • Vaccines : Providing topical vaccines to help prevent the conditions of the lungs, such as pneumonia , flu or Covid-19
    • Surgery : The operation to reduce lungs, or pulmonary pulmonary transplantation can be recommended in difficult circumstances.

    The treatment of pallamic emphysema is aimed at administering symptoms and slow progress.


    Panlobular emphysema, like other types of emphysema, irreversible.Without treatment.

    Although this is a chronic state, it can manage it through an individual treatment plan, which includes medications, exercises, dietary guidelines and abstaining smoking / exposure to air pollutants.

    In the early diagnosis, the treatment plan can help reduce the progression of the disease. If the habit of smoking is the cause, the loss is vital to curb the progression of the disease.What more, over time, the symptoms are aggravated when the disease progresses.

    The forecast varies significantly from a person to a person, depending on the severity of emphysema, the main cause, the history of health, lifestyle, family history, general health and adherence To drugs.

    Help with the patient’s emphysema and breathing can be a complex.This can lead to symptoms of depression or anxiety, especially if breathing affects everyday life.

    If you are experiencing a feeling of depression or anxiety, your medical care in the field of primary medical care or respiratory medical team can help.Therapy, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, can help with depression, anxiety and respiratory symptoms.

    Relaxation learning methods, such as breathing exercises, visualization and meditation, can also help with respiratory protection and anxiety symptoms.

    There are support groups available for people with different types of pulmonary conditions.Being around other people with a similar illness of the lungs, can show you that it is not alone, provides colleagues to speak and point to adequate support.

    It is important to remember that it is not alone, as well as there are many supports and recommendations.

    The word The Meds information received

    As any type of emphysema, the PanLobular emphysema can be difficult to live. Sometimes, breathing can be quite difficult.However, there are many methods of treatment and techniques that will help reduce the progression of the disease and help to use the control of the symptom.

    Be sure to contact the medical advice if you are concerned about your problems of breath.The answered emphysema has been identified that before you can start the proper treatment plan and medications.Do everything possible to quit smoking, avoid infections, eat a variety of diet, and exercise is some of the best ways to stay healthy as healthy you can.

    Talk to your medical professional or a respiratory team if you are fighting to face the PanLobular emphysema. There are many ways that they can offer support for life with the most manageable condition.

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