Pork allergies caused by allergies in cats.


Some types of allergies in cats can lead to allergies to pork due to the cross reaction. Find out what is behind the pork’s jack syndrome, and who is at risk.

Cat Allergy

Allergies to cats are extremely common, taking place up to 25% of people. The allergy to the cat is more common than allergies to Donda Dog , a fact that can be associated with the power of cats of cats and delay As allergic and because cats generally do not bathe.The main feline allergen, fel d 1 , found in cat saliva, in a quarter of the sebaceous glands on the skin, leather and in the sebaceous anal glands.Other allergens of cat, including albumin (large blood protein), are found in feline urine, saliva and blood.

Alergy pork

Allergy to meat , for example, for beef, pork, birds and lamb, relatively unusual. Cooking reduces the allergen nature of some products, destroying the proteins responsible for allergic reactions.If the allergen breaks heating, then the allergic antibody (IgE) no longer recognizes the protein, and the allergic reaction does not happen. It is reported that allergic reactions to pork and boar meat.

Pork cat syndrome

Rarely, people with allergies in cat album can also be allergic to pork. This relationship is called pork and feline meat syndrome and caused by similar cat structures, albumin and pork albumin. Due to this similarity, allergic antibodies to the cat albumum react with pork albumin.

Most people who are symptoms for allergic allergies to Caat due to the main allergen FEL D 1 , and therefore not as the probability of Allergy in meat pork.


Unlike the allergic reactions to Galactosa-Alpha-1,3-the Galactosa carbohydrates were found in mammalian meat, which can cause allergic delay reactions.Many hours after using metal load reactions to pork in pork syndrome occur almost immediately after eating pork. .Fresh pork (not resolved) or dry and smoked pigs, as a rule, cause more reactions, while a well-cooked pork causes less reactions.


The diagnosis of cat pork is suspicious of man,With what there is a significant allergic symptom history with the effects of cats (such as allergic rhinitis and asthma) and the experiences of the symptoms of food allergies after pork foods.Allergy tests for a cat and pork positively with skin tests and / or blood tests. However, you do not have to have a remarkable notable allergy around cats so that they are donor with this syndrome.


Treatment of pork jack syndrome – strict avoiding any pork product. When the reaction occurs, the symptoms will be processed in the same way as other allergic reactions to food are processed.

The epinelline injection must be available for anyone who has synchronized the pig, synchronization, and even the fatal reactions were recorded in people with this condition as a result of the use of the pork.

If a person with pork syndrome prevents the effects of cats, it is possible that their allergic levels of the cat antibody will diminish over time and, therefore The cross reaction to pork will also decrease.Therefore, it may be possible for a person with a pork syndrome ‘turn’ its allergies to pork if the cats avoid.

Know If there will be an allergic procedure, it will require a comprehensive next by the doctor, and patients with a well-known response to the pork reaction should not try again, there is a pork independently,If a cautious medical evaluation is not indicated.

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