Potential danger to health for adolescents.


10/21/2019 Update: Recent diseases were associated with the use of E – cigarettes (vertical).Since the specific reasons for these cases of lung damage are not yet known, the control and prevention and prevention centers (CDC) are recommended, abstaining from vaping products all .

The type of electronic cigarette, which is gaining popularity among young people and adolescents, is called juul.it does not look like a small and rectangular cigarette (similar to a USB drive ).Hululul is small and unavoidable enough for adolescents to easily hide from parents and teachers.

Interestingly, a HUL can be loaded from the computer (for example, a flash drive is charged), inserting it into the USB port port of the laptop).When your Yumul comes out of juice, you can charge quickly and conveniently on your laptops.

What is the effect of the day,Especially for the youngest generation? Is this a secure device popular ?

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What is itcient?

A e-cigarette (Short for electronic cigarette) is a device that is used to create a heated steam. Stuffed pairs can inhale the name in the direction.

The first electronic cigarette was launched in China in 2003.With the device, the less tobacco device continued to grow in popularity. Yumul is a type of electronic cigarette; Initially, it was designed so that adult smokers help them to kick a habit.As they say, now Gullyu is the most popular teenagers of Forkingamonga.

What is a jewelry?

Jularing is a vapor method, spinning pairs in a fog of nicotine full with a free choice for smoke to produce nicotine in the body.Yuzhul contains nicotine extracts (taken from tobacco), but it does not contain tobacco itself. It uses the fragrances consisting of various chemical matrices, which are considered harmful to human health.The National Cancer Institute says it contains a solution of nicotine, flavors and other chemical products, some of which can be harmful.

Although Jueling does not include the use of tobacco, it is said that it offers nicotine efficiently as a traditional cigarette, forcing nicotine to quickly enter the lungs and pass to the brain.

Yu Gioul Only for those who are 21 years old and older; However, as cigarettes always started in the hands of young people, so there is a Hul. In fact, the hole is considered very ugly in the average and secondary population.In fact, according to the entrepreneur, Insider , Jurgul, catches the attention of high school personnel and public health experts, which are called their high nicotine content ‘terrifying’. ‘

Juilling vs.Other types of wenga

Many people are wondering if there is a difference between interbalansis and other types of vaping and e-cig.One of the greatest differences between BetherenthenMENTem is that the legal is that legalization is delivering a much higher nicotine dose with a faster speed compared to vapeo types.

Mostvaping products Use propylene glycol and glycerin to deliver nicotine, but Yumul has a combination of nicotine organic nicotine salzomy and organic acid that allows us to absorb nicotine.

The usametnition of food and diagonites now prohibits the production and sale of vaping flavor products (excluding menthol and tobacco). The new policy is effective as of February 1, 2020.

Nicotine Health Riversity

Although nicotine may seem harmless,The substance is very exciting and potentially can cause a negative impact on the brain (especially for adolescents, because the brain is still developing up to 25 years).The name is that nicotine affects the area of the brain that participates in decision making, emotions and impulse control.

To the south of the teenagers

Yuzhul is considered the most popular type of electronic cigarettes, affordable and has approximately 45.7% of the electronic cigarette market.It does not matter what adolescents are more likely to use electronic cigarettes today, they should smoke traditional tobacco products.

Those who use electronic cigarettes had a recognition of a high probability of smoking tobacco products.

Between the children of high school and high school, the prevalence of using an electronic cigarette increased to 3.5 million minors.This leads 77% of children from high school students and 50% of second school children , who used electronic cigarettes.

Statistical data collected from a survey of a month of adolescents registered by the Tablet of the Institute of Drug Abuse,Include many statistics on the traditional use of cigarettes and the use of electronic cigarettes eight buildings through superior schools. The electronic use was much higher than the traditional use of the cigarette.

The traditional use of cigarette was 3.6% between the 8th grade, 6.3% between the tenth degrees and 11.4% among the 12 higher.

The use of an electronic cigarette, according to reports, was 11% in the grades of secondary school in 2017; This number jumped to the colossal 20.9% in 2018. Twice, children use electronic cigarettes compared to girls.307% of users of electronic cigarettes began smoking traditional cigarettes for 6 months, compared to 8.1% of non-users who started smoking.

Two media of popular social networks for adolescents are YouTube and Instagrammoth are saturated with the video that represents teenagers in the classroom, even in the presence of teachers.On the east coast, yuuelism has become so popular among adolescents that teachers report extensive problems. Teachers, confiscation devices of judgments, tar in pie and other objects in the class, are credited with insiders.

Why does he attract teenagers?

The JUULS features are another aspect of a device that makes them popular among young people. This is a small, with a subtle and high-tech design.Hulsul uses nicotine cartridges mentioned as humble pods that are available in several different flavors, such as mint, mango, fruits and cream.

It is reported that the cream pairs will be less severe in the throat and lungs compared to other types of electronic cigarettes. This makes the use of JUR more pleasant, especially for new users.

Not only an elegant yumul, imperceptible (easy to hide), discreet to use (with a small smell and lack of vapors), it is also found.The final 2018, Yuzhul was available in convenient stores, Filling stations and combustion stores.However, federal mandates have recently led to a difficult limit where huul can be sold.

The starting kits cost from 29 to 49 US dollars, forcing Yumul available to young people.The high school and high school students reported that the device was quite easy or very easy to obtain, said that useless violence of drugs.

American Cancer Society and electronic cigarettes

A 2018 GUIDE was posted by ACS , What read, smokers who can not not go,They should be encouraging at the least harmful way of a possible tobacco product; Change to the exclusive use of e-cigaretseableFrefrefredible to continue the smoke from combustible products.However, ACS does not recommend using electronic cigarettes as a termination method. In its place,

ACS encourages those who manufacture use-use devices, such as Yumul, to stop the use of the device as soon as possible.Doctors support all attempts to pull the use of fuel tobacco and work with smokers to finally stop using any tobacco product, including electronic cigarettes.’

The Company continues to say:’ ACS strongly recommends an effort to prevent the start of the electronic cigarettes of young people.

Potential health hazard

there are several potentially serious health dangers associated with the jumper, including:

  • The term may be more damage,How to smoke ordinary cigarettes
  • Highrisk of Adviction (especially among teenagers)
  • Mayret at high risk of start and long-term use of tobacco products (especially for young people)
  • Major (to increase blood pressure nicotine)
  • damage to damage, which can increase the risk of development
  • Breathing / lung damage (chemical products created by artificial flavoring The title,which is preferable to young whoWPE)


Heart disease

2017studydiscovered, which they useCigarettes can lead to narrowing of arteries and other blood vessels, as well as the rigidity of the primary artery, which supply oxygenated blood in the body (called aorta ).The rigidity of the aorta is a sign of early warning of heart disease, stroke , aneoresesm and atherosclerosis (arteries hardening).

DNA damage

Recent Masonic Cancer Research Center at the University Minnesota found that this change of influence of DNA in the cells of the mouth.The study found that an increase in harmful DNA compounds was found (including acrolein, formaldehyde and also electronic cigarettes in saliva after the subjects of the study.Medical experts say that these chemicals are harmful and can increase the risk of cancer.

Damage of breathing and light

Survey At the University of Michigan, he found that these adolescents preferred electronic cigarettes with flavored flavor to those that contained nicotine, but without fragrance.These flavors were found that they are combined with fluid in yumul, which causes researchers to be called unpubposed chemical seizures, flavor compounds, including chemical, acetoin and 2,3-Pentarandion, declared that they cause potential damage to the lungs. It was also found that these chemicals lead to severe respiratory conditions, and they also cause irritation of the mucous membranes of the lungs.

The report published by TheAerman’s physiological society (APS) discovered that the chemicals emitted by Yueuel, such as propylene, propylene, plus nicotine and taste, appear to be built in the lungs.This led to inflammation, an increase in the production of mucus and a changed function of the lungs.

Potential damage to test the electronic cigarettes

In the report National Institute of Drug Abuse, 25.7% of XV-Halkhigh Schulle students say they are a sophisticated aromatization, are not known about the high concentration of the exciting nicotine, inhaled in Yuda.Most electronic cigarettes (including yumul) do not offer the nicotine option.

Even if electronic cigarettes, such as YUL, proposed a delicate option, only flavors, still potentially harmful chemicals in flavors.

  • diacetyl: chemical used to add the dung aroma associated with bronchuilite obliterati (severe respiratory disorder,Including an obstacle of a small respiratory tract)
  • acetoin: chemical, which is associated with the eye,The irritation of the skin and the mucous membrane in the toxic lungacetoid when inhaled (even in small quantities) and the national toxicology program is considered by its registered risk of pulmonary damage
  • 2,3 -PentaNedione: Aromatizing agent, which reported on how damage to respiratory treaties from the National Institute of Labor Safety and Health, this chemistry causes fibrosis of the lungs,As well as genetic changes in the brain in animal studies

Public Touch

ThevapingCraze caused serious concern and discussing public health officials,In addition to medical professionals who say that influence on medical care can be more efficient than the use of tobacco products.It is more convenient to use that electronic cigarettes (because users can smoke anywhere, including the interior).

Therap also leads to a higher nicotine concentration compared to conventional cigarettes and in other words.

‘Jule is a new trend that I am afraid,’ Nicholas Chadi , Atenciratric clinical generation at the Boston Children’s Hospital, said in the American Society of the Annual Conference Addiction to drugs.’We received calls from parents throughout Boston, asking how to do it.’

New federal command

In November 2018, the FDA announced new restrictions on the sale of flavor electronic cigarettes (including themHeh),Trying to interrupt the popular use of a Sweetheat for smoking and prevent a new generation of young people who were addicted to nicotine.

Sweet varieties will be sold only in stores, as well as through online companies that review the age of customers. The solution was based on the inability of manufacturers to show that they can leave these products juvenile.

Word of the Drug Information of the Recipient

Although the harmful effects of the planting in teenagers are still studied by experts one thing is safe: the prevalence of use in adolescent and minor children is inIncrease. A great concern is the fact that many children do not know the usual nature of the products they breathe.

This led experts and health organizations, such as the American Lung Association, to be concerned about the number of children who become unconsciously dependent on nicotine and many of which move to the use of products of Ordinary tobacco,Climbing the frequency of a new generation of smokers.

The key to prevention may be in double efforts of government agencies to prohibit the sale of these products in combination with the National Education Program to inform parents and children of the potential risks of the routine .


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