Powering artery: Anatomy, function and meaning.


continuation of AA> Femoral artery on the internal thigh, the poopite artery moves along the stagnant well, a hole behind the knee joint, Before stopping in two branches: front and rear tibial arteries.Together with its many branches, its main blood supply for the knee joint, as well as several main muscle groups on the legs.


The artery of the branch of the branch of the raw artery at the level of adductors breaks the space between the muscles of the Magnus adductors and the femoral bone on the thigh.It descends in the FOSCA brand, which is a small depression behind the knee joint, before traveling between the moblithory mouse Tastrocnemius and the muscles of the chickens located on the back of the lower part of the leg.There he travels more deeply in the rear foot compartment, where he breaks into the front and rear tibial arteries.

Despite the coating of a relatively short period, this artery is the main source of blood for the combination and ligaments of the knee, as well as the muscles of the lower part of the leg.

There are several main branches:

  • Excellent divine arteries : knee a Levelle Topted Artery is divided into five pension branches for the formation of periarticular rewindAnastomE , which guarantees blood to the joints and tendons there. Excellents lateral and medial branches pogulate branches around the femur, which are two main protuberances at the bottom of the femur.
  • Medium-sized artery: The artery of the central pensicular is broken down into the area of distal-interpolation students between the femur seals that run towards the front of the indicator, which supplies .
  • Pensicular arteries Cases: Bottom side and medial background arteries, made around the tibial seals.The appropriate space at the top of the lower legs of the tibia bone is deeply launched into the virgin ligaments of the knee.They provide a connected joint, binders and special capsule, and the front part of the beam front and the lower part of the cup.
  • Muscle branches: The main task of the poopite artery is to put muscle groups on the lower thigh, the knee and the lower part of the leg.Includes clash art that delivers blood to the rejoicing of the populated industry marketed Ponahed Ponahed Ponahed, the Elyaples muscles, as well as the muscles of the division, the tendons that pass along with Achilles.This arter is finished in two front and rear tibial arteries.

Anatomical variations

Occasionally, there may be variations in the structure of the poopite artery.The three most common are:

  • of the highest origin of the tibial artery : In some cases, ending the branches of the twisted artery From the rear and the front tibial arteries begin up,usual.
  • Truffurcation: This is when there is a trilateral division of the poopite artery in the front tibial artery (feeding the front of the lower part of the leg),The rear tibial artery (maintenance of the back of the lower part of the leg), as well as the peronal artery.
  • Hypoplasic / back side APLASTIC A.
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    This main work of the arteries is to deliver blood to the bones and tendons knee ;This is the main provider of this area. In addition, it supplies important muscle groups of tendons and calf, including the muscles of the explosion, modern muscles and the popliteous muscles.

    Although his position is deep in Fosca Poplitea makes it difficult to access, in medical practice, his impulse can feel when the patient puts and raises the bent knee that holds other muscle groups, relaxed.When this pulse is missing or weak, it can be a sign of the obstruction of the femoral artery.

    Clinical value

    Several conditions are closely related to the health of the poopite artery.

    In cases of dislocation of the knee, the hemorrhage of the poopite artery can occur due to the proximity to the fact that the arteries are close to that part of the body.Injury injury causes a stretching of the artery, which can lead to the contour, break, break or disconnect completely from the rest of the circulatory system. Not only can it destroy the blood flow in the region, but it can also cause damage to the muscles of the calf. Sin process, it can even lead to the loss of the limb .

    Other condition, capture artery capture syndrome (Paes) , occurs when there are variations during the artery when it passes between two calves muscle heads.This leads to pain due to insufficient blood supply, when muscles are reduced, a condition called intermittent chlorins.A tropicial injury can cause thrombosis or thromboemball or coagulation inside the artery, as well as the aneurysm (apexity of the artery).


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