Preparations of recipes for colds or flu.


The first row of treatment for colds and influenza is self-service (and patience), since it allows these viral diseases to simply launch their course.But there are cases where you may need medical medications and prescribed against domesticating heavy symptoms, which prevents the deterioration of your condition or avoiding related complications.


The delivery of the cough, the antihistamines, the manuals and steroids of the nose are the preparations of cold and / or flu recipes,They can help you provide some symptoms, although the main work of antiviral and antibiotics is to stop what causes your illness on your tracks.


Many People with new symptoms of cough and colds will ask their health care provider for antibiotics. Cold care is viral and will not respond to antibiotics.Your health care provider must assign them only if your condition is due to a bacterial infection (for example, AMA STREP GOLL ) or has developed a secondary bacterial infection (for example, pneumonia).

For example, Pen-Vee K (penicillin), amoxyl (amoxicillin) or keflex (cephalosporin): all effective throat procedures of infection.

Antihistamines and controllers

Antihistamines work blocking the release of histamine, which is the natural substance of our liberation from the body, when we are susceptible to allergens.The newly trimmed function, causing a narrowing of blood vessels, which helps relieve congestion. Both antihistamines and demons are used to dry the selection, eliminating nasal or nasal secretion.

Do not cure viral respiratory disease, but they can reduce some discomfort. Many are available through the counter, but your health provider can assign a stronger version or combined medications.

An example is a promising VC, which contains promethazine hydrochloride (antihistamine) and phenylephrine (Accenter, which limits blood vessels to reduce pressure).

Your health care provider should ensure that these medications do not interact with other medications that you accept can not make any existing condition you have, and is suitable for your age group.

Food and medicine administration (FDA) See Against Provide any type of cough or cold product, which contains antihistamines or demons to children under 2 years.There is a risk of serious or potentially fatal side effects.

Antiviral medications

Antivirus preparations are medications that are designed specifically for viruses, trying to avoid playback.In the case of influenza, antiviral drugs are more effective when adopted within 48 hours after the beginning of symptoms. They can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce the course of the disease, as well as reduce the risk of complications.

Antivirus drugs approved by FDA for influenza include:

, while antivirus drugs can be prescribed to anyone, for those indicated,They are especially important for people in risks, to help prevent the effects of influenza such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

If you or who cares less than 2 years, 65 years or older, immunocompromised, pregnant, extremely obesity, care facilities, or in any other group considered in the complications of high influenza Risk ,Contact the health care provider as soon as you notice any symptom of influenza or aware of the effects of the virus.

Those who are not in the high-risk group may need an antiviral drug if they are hospitalized and confirmed or suspected of flu or their illness is Heavy, complex or progressive.


Cough is a natural way of cleaning your respiratory tract and preventing pneumonia. You can expect cough in a certain cold or phase of influenza.

In general, your health care provider does not want to treat such cough if you do not continue recovering your dream or event after it can be cleaned.

Some suppression of the cough are available in higher strengths, as well as drugs, strength recipe (for example, dextromethorphan).

The prescription preparations used to control severe cough often contain codeine or hydrocodone, which are narcotic drugs. Do not allow the brain to cause reflection for cough.

Often, these medications are in combined preparations, which also include antihistamine. An example is Tusionex Pennkeretic, an extended isolated oral suspension containing a combination of chloropheniRaminearrocodone.Another example is Nalex AC, which contains codeine and bromopheniramine antihistamine.

Incorrect use of the removal of the Kashkov narcotic can lead to dependence on dependence, overdose or death.

In 2017, the FDA has updated the warnings of the Cashel Codeine recipe for children, adolescents and those who feed the chest. In 2018,The records were changed to obtain information on prescription cough safety and cold preparations containing CODEIN or hydrocodone to say that they should not be used by those WHO should not be used at the age of 18.

For children and adolescents, the risks exceed the advantages of these products.

Sometimes, health care providers will prescribe the benzonatat pearls for stubborn cough.According to the FDA, Benzonatat is not safe for children under 10, since even a small amount can cause an overdose.

Another type of cough medicine is called excrak.The artists, like the guaifenesin, help to fine and weaken the mucus so that it can cough easily, easier.

Steroids nasal

Nasal steroids facilitate the symptoms of a cold or sinus pressure, although they will not cure cold or flu.

flonase (floticasone), previously available only by the recipe, now it is sold through the counter. Your health care provider can prescribe Nasonex (Mometasone). These medications are effective, but may take several hours to be effective.

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If you are concerned about, something more serious than the common cold virus , make an appointment.In any case, you register, and if something is wrong, your health care provider can assign treatment before everything worsens.

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