Prohibition of a gesture language at the Milane Conference of 1880


There is no other event in the history of deaf education has a greater impact on life and the formation of deaf people, a conference held in Milan at the end of 19-Time

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Review of the Milan Conference of 1880

In 1880,There was a Granla Country Conference of Deaf Educators called the second international congress on the formation of deaf. A statement was adopted at this conference that oral education was better than a manual education (sign).As a result, the language of gestures in the Schools for Deaf was forbidden.

Here are the first two of the eight resolutions transmitted by the Convention:

  1. ,Taking into account the indisputable superiority of the articulation on the signs in the restoration of the conclusion of deaf society and provides it with a more complete knowledge of the language, declares,That the oral method must be preferable to signals in the training and learning of deaf stability.
  2. Convention, given that the simultaneous use of articulation and signs has a lack of injury in the reading of articulation and lips, as well as the accuracy of the ideas, declares that the net oral method should be preferable.

Other resolutions on topics such as:

  • Student education Deficient Plot of deaf
  • to learn from deaf students orally and long-El Término Beneficial is Método of Apprays
  • Needamos Para Instrument Orales


As a result of the conference in Milan, the deaf teachers lost their work, so it was a general decline in deaf professionals, as writers, artists and lawyers.In addition, the quality of life and education of the deaf students were negatively affected negatively. Very, the Gallowder College president adopted the executive decision to maintain the language of registration of the campus.

In the end, at the end, in 1970, a long-term linguistics teacher at Galloweeu College, William Stroke declared a tutorial language.

In the end, the Gallautet College solution to preserve the gestures has played an important role in the survival of sign language.It is a real estate property for many deaf students who are still secretly communicated with each other with signs, despite the ban.

Prohibit gestures: result ‘fixed’

According to experts, the prohibition of sign language at this international conference in acknowledgment of well-known results.This is due to the fact that the conference was represented by people who were known. Oral: This is the one who speaks for oralism, which is the practice of teaching deaf people to communicate with the help of speech or dementia, and without including.

It is interesting to note that the United States and Great Britain were the only countries that opposed the prohibition. Unfortunately, his opposition was ignored.

Impact term of the Milane Conference

Conference in Milan in 1880 is a value in the history of the deaf that was granted by cultural parts, such as painting, Milan, Italy 1880, of the deaf artist Mary Tornley. This image is represented by hunters that indicate weapons in the letters of ASL, ‘which are for the gestures of the US language.

In October 1993, the University of Alblautet held a conference called ‘Post Milan ASL and Literacy in English ‘.The production of the conference included an essay entitled ‘Reflections on Milan with an eye in the future’, ‘Catherine Yankovsky’.

In retrospect, it can be said that in the years when the language of gestures and oralism has learned to coexist peacefully. There will never be another Milan of 1880.

The word of the information received from Meds

Conference in Milan was an unpleasant fault in history for communities Sordas Fortunately, the language of gestures is no longer oppressed in schools.Instead, the gesturing language covers as a really rich and special communication form.

With this, if you or your favorite person have a baby or a child who is a deaf or sophisticated rumor, there are resources that will help develop the communication skills you need.

one, especially a useful resource: this organization called for parents , which not only provides strategies to increase communication skills for your child, but also provides support, promotion and Various social services.

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