Promotional Schizophra: Identification of this early stage.


Schizophrenia is a mental illness that affects how people think, behave and feel.While the symptoms of the distinctive feature include hallucinations and the disconnection of reality, it may take years to appear these more advanced symptoms.

Before entering the stage of prolonged schizophrenia, or the earliest stage of cerebral degeneration, where people (often still in adolescence) begin to experience light or moderate disorders in the everyday work,Including problems with speech and movement. These changes can be attributed to the inheritance, genetics, environmental and other reason.

schizophrenia, once considered a disease that occurred at the beginning of the possible course memory loss (dementia aka transformation).Later, it was described as a group of psychosis with a variable and chronic course, which develops throughout life.

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Schizophrenia Shames

Schizophrenia develops and progresses with quite slowwith one oafes to another. The day, each diagnosed with schizophrenia, will test the active phase, you may not prove the postal phase (previous) or residual (after).


Promotional phase The More Phase Early and there are no symptoms of schizophrenia. Therefore, it is generally diagnosed only after a person entered the active schizophrenia phase.

Active (during)

This phase (acute) in which the symptoms are more remarkable and potentially harm the lives of people.Friends and family will notice remarkable differences in their loved one, but it is possible that a person can not recognize or recognize changes.

The residue (after)

is an unofficial phase that occurs after active schizophrenia. In this stage, the symptoms are much less obvious E They can even be in remission, but they can still be present to some extent.The entrance to this stage does not mean that never again enter the active phase.

Promotional symptoms

Promotional symptoms are generally considered as symptoms of undefined schizophrenia (those associated with the lack of normal interactions and operation),that are being developed over time.

can fluctuate in the intensity, severity and time spell.These symptoms can begin in adolescence and adolescent years, although they can not be considered as such if the future diagnosis of schizophrenia is not achieved later in life (retrospective diagnosis).

Small changes in personality and normal behavior or routine can be some of the first signs of schizophrenia of progressive phase.

The first common signs and symptoms of schizophrenia include:

  • nervousness and / or anxiety
  • Depression
  • Thinking or concentration difficulties


  • falta-demand
  • no energy and / or slowness
  • significant fall in classes or work performance
  • social isolation or anxiety by other people
  • lacking or care for personal hygiene

An evaluation suggests that 75% of the elimination of schizophrenia can go through the stages of prolongal symptoms.

Some of the general signs, such as a significant change in personal hygiene and alarming falls of the classes or performance, can also be an early warning sign of other topics,Including psychosis or a detachment of reality. / P>

If your child or teen begins to show signs and symptoms Previous, talking with pediatricians or mental health, how it can faster.

Production types

There are two main production samples. Again, it is likely that it does not know with certainty what type it is applicable to the late stages of schizophrenia.

Packel 1 PROLOM is characterized by certain nonspecific changes (for example., sleep disorders that can be signs of other mental illness), followed with specific symptoms of psychotic symptoms (early warning signs of schizophrenia), and then lead to psychosis .

Pattern 2 PRODROME is characterized by early, specific changes associated with schizophrenia, followed by neurotic symptoms, such as anxiety and irritability in the response to changes, and then psychosis.

These models of symptoms were later divided into five disorders templates (areas of the greatest difficulty),Including anxiety in: / P>

  • Perception
  • Voice Production
  • Engine Function
  • Thinking (for example,Chucks Sharp)

PRODROOM PHASE You can also classify three different forms:

    • > Category 1 means that the patient must have at least one of the following symptoms: false beliefs,What random events in the world will relate directly with them, strange beliefs or magical thinking; Visual violation; Thinking and strange speech; Paranoic id; And strange behavior or appearance.
    • Category 2 Includes patients who experienced psychotic symptoms that come and leave, which are resolved spontaneously during the week.
    • category 3 includes a combination of genetic risk (that is, being the first grade of a human relative with diagnosis of schizophrenia) with significant changes in personal daily operation in the year previous.

    so that Schizophrenia Zadromal is difficult to identify

    Schizophrenia remant is difficult to identify, you lack the characteristic symptoms of schizophrenia and, on the other hand,It represents other symptoms that are generally associated with the spectrum of other mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety.

    This means that you or someone who loves can be unbuttoned and incorrect to treat mood disorders, while other symptoms are present in life.

    It is also possible, although a person has a mood disorder, and then develops active schizophrenia, without passing through the extensive schizo, which further complicates the preparation of an accurate diagnosis.

    The main reasons for which prudent schizophrenia identifies:

    • The lack of clear symptoms associated specifically with schizophrenia
    • age,in which you are usually gifts (during adolescent hormonal UPS hids)
    • the fact that is usually brown with other mental illnesses or damaged psychoactive diseases

    when the symptoms beginOf age of teenagers, you can shoot as simply phase, hormones and adolescent anguish. There are many stereotypes that say adolescent years, and many include emotions, humor management and behavior.It makes it difficult for parents, teachers and guardians who distinguish among ordinary adolescents from prudent schizophrenia state disorder.

    Diagnosis of prolonged schizophrenia

    Researchers work on methods to diagnose prolongal schizophrenia before, and not retrospectively.Previously, detection means minimizing time between when the disease begins the first psychosis. It also offers more space to prevent psychological and social failures (work, school, friendship, etc.) related to active schizophrenia.

    Some diagnostic tools include:

    • ‘ ultra -Shight risk ‘(UHR) STATURES Tool Personal assessment and crisis estimate (PACE) of the clinic is based on personal risk factors for schizophrenia.Risk factors, such as age, family history of psychosis and the evaluation of symptoms, are combined in a multifactor risk index to evaluate the probability of the disease.
    • CAARMS The rhythm of includes an estimate of the intensity, frequency and duration of symptoms, as well as a decrease in the operation.
    • Structured interviews for Productomic Syndromes (SIPS) was developed by prevention, identifying, manual, management and education (Prime) of the promotional research team at Yale University.Includes minor differences and is used indiscriminally with others.

    The diagnosis will ultimately depend on whether a person experiencing symptoms of prudent schizophrenia that takes the actions and speaks with a medical professional.It can be the main barrier for diagnosis, especially if a person does not have a strong support network to encourage your help.


    Many factors can interfere with a treatment plan and perspective or forecast.With promotional schizophrenia, the prospects negatively affect the following:

    • lower cognitive performance (less Iq or thought, solving problems,and deterioration)
    • Lower social skills
    • The history of psychoactive substance abuse
    • Comorbit disorders (Disorders that occur simultaneously as others)
    • Lack of social or public support

    Substance disorders are one of the most sympathetic diseases that affect forecast for people with prudent schizophrenia.Psychoactive substances, such as cannabis, can also affect the beginning of psychosis and are a well-known risk factor in schizophrenia, although the cause and effect are not clear, and the findings are not always consistent.

    I am looking for help for psychiatric symptoms before starting creating personal, interpersonal and professional problems, they are always the best script for perspective when it comes About mental illness .To maintain a treatment course will also be the main factor in the general forecast and the results.


    Promotional Schizophrenia is the earliest stage of schizophrenia.Not all people with schizophrenia are experiencing this stage. The symptoms of the distinctive characteristic of the production stage include nervousness, anxiety, depression, complexity of concentration, excessive anxiety and much more.Promotional schizophrenia can be particularly difficult to identify, since these symptoms are associated with many other conditions.

    Early detection can be of great importance for patients with schizophrenia.If you or your loved one are experiencing symptoms, contact your medicine specialist for help.

    Word of the Meds information received

    Before deciding that you or another person experiences the progressive phase of schizophrenia,You must talk to a professional who can help distinguish the symptoms of other conditions.Often, there are very small differences between diagnoses that may not seem serious, but they can do much when it comes to obtaining adequate diagnosis and treatment.

    If you or your favorite have a history of psychosis or schizophrenia in the family, or consume psychoactive substances, such as cannabis, you will definitely say a doctor or mental health.When it comes to consuming substances, it can really be difficult to share the complete truth about how much and how often it is used. But know that it is necessary to obtain adequate assistance and help a professional to develop the best course of action.

    Frequently asked questions

    When does the projector schizophrenia phase occur?

    The production phase of schizophrenia can occur in adolescence and adolescents,Although it can be fired as phase or diagnosed as another mental illness, such as anxiety or depression.

    How do you help someone with schizophrenia?

    You can help someone with schizophrenia, encouraging them to treat treatment and stay with the recommendations of doctors.You can also read about schizophrenia to understand better and empathize what they happen.

    How is schizophrenia about?

    Schizophrenia is treated with drugs that highlight the symptoms, ranging from psychotic symptoms (processed by antipsychotics) to depression and symptoms concerned,That are treated with antidepressants and anti-disturbing drugs. Therapy with a prepared professional can help a person develop healthy ability to overcome, manage psychoactive disorders and work on their relationship with others.

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