RCP execution in a child – Basic information


No substitute for adequate preparation. However, emergency situations are waiting for anyone. Use these steps to provide RCP to children from 1 to 8 years old.

For children up to 1 year, make a Baby RCP.

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  1. Stay safe. Children can become infected with infectious diseases.If you are concerned about the possible impact of infectious disease, practice universal precautions and use personal protective equipment , if available.
  2. Try to wake a child. Gently press or shake your baby’s shoulders and call your name with a high voice. He did not damage the child, but be aggressive, trying to wake them up. If the child does not wake up, someone immediately.If there is no other available to call 911, and the child does not breathe, continue step 3 and makes CPR for approximately 2 minutes before calling 911.
  3. Compression. If the child does not breathe, place a hand in breastfeeding directly between the baby’s nipples.Retail directly from approximately 2 inches about a third of the child’s load thickness, and then allow the breast to be back. This is 30 times, for about the second.If it was trained in RCP, and remember how to rescue breathing, go to step 4. If not, keep making thoracic compressors and go to step 5.
  4. Give a child two breaths. After clicking on the chest 30 times, cut your mouth from the child’s mouth and pinch your nose with your fingers. Remove carefully until you see your chest. Let the air escape the getaway turn down, give it another breath.If there is no air when you try to fly, adjust the baby’s head and try again. If it does not work, then skip and return to breast compression (Step 3), you can try a HARD rescue again after 30 additional computers.
  5. Continue doing RCP and call 911 after 2 minutes. If you yourself, continue making RCP for 2 minutes (approximately 5 compression groups) before calling 911.If someone else is there or arrives, as the CPR has this person, call 911.All if the child wakes up, he must call 911 at any time when he has to do RCP.As soon as 911 was named or you have another person, call, continue doing RCP. Do not stop until it arrives or the child wakes up.


  • When checking breathing, if you are not sure that you suppose the child does not breathe.Worse still to breathe a child, and do nothing to assume that he or she is not and begins to save his breath.
  • giving rescue breathing using the RCP mask helps when creating an appropriate impression and keeps the Mercet from the rescuer’s mouth.
  • Place the book under the child , He has schedule, help keep him on his head back.Negative If not, you may not be told the script 911 exactly what is happening. If the dispatcher knows that the child does not breathe, does not respond, the dispatcher can give instructions to help him. If you call 911, be calm and listen carefully.
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