Recognition and treatment of the destruction of the penis.


Between the phrases that fear men say: ‘I broke my penis, it is most likely that it is close to the top of the list. Fortunately, the fractures of the penis are a relatively rare occurrence.They are provided mainly in young people, and they are produced mainly during communication . However, they can occur at another time.For example, the destruction of sexual interpretation may be the result of a fall or other injury to the direct penis. / P>

Some methods, the term fracture of the penis is confusing.Most people associate the word with a breakdown of bones . The penis is not a bone, but technical fracture is a gap in any solid material.The fractures of the penis generally occur when the penis is erected for reasons that will be explained below.


How is the penis crack?

Erectile penile structures work like an inflatable pump.The penis contains two large tubular structures, known as Corpus Corpus . They are surrounded by a strong thick membrane, known as Albuginea Tunica or tunic.When the penis is erected, the cavernous casing fills the blood and becomes rigid as the balloons that are filled with water. There is also a third tube, corpus spongiosum , which surrounds the urethra. The wide tip of this tube is a towel.However, this tube is much lower than a bar cavernosis and has only a small hit of blood present in the penis during erection.

TUNIC Albuginea is an incredibly strong membrane.This should be containing blood that holds the right penis. However, it can still break or tear. The torn tunic Albuginea is also known as a penis crack. Fractures in sexual positions occur more frequently during erections, since, as with inflating the balloon, the tunic extends and landed when Erige the penis.This makes it more vulnerable to the destruction of the penis.

< .As a general rule, it is believed that the most common position when these fractures occur in a woman at the top, although there are no good data to back up. However, penalties can also occur during position in other positions. In addition, sexual fractures can occur during energy manipulation per penis, such as strong masturbation.They can also be caused by injuries, including aggressive flexion of the penis installed or by movement by vertical cock.

At the time of sex destruction occurs, there is usually a cracking or audible sound.Sometimes it is described as it looks like a crystal gap. Then the penis quickly loses its rigidity. This load is quickly accompanied by edema and bruises, which leads to the classic deformality of aubergines. Other injuries to the arteries and penis veins can lead to similar symptoms.

Scientists evaluate that the genital victims are much more common in the Middle East and North Africa ..This may be associated with the prevalence of certain types of penis manipulations associated with the damage. One of these types of manipulations includes ‘kneading and tied’ by sexual half to cause a rapid loss of erection, which are very risky activities.

What is the deformation of aubergines?

Eggplant deformation allows you to vote the visual diagnosis of penis destruction.When the tunic decomposes, the blood flows into the surrounding tissues. It reviews the pressure in the surrounding tissue, causing sexual membership of the rest site.The penis is usually swelling and becomes magenta due to the combination of blood under the skin. Complete the color, the curve and the edema, it means that the broken penis is similar to aubergine. As such, the injured penis, as they say, has a deformation of eggplant insufficiency


Initial foam foam diagnosis is often a description of how the injury occurred.If the circumstances and appearance, which can be expected from the penis penis, this is probably one. However, an additional investigation in general is necessary to determine the location and degree of injury.It is important, for example, for doctors to determine if the urethra was injured. This may require surgical repair.

Ultrasound or MRI can be used to consider the penis injury, which is considered the destruction of the penis. These methods can be used to detect if the urethra is broken or damaged. They can also be used to identify other problems, such as damage to the arteries and penis veins.

: Is it an emergency criminal time?

Fracture of the penis is generally considered an emergency. Doctors want to make an immediate surgical repair of the injured tunic, as well as any other damaged criminal structure.Surgical repairs make it less likely to have long-term problems with direction dysfunction or penis deformation.

People who experience the symptoms of sex destruction should reach your doctor or emergency room as soon as possible.


Immediate surgical repair is a standard treatment for the destruction of the penis.The 2016 goal analysis found that people who had an operation after the fracture were less likely to have long-term problems than those whose fractures were deleted more conservatively. There is less consensus about whether the operation must be performed immediately or if it can be postponed until 24 hours.

The recovery time of surgery varies significantly depending on the type of destruction and a specific surgical procedure. Men may be in the hospital anywhere between one day and three weeks.

Fortunately, only a small proportion of people with penis fractures is experiencing significant complications after the operation.Meta-analysis of 2016, in the component of 58 studies of more than 3,000 patients, found that less than 2 percent of men who had an operation in a penis transfer operation, proved erectile dysfunction in the long term.In addition, less than 3 percent experienced a permanent crimis band. These figures were significantly higher (22 and 13 percent, respectively) for men whose decelerations were deleted more conservatively.

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