ResMed AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow CPAP Mask Review


Nasal pillows are one of the most popular styles of CPAP masks . ResMed, one of the leading manufacturers of this equipment, offers AirFit P10 nasal pillows with some notable improvements over previous models. Check out some of the pros and cons of this mask and see if it might be the right option for you.

Brandon Peters, MD

Air diffuser shield reduces interference

After using the AirFit P10 Nasal Pillow Mask, I noticed a few modifications that I liked. Most notable is the air diffuser located on the front of the mask. The exhalation port, which allows air to escape to prevent carbon dioxide build-up, can sometimes interfere with work. On Swift FX nasal pillows, similar to ResMed's, the release of air was quite strong, especially at higher pressures. This could blow air under the covers or disturb your bed partner. In AirFit P10, a plastic diffuser diffuses this airflow. This can make exhalation difficult, but is not particularly worrisome.

The mask itself is clearly marked for correct donning, and the left and right nostrils and size are indicated on the underside. The plastic pads (the part that is actually in the nostrils) hold more securely in place compared to the Swift FX model. It may be more supportive, depending on your own anatomy. You can also insert the pillows into your nostrils or nasal septum, which can make your nose sore a little in the morning. The hard plastic bracket that supports the diffuser is certainly less flexible and it is recommended that you check with your equipment supplier before taking it home.

Replacing the elastic harness increases comfort and increases the likelihood of leaks

The helmet is also a clear departure from previous models. It has a more fixed shape, without adjustable velcro or plastic straps. This can make it easier to find them at night, especially if you wake up to urinate and go back to bed. I found that I wanted to have a tag on my headdress that would help identify the top and bottom in the dark. (It should be noted that the pillows have a small crescent-shaped depression on the bottom surface.)

The straps on the hats are made of stretch fabric that appears to be the correct size and sufficient to be a "one size fits all." Extreme head sizes can benefit from trial size to ensure a good fit. The cut fabric bands can be moved over the head to support the placement and sealing of the nasal pillows.

The headgear itself appears to stretch over time, increasing mask leakage. You can restore the original elastic shape of the headgear by running the hat under hot water, getting wet, and letting it dry. Alternatively, you can use plastic clips that slide into place to increase the tension on the belts as they age. As with other masks, the full mask can be replaced every three months with insurance .

Easy cleaning and assembly.

The mask itself is usually easy to clean . The pillow component can be disassembled for cleaning. This also introduces more parts and the complexity can be problematic for some. It may not be as important to go in and clean it rather than just rinsing it off. Also, if the nasal pillows are replaced every two to four weeks (as is the case with most insurance), the pillow component may not need to be completely disassembled and cleaned .

Loss of rotation can result in removal of the mask

One of the downsides of the AirFit P10 compared to the Swift FX nasal pillows is that the front hose fitting does not have a swivel joint. Consequently, the movement is not easy to adapt. This can increase the likelihood that the mask will stretch, come off, and leak when you turn over in bed .

Get the word of drug information

If you prefer to wear CPAP mask style nasal pillows, the AirFit P10 has some nice modifications, including a front air diffuser and elastic headgear. Smaller sizes available with the "For Her" version of the mask. The new AirFit P20 offers similar benefits – with stronger padded support and no swivel hoses compared to other models, you may eventually decide to stick with your favorite.

This product has been personally reviewed by the author and given as a gift at the end of the review period.

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