Review of menstrual spasms


Menstrual cramps are the result of the muscle reductions of the hormone caused by hormonal muscle contractions.They are often the most difficult during the first day or two of their periods, and generally stimulate in a few days.Spasms are a normal part of your cycle, since your uterus throws your coating each month, but significant pain or heavy thread should not be dismissed. You can have other reasons and always try.



Like any woman who was with the help of work can tell the uterus is a strong muscleCapable of very intense abbreviations. It is that he can not know, so this is what normal changes caused by bleeding each month also led to the uterus contract.These menstruation contracts are not as strong as they are during childbirth and can be quite soft, but for many, discomfort can be serious.

Menstrual cramps, as a rule, experience pain such as pain, pulsation and tough pulsing discomfort at the bottom of the abdomen and pelvis, although the pain can be extended to the hips and the lower part of the back.Spasms can start a few days before your period and are often more difficult during the heavy flow of menstruation. / P>

Some women also experience swelling, gas and other digestive problems can even nausea, headaches and cramps of Dizzissalongssalong.


You material consists of two main layers. The external muscle layer, the myometrium, consists of smooth muscle cells.The internal layer, A> endometrium , responds to changes at the level of the hormone.The endometry accumulates in the first half of its menstrual cycle as part of the preparation of pregnancy.

If the pregnancy does not happen, the hormone changes, it causes a change in the substances that will be known as released from endometrial.The muscle of its uterus or a myometrium, the contract, which led to The release of endometrial lining.This barn lining is most of its flow.

sometimes menstrual abbreviations are quite intense to interfere in the ordinary blood torrent to their uterus.This reduction in blood flow raises the response of pain, called dysmenorhoy . It can be considerable enough to interrupt your usual activities.

There are two types of cushion.In general, the different types are based on when the seizures began and what causes them.

  • Primary Dysmenorrhea: For some women, their periods were painful from the beginning. .If you have always had painful periods, your menstrual cramps are likely to be caused by an exaggerated response to normal changes in your body.In particular, it is believed that women with primary dysmenorrhea increased the number of prostaglandin, a substance that causes the uterus contract.
  • High School Dysmenorrhea: If you have developed painful periods over time, especially after 25 years, you may have discovered a basic state, which is exacerbated by normal reductions in the mother in Mother. -law.The general problems that can cause a secondary dysmenorial include a secondary domain. , adenomycosis , infection and use of acopper dud.


If you have any problem with menstrual seizures, you should discuss them with your health care provider.Your answers to the questions your doctor requests, and other data you provide may determine the cause.

The provider of your doctor may or may not run an exam on the pelvis. You may also need additional tests depending on other symptoms that communicate and conclusions on the exam. However, you are not sure your doctor does not order any test, especially if you He is a teenager, and not on the sexual level.


There are dismensive treatment options Multidimensional. They would take a lifestyle change (for example, for more exercises) before the medication and, in rare cases, the operation.Sometimes several procedures in combination.

If your HEALTCARD provider suspects that you have primary dysmenorrhea,Most likely, it offers a three-month test of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or hormonal contraception before performing any additional tests.

Additional and alternative treatment methods are another option. Some herbs, such as the Chasperry, were used throughout this purpose, while May others, like ginger and fennel, can also try to try.Addictions, such as calcium, magnesium, B vitamins and omega-3 fatty acids can also help.

The heat can improve blood flow and reduce pain, so try using a heating gasket or take a hot bath for additional relief.You may also find that it is useful to lie down and take your knees to the chest.

No matter what, it does not suffer in silence: painful periods are not what you should live. Dysmenorrhea can often be treated successfully.

Word of the Meds information received

If you lose yourself in school, work, sport or any other event, even one day each month due to painful periods, talk with your health care provider.Although menstrual cramping can be a normal part of their function, it is not normal if they are important enough to cause the destruction of their habitual daily activities.There are many safe and efficient treatment options so that you can live well with menstrual spasms.

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