Review of the loss of rumors related to TMJ.


Disented disorders (TMJ) can cause ear pain, Ears on the ears and the omission of hearing In some people. TMJ is located next to the ear and connects your skull to the lower jaw.Due to its location, the problem with TMJ can take you to the experience of the symptoms associated with your jaw, as well as the surrounding areas, including the ears.

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If you have symptoms of TMJ disorder and Think that your hearing loss is connected, check with your health care provider.TMJ disorder is a relatively general condition and affects people of all ages, and approximately one third of adults who experience symptoms.


If you have symptoms of related hearing tmjmer,They may include:

  • Shouldered / reduced hearings
  • tinnitus (sounds on ears)
  • ear
  • > The feeling of Fullness in the ear
  • Pressing or pressing sounds when it moves the jaw

,Probably, you will also have other symptoms, including the pain of the jaw, headaches, chewing difficulties, face pain, dizziness and pain or rigidity on the neck or shoulders.

The loss of hearing level may depend on the severity of your TMJ disorder.However, the study showed that those who had more symptoms, including the rigidity of the jaw was more likely to have problems with rumors.


Since TMJ is next to the middle ear, the jaw disorder can affect your hearing.While the exact reason is not clear, your idea that the pressure or inflammation of TMJ can affect the nerves and muscles of the area, which leads to the blocked tubes Eustachian .

Ushagification or hard hearing can lead to that, since EvStakhin tubes can not adequately drain the liquid from the middle ear.


Your health care provider or dentist may suspect a TMJ disorder if you have symptoms of rumors, fullness of ear and accumulation,But there are no signs of an ear infection or another state associated with the ear.

Medical specialists and dentists can generally diagnose TMJ disorder depending on a physical examination, as well as its history of the disease.Your health care provider will consider your jaw to verify any rigidity, pain and sound, as a statement or pressing.

You can click gently on the side of the face while it opens and closes the jaw.Observe how broad you can comfortably open your mouth, with a normal range that is at least 4 centimeters.

Panoramic X-rays to confirm the diagnosis.They allow a practitioner or dentist to take a look at TMJ, as well as the jaws and teeth to make sure there are no other problems that cause their symptoms.


TRMJ treatment can help you restore your hearing loss and eliminate the symptoms associated with your ear. The treatment may vary depending on the cause of the disorder. It may be recommended using the mouth protector or tire to help the jaw muscles relax and restore .

You can recommend physical therapy to help strengthen the muscles around the jaw. You can also prescribe medications, such as analgesics or muscle relaxants.In rare cases, your health care provider can offer to see the oral and maxillofacial surgeon to restore any damage to TMJ.

Word get Information about Meds

For everything for all, including a health provider,First think about the problems associated with the ears themselves when there are problems with hearing. Therefore, it may take time for you and your health care provider to discover that TMJ disorder is a charge of your hearing loss.

Fortunately, as soon as it is diagnosed, it is subject to the treatment. Now with your doctor if you have questions about whether the TMJ disorder can affect your hearing, especially if you experience any other symptom mentioned here.

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