Review Triple Gol.


In 2007, the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) has developed a basis for supporting health systems to optimize performance using different metrics.Since the structure uses a tripartite approach, ‘Ihi called him a triple goal.

Three Triple Tarmes:

  1. Improvement of the patient’s experience
  2. Decreased soul of the population health costs
  3. Improving the health of the population as a whole

TripleGoal achievements will be crucial for health organizations that move in the direction of securities-based payment systems.Triple goal also encourages health leaders to use strategies to improve their health

outside the hospitals and clinics that make up the health system.


While the Triple Target has three Components not necessarily steps. Health organizations must pursue the three teeth from a triple goal at the same time.

there is, however, there are several steps that medical care can take in implementation,That will help make the transition rather:

  • Discover the unique needs of the community and determine the risk of
  • Install the organization and system of systemic objectives
  • Develop a method of measurement, tracks,and demonstrate progress

Improvement of the patient’s experience

One of the main objectives of a triple objective is to improve the patient’s experience when they interact with the health care system.For this, effectively both at the level of the population, health systems must evaluate the general health of the communities that serve, determine existing problems or risk areas and evaluate general mortality.

In addition, during the last decade there were several initiatives designed to help patients easier to navigate for medical care. He turned on the steps to improve the relationship between suppliers.

Electronic medical care records (EHR), removal of disposal of reporting organizations (ACO) and administrative organizations (MCO), General Decision Making ,and coordination groups of the patient at the Departure Center – these are just some examples of changes implemented in medical systems throughout the United States.

Health organizations can trace the impact of these changes through patient satisfaction surveys and quality improvement measures established.

Reduction of the value

The United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the world, represent 17% of the gross domestic product (GDP). By 2020, it is expected to reach 20%.While the cost of health services grows , the quality of these services is not.

In other parts of the world, health care systems have achieved higher quality care for lower costs. The knowledge of this, usaivitated to increase the quality of medical care, which foresees, while reducing costs is a complex equilibrium balance.There are many factors that affect the quality and cost of health in any nation, some of which are particularly onerous in the United States.

By one, the US population UU is aging and developing more chronic health problems. Many are simply the consequences of life for longer.Countries with higher life expectancy should be treated naturally with chronic medical care states that affect the aging of the population, many of which can be expensive to diagnose and treatment.

The cost of reducing the cost of a triple goal encourages health care organizations to find ways to reduce the cost of care that increases quality at the same time,as well as the determination of risk and solving the health problems of the community.

Improvement of public health

One of the key faces of a triple objective is a focus on identification and risk solution in the communities.Each one lives in the community, the organization of medical care, is part, can become a patient.Understanding that the most likely reasons would be for members of a particular population to interact with the health care system, can help organizations to predetermined strategies to compensate for costs and guarantee improvement,Directed patients and coordinated care.

IHI made five recommendations To health care organizations that are in the process of developing new precautionary models To improve serving their populations to help them achieve interdependent objectives of aTRIPLE OBJECTIVE:

  • Involve people from Weemed by developing care models
  • Primary health care recommendation and structure
  • improvement prevention of diseases and healthy health
  • Build the profitable platform
  • Integration of the support system and executing

Word of obtaining information medications

Triple pointer -This is a framework developed by the Institute for Health Improvement (IHI) in 2007, with the intention of helping the medical care optimization system, cost reduction and improved patient care through various interventions and metrics.The deployment of these changes will occur over time and, in some way, to medical systems throughout the US. UU, implemented and integrated into delivery care.

Since more health organizations progress in taking the objectives of a goal goal, the evidence will help to reorient the direction of a broader health care system in the United States.As in recent decades, they continued, sustainable efforts to reduce costs, improve quality and strengthen patient-oriented precaution and most likely it is more likely to be prioritized.The hope is that, as more and more health organizations in the innovation system and invest in improving these processes, it inspires a change throughout the system, which will benefit patients, suppliers and payers.

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