Rhomboid muscles and your posture


Chances are, you've fallen on the table more than once in your life. When this happens, in particular, a group of muscles called rhomboids suffers, and not for the better. Diamond shapes play a huge role in good posture and a healthy upper back , even when you're away from your work area.

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Rhomboid muscles anatomy.

The rhomboid muscles are the muscles in the upper back that connect the spine and each of the two shoulder blades (shoulder blades) . When they contract, they bring the shoulder blades closer together.

The muscle fibers that make up the diamond-shaped bodies run diagonally. The role of the rhomboid muscles is primarily to attach the scapula to the torso to provide a stable base from which the arm can move.

Doctors analyze muscles in terms of their origin , attachment , nerves, and action. The origin and junction are the points where the muscles join their corresponding bones.

There are two rhomboid muscles. The large rhomboid begins in the thoracic spine from the second to fifth thoracic vertebrae. It is inserted from the side of the scapula facing the spine. The small rhomboid vertebra surpasses the large rhomboid and attaches to the C7 and T1 vertebrae.

Create diamond shapes

The action of the diamond shape is to bring your shoulder blades closer to the back and also lift them, or lift them, as when shrugging your shoulders, and rotate your shoulder blades so that they are down, away from you. head.

Bringing the shoulder blades together (known as a scapula retraction) creates a diamond shape that supports the upper back. So if you want to improve or prevent posture problems, or if you have mild muscle pain in your upper back and / or neck, you may need 10 to 15 repetitions (repetitions) of this action of one to three. times a day. help.

However, if you have a serious medical condition that affects your posture, speak with your healthcare professional and work with your physical therapist to formulate an exercise prescription on how, when, and how many times to do this exercise.

Every person is different and there is no "recipe" for sets and reps when it comes to using exercises to relieve back pain. Your physical therapist can also give you other exercises to help you deal with or correct any posture problems.

Rhomboid muscles overstretched

As vertical beings, humans have a unique and complex relationship with gravity. Basically, gravity is a force that creates downward pressure on structures in the body, including the spine, head, and shoulders.

For most of us, when gravity pulls us down, the shoulders begin to roll forward and the chest can sag. As a result, the rhomboid muscles can be overloaded.

In contrast, the soft tissues located in the front tend to contract and contract. This also applies to the pectoral muscles.

An important key to solving this problem is strengthening the rhomboid muscles, which in turn can help relax the pectoral muscles. The scapula retraction exercise described above is one of the best ways to do it.

Forward head stance

Many people know that poor posture can lead to back problems. However, what most people don't realize is that poor posture can also cause the head to tilt forward over time.

Placing the head forward can stretch the soft tissues , twist the neck , and fatigue the muscles that hold the head up, which can cause neck pain. When your head is tilted forward, how will you see what is directly in front of you when you are walking down the street, driving, or working on a computer? The head, of course, needs to be raised.

While this position of the parts may help you function in the short term, it is not the proper posture for the spine and head. Keeping the extensor muscles of the lumbar and thoracic spine strong can help prevent neck problems as you age.

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