Risks to use the output or output method.


The general question of women is asked if they can get pregnant when using the fertility removal method (also known as ‘pull’).The technique includes the elimination of the penis from the vagina to ejaculation to avoid pregnancy.

Although a very effective fertility control is still considered, the answer to the question depends, in part, on whether the output torque is correctly used by the output method.

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The precision of the deletion method

is sometimes called ‘Removal method’ or Interruption of Coitus, Departure method – this is a method that is sometimes used to reduce the possibilities of pregnancy.

Many doctors advise that the method is very risky if you are trying to avoid pregnancy.In particular, given that, since it is a small amount of sperm prelil , which is distinguished, it contains sperm. Even this small amount of sperm It can lead to pregnancy if you ovulate it.

The risk of seating the pregnancy using the poverty method is considered approximately 4% so that the couples push it correctly each time and each time (one of the 100 women whose women partners are used to use the focus method eachTime, four will still be pregnant).

For couples who do not use the deletion of the computer correctly, which is much more often, approximately 22 % pregnancy (22 of 1,000 women who use the method will be pregnant).

Using the expulsion method correctly

Experience a big car -Control and aware of the time race required to correctly use the output method. Men should be able to know exactly when they reach the point when ejaculation can no longer be stopped or delayed.

The exact estimate of this sexual arousal point is required to withdraw before ejaculation. But even the enormous level of self-control on behalf of your partner does not guarantee that you will not be pregnant.

When the removal method is used by itself, it is especially important to keep in mind that pregnancy can still occur, even if your partner is in summary, since the liquid for pre-ejaculation can still Contain traces of sperm. Pregnancy can also occur if it is in the solemn hole of the vagina ( vulva ).

Poverty method can slightly reduce your pregnancy possibilities, but it does not protect it, therefore, transmitted by diseases or infections ( stds and sts ).

The use of a condom is your best bet to reduce the STD or STI risk.


Although it is one of the most risky fertility control forms, there are several advantages to use the Exit method in the form of contraceptives in shape,Such as:

  • Extract safe, easy to do and convenient for both members of the couple.
  • , when there is no other form of available contraceptive method, you can always use the output method.
  • There are no medical or hormonal side effects reported to use the departure method as contraceptive.
  • The method does not require a recipe.
  • The same cost is an efficiency, free of charge.
  • can make other forms of fertility control, effective when used in combination with other options contraception .


, who said he uses the departure method, since his only fertility control form comes with several inconveniences and important risks,Such as:

  • unwanted pregnancy risk
  • Impact risk or IPP transmission
  • High probability of use The method of output is incorrect (especially among teenagers and sexually inexperienced men)
  • requiresA great accuracy, practice and experience (and is not yet guaranteed effective)
  • so as not to use men who experience premature ejaculation

Risk reduction

If you are trying to avoid pregnant,Using additional methods of birth control, fertility control tablets (oral contraceptives), intrauterine device (IUD), spermicide foams, trusts or hormonal patches.All options that can be used in combination with the output.

If you are concerned about ITS protection, you should consider using condoms, as they provide the highest level of protection for sexually active adults.Be sure to ask your midwife, doctor or local health branch to obtain advice on a method that is best for you.

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