Romberg Test: Measurement of balance rape in MS.


One of the neurological tests of physicians is used to diagnose multiple sclerosis (MS) Try Romberg where he holds his legs together, stretch his hands in front of himself and close his eyes.Only how can it sound, people with EM will often be almost at the time when their eyes are closed. What they experienced, not clumsy or an attack of sudden dizziness.This is a tactile effect, known as a romaberg sign, or a loss proprioleption .

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Comprehension of the propine tip

Propriumese this is your ability toDetermine where it is in space without the possibility of seeing the environment.It is based on the sensory entrance of the joints and muscles that affect your awareness of your poses, weight, movement and position of your extremities, both in relation to your environment and other parts of your body.

Proprocecia is the ability of which many often require appropriate. You may not be aware of how important it is for your mobility and spatial audience, as much as attractions, touch or hearing.

Many people relate to the prone as’ sixth sense.’

How to suffer in MS

MS interrupts the relationship between the central nervous system (with the participation of the brain and the spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (coating the rest of theBody) through the process, known as demyelination . This happens when the protective coating of the nerve cells is highlighted, which leads to the development of tissues or scarring lesions .

Since proproprocation requires an instant and coordinated link between these systems, MS can leave it a little less ‘in contact’ with your touch responses.Often, the loss of equilibrium is due to the interruption of the nerve pulses of the main sensory feedback source.

In addition to balance, you use the propriety for a walk, there is and collects objects.With a worsening, you can lose the possibility of sailing in spaces, playing sports or even the disk.

sensation and movement is inextricably linked.Although the total loss of the emission is almost impossible (taking into account that you get sensory information of all your muscles and nerves), the deterioration of any kind can be clumsy and, sometimes, even exhaustive.

What is Romberg? Test?

TEST ROMBERG is a gold standard to measure provided.This is how it is done:

  • you are asked to remove your shoes and stop in a vertical position of my legs together and hands next to your body or intersect In front of your body,
  • you will ask for close your eyes.The doctor will keep you so well, you can keep your balance and vertical posture. The doctor can even push it slightly so you can compensate and maintain vertical posture.

The ROMBERG test is considered positive if you can not stand with closed eyes, without losing balance. You can balance and try to place a leg before the other to break the fall or fall completely.

Related test, sometimes called dynamic rommerg test or tandem walk, as well as a classic test, which is given to determine if someone is stainless. You are asked to walk in a straight line and place a leg before the other.If your correct one is committed, it will be difficult for you to maintain your balance and keep your legs on the line.

Treatment of profile loss

The balance training is often used for people with MS to improve three sensory systems responsible for the balance: Propioception,Visual and Vestibular (Internal Ear). Requesting that MS can affect one or more of these systems individually, therapists must determine which role, if applicable, each party.

One of the annoying aspects of the intervention is that some people improve their balance, while others do not, often because the causes of loss of propriety can be so and diverse.Your response to Romberg test can also change from time to time, depending on time, depending on whether you have a relapse or your MS is deteriorating.

The location of MS Liesions is usually the key to understanding the problem.For example, the loss of proprietically caused by defeat on a spinal cord path.Meanwhile, a vision of vision, generally, is associated with the development of injuries in the areas of optical nerves or white substances in the rear areas of the brain, where the visual center is located. Similarly, problems with postural control (the ability to maintain vertical posture) is generally associated with brain stem injuries,Influencing the news system negative of

when communicated and integrates all these sensory factors in the balance balance, therapists are likely to achieve positive results in people with MS.

Word of obtaining Meds

Note that it is a positive result in one or both types of Testing from ROMBERG no means that you have ms.There are several reasons why someone can lose balance during the test, including internal ears or vertical problems . Many factors are diagnosed with sclerosis.

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