Rotator cuff exercises with expander


Shoulder pain can limit your ability to move your arm properly when doing basic tasks like cleaning dishes or brushing your hair. There are many causes of shoulder pain, including arthritis, a broken rotator cuff or upper lip, or a dislocated shoulder .

Physical therapy for shoulder pain generally focuses on reducing pain and improving range of motion (ROM) and strength of the shoulder so that it can restore normal function.

Your physical therapist may use therapeutic techniques such as ultrasound , heat, or ice to help you manage your pain. While they can be enjoyable, vigorous exercise is essential to help you regain normal shoulder mobility after an injury.

A physical therapist can prescribe exercises to increase shoulder strength. The exercises in this step-by-step article are common shoulder exercises that help strengthen your shoulder and rotator cuff muscles.

If you have shoulder pain or have had shoulder surgery, you should ask your doctor if physical therapy is needed to improve shoulder mobility. Also, be sure to check with your doctor or physical therapist before starting any exercise program and before performing the exercises described in this article.

Before starting these strengthening exercises, you must purchase an expander. These bracelets can be purchased at your local sporting goods store, or your local outpatient physical therapy clinic will be happy to provide them for a small fee.

Make sure you get the proper resistance. Generally, different colored stripes indicate different resistance values of the strip. Again, a quick consultation with a physical therapist will help ensure that you are using a dressing with adequate strength.

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