Ru Caul Birth: Prevalence, Benefits, Complications


Ru Ru Ru Ru Maul Birthday, sometimes called veiled birth, occurs when the fruit is still delivered inside the intact amniotic bag.The brush or Caul’s Césarian birth can be intentionally using surgical methods. Vaginal delivery in Caul spreads spontaneously and is considered rare. / P>

This article discusses the process, complications and risk of Maul’s birth.

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How common is the birth of Ru Caul?

In the birth of MAul it is very rare.According to some estimates, it is believed that the birth of Casul will be 1% to 2% of all vaginal supplies, if there were no membranes that were artificially torn. This is less than one of the 80,000 births.

What happens in the birth of in lime?

During the birth of in Caul, the fruit remains inside the amniotic bag during delivery and delivery, or vaginally,or through the cross section of cesarean section. The birth of the vaginal vaginal form is the rare form, since the delivery of Cesarean Ru Caul can be taken intentionally by physicians intentionally using surgical methods.

– Calm Calang.

In Caul Birth does not match the birth of Cala. At the birth of Kalanka, the child is born with a part of a amniotic bag or membrane that covers the head or face. This can give the appearance of the veil.The doctor or midwife can eliminate it. The birth of the thaw is not so rarely as the birth of Ru Caul.

Fetus born in Caul is taken inside an amniotic bag.Can give an appearance that the fruit was born in a clear and soft bubble, which looks like a ball of water.

As soon as the fruit was delivered, the doctor will generally open an amniotic bag and will eliminate the newborn.Then the child will be appreciated.

What do you usually occur with an amniotic bag during childbirth?

In most cases, the membranes that constitute a gap of an amniotic bag during the workforce or within 24 hours at the beginning of the work.This is called Rota water often. This can occur spontaneously, since a spontaneous membrangers gap and occurs more frequently after a person in active work.

In some cases, the membranes are broken by a doctor or midwife to accelerate or start working. This is called an artificial membrane gap.

In the regular birth of the amniotic bags and the fruit is delivered vaginally or through the cesarean section.

Benefits in Caul Nación

In some cases, the Birth of Ru Caul can provide protection to the fruit to consider a high risk.

The amniotic bag can provide a buffer for a bornness fetus and protect it from the forces during delivery and delivery. You can protect the fetus from bruises during abbreviations.

For the fetus, which is extremely premature, in the delivery of Cesaarean, can protect the fetus from the injury associated with pressure during delivery.

Other benefits include protection against cable to swallow that the umbilical cable slides on the cervix in front of the fetus (or below) And it can then be compressed by the fruit. This is considered an emergency for the fetus.. P>

In the Caul Cesarean section can also be used in low birth babies cease supplies. However, Japan’s research offers, this is a common practice between maternal and perinatal centers throughout this country.

Possible complications RU CAUL INCORMATIC

The risks of the preprasil birth Ren Caul are similar to premature births that do not occur in Caul.Possible complications after the birth of Ru Caul include: / P>

  • Respiratory Difficulty
  • sepsis
  • hemorrhage

In Caul Cesarean Secting can also lead to a slightly anemia.

Currently, there is a bad understanding of the associations between the survival of birth and neonatal.

Risk factors for the birth of Ru Caul

Risk factors Ru Caul birth is unseen.

Most of the births of Caul take place on premature births, and when a person had a low number of pregnancies.


At the birth of MAul, sometimes called veiled birth, occurs when the fruit is still delivered inside the intact amniotic bag.This happens more frequently during cesarean delivery.

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