SAM-E for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.


sam-e is one of the most popular additives for fibromyalgia (FMS) and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS or ME / CFS ). Its full name is S-Adenosylmetininin, and this is a substance that occurs naturally in your body.Your job is to adjust the key functions in your cells.

It is also important in the production of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine and studies show that the activities of these neurotransmitters are woven in FMS and ME / CFS .

SAM-E is studied widely to press , osteoarthritis and liver disease with mixed results. It is also investigated for migraine migraine , Alzheimer’s , ADHD and schizophrenia.However, until now we do not know enough to draw conclusions about whether it works.

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Some studies show that SAM-E is effective when some symptoms of FMS are eliminated, including pain, rigidity of morning stiffness and a delicate point , as well as mood disorders and symptoms of depression.It is not so well investigated in relation to ME / CFS, but many experts say that the research we have, supports its use.

A general description of 2006 of additional FMS treatment facilities and alternative SAM-E calls as one of the additives with some of the best tests behind it. . FMS In the same year, another review said it has great potential for future investigations, both for FMS and ME / CFS.

should be taken into account that, although there were not many studies, and even the least one of it was carried out in the last decade.This is quite common behind it a lot of anecdotal evidence, but it is much less valuable than the study when it comes to resolving if this treatment is correct for you.


Many health care providers recommend starting with 400 mg per day sam-e and increase the dose if it is attends well, perhaps up to 800 mg per day.

SAM-E should be taken in an empty rotation stomach can be stimulated, so it is better to take it at the beginning of the day so that it does not disturb your dream.

In your diet

You can not get SAM-E through your diet. Understanding is usually the recommended way to increase the available number in your body. It can also be introduced.

Side Effects

As medications, additives can cause negative side effects.Possible side effects of SAM-And includes:

  • Digestive problems,Specially nausea
  • skin rash
  • low low
  • blangly system
  • thirst
  • >
  • increase Icy
  • Headache
  • Hyperactivity
  • insomnia
  • / ul>

    LasPeople who take L-Dopa, a common medication for the disease Parkinson and several other conditions, should not take SAM-E, as it can lead to a dangerous increase in dopamine. It can also lead to a potentially fatal state, called serotonin syndrome in combination with other medications or additives that increase the levels or serotonin function.

    Sam -e is also not recommended for anyone with HIV / AIDS.

    Due to the association with maid and hypologiate, those with bipolar disorders, alarming disorders or other psychiatric conditions must be under a close supervision of the health care provider when making SAM-E.

    We do not have security data for the use of SAM-E during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Is it SAM-E for you?

The best way to decide if you should try SAM-E supplements to do this and talk with your health care provider about it. Soup of weighing risks against possible advantage.

It is also a good idea to request your pharmacist about SAM-E or any other additive that you plan to add to your mode.Pharmacists are experts in the way different things can interact in their body, so that they can be an excellent resource, since they are looking for things that make you feel better.

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