Scleroderma: Review and much more.


scleroderma is chronic, autoimmune connecting the disease, which causes changes in the skin, blood vessels and internal organs due to excessive production of CollagenAlthough the symptoms of scleroderma vary from one person to man, the most visible manifestation of this disease hardens and tightens the skin. Organs, such as light, kidney, heart and digestive tract, can also be affected.Without medications, but the combination of self-government and drug strategies can help relieve symptoms and prevent complications.

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Symptoms Scleroderma

There are two basic types of sclerodermia.Localized sclerodermia is limited to the hardening of the skin, while systemic sclerosis includes the effect of blood vessels and internal organs, in addition to the skin.This article will focus mainly on the sclerosis of the system (also known simply as sclerodermia).


The localized sclerodermia mainly affects the skin and is considered Mostly in children.

Symptoms may include:

  • morfea: blades, hard plates on the trunk, weapons and legs
  • strong> Linear sclerodermia: Thickened and painted skin strips abnormally, which often influence hands,The legs and the front

System sclerosis

P> System sclerosis is divided into two subtypes: limited skin and diffuse skin.

Limited sclerosis of the leather system

In systemic sclerosis of limited skin, leather thickening / tightening is generally limited to certain areas of the body ,Mainly by hand and Rose the rejection of the limited sclerosis of the skin system.

Symptoms comb syndrome:

  • c Cutis of alkillosis: calcium deposits under the skin
  • > R Phenomenon of Isino : When the fingers and thumbs carry white or bluish color in response tocold or stress
  • not standard E Sopago, tube connecting your mouth to the belly
  • s catrodactyly: thick, dense and bright skin on your fingers or fingers,that receive overproduction collagen
  • t telangiectasias: extended blood vessels,that cause small plates in their hands and face

Skin system Diffuse sclerosis

diffuse skin system Sclerosis causes a wider skin that is tangled and adjusted,Often with the participation of the trunk and go beyond the arms before the wrists. The internal organs, such as the system of light, kidney, heart and digestive and reference, usually, they usually affect.

For example, the compound and muscle pain are distributed in the early stages of sclerodermia as the edema of the hands.

When scleroderma affects kidneys, a rare, but serious complication, called renal crisis can be developed.With this condition, a person is developed by high malignant blood pressure along with renal insufficiency.

Similarly, the problems with the heart associated with sclerodermia can manifest itself as an abnormal heart rate or stagnant heart failure . .The arteries of the lungs) are the main causes of death in the sclerosis of the system.


Results of anomalies scleroderma for three different body systems or tissues:

What causes these violations, it remains largely unknown.However, experts suspect that the combination of genetics and the impact of environmental factors is probably guilty because of the development of systemic sclerosis.The environmental exposures that were estimated include certain toxins (eg, polyvinyl chloride, benzene and silica) and infection with a virus or parasite.

Women 30 to 50 years taking into account 75% of the case of sclerosis of the system, but Men and children of any age group can also develop it. The condition is usually evolving from 25 to 55 years.


No unique test serves as a final diagnosis for sclerodermia.Rather, the combination of medical history conclusions, physical inspection and various studies are used to diagnose this disease.

History and physical examination

Many symptoms Sclerodermia can reach light during a meeting with your health care provider.For example, the patient may notice a change in the physical appearance of his face due to hardening and tightening the skin.His hands can also look tumor, and there may be ferris (skin selection test) and the crusts present from the itch caused by inflammation that occurs under the skin.

In addition, a patient with sclerosis of the system, a health care provider may notice hard compounds, increase blood vessels on the face and hands (teliness of talliness),as well as calcium deposits on the fingers or along certain tendons.

The Rinewood phenomenon is one of the first signs of the disease in systemic sclerosis.Keep in mind that, although there are other reasons, in addition to scleroderma, which should be considered. The Raynaud’s phenomenon may also exist independently, which means that it is not associated with by any disease process.

Reflux complaints of reflux of digestive problems and problems that can also be registered, how they can change the color (red, blue and white) on the fingers, and sometimes, fingers, especially when they are exposed to cold (The phenomena of ranoids).

In the end, if your health care provider suspects the possible diagnosis of scleroderma, you will be sent to who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of The disease The connective tissue is called rheumatologist .

Blood analysis

Various analyzes Blood can support scleroderma diagnosis.

The enormous majority of people with scleroderma are positive for the antinuclear antibody (Ana) .In addition, the antibody against toposomerase I (anti-SCL-70) is associated with the sclerosis of the diffuse skin system; The antibody antibody (ACA) is associated with the limited sclerosis of the skin system.

, because scleroderma may affect your kidney function, your health care provider can also order urine testing and blood test Called the Basic Metabolio Panel (BMP .

Display and other tests

Images and other tests are used to evaluate the internal participation of the organs in the Scleroderma:

Examples of these tests include:


Built-in Nomoned. In other words, there are no medications that can stop or cancel the skin of hardening and thickening.However, due to the combination of self-government strategies and medications, many symptoms of sclerodermia can be eliminated, and some complications can be prevented.

Here are some examples of how different symptoms / complications are processed in sclerodermia.

Rineland phenomenon

Keep the whole body hot (not just your hands and legs), with a hat and Several important layers to manage this symptom.You can also use calcium channel channel inhibitors

Problems with digestion

Along with the lifestyle of the sample and change in the areaDiet of Accessories for Acid Reflux Control, as an inhibitor of the proton pump prilosec (omeprazole) , it can be useful.

For problems of swallow associated with scleroderma, preparation reglan (metoclopramide) can provide some relief.

Kidney disease

Drugs called Ingiotensin Inhibitora -The enzyme enzyme (ACE) is used to treat the kidney problems associated with sclerodermia.

Pulmonary disease

Drugs cytoxane (cyclophosphamide) or cell phone (mofetil) are It is used for the treatment of light engineering diseases,which is one of the two complications of the lungs associated with scleroderma.

For patients with symptomatic pulmonary arterial hypertension (the second complication of scleroderma lungs), several drugs can be administered, including:

  • endothelin receptor antagonists: Example, Flavan (Epopropentol),Crafts (Treprostinil) or Ventravis (iloprostinil)
  • ProstaClin prostoides and analogues: for example, Flavan (Epoprostolenol),REMODULIN (TREPROSTINIL) or VENTRAVIS (iloprostinil)

Problems with the muscles and the joint

Muscles and pain in the joints of sclerodermia can be treated with a combination of physical and professional therapy,Therapy and medicine, as an anti-inflammatory drug NESTEROID (NSAID) of .


In addition to exhausting physical symptoms, people with scleroderma generally report problems with sleep and proximity, as well As Emotional.Problems, such as depression and fire body.

There are also social problems; Most people in the total population are very small (if applicable) the knowledge of the scleroderm.This lack of knowledge can lead to stigmatization and / or associated isolation.

Financial concerns, including steep medical bills and limited employment opportunities, are additional problems facing many people with sclerodermia.

Maybe he does not say that they live with a chronic, complex, as scleroderma, it is a spectacular experience. With the one-day support and focus, it can improve the quality of life and alleviate many of these tensions.

For support, the Fund sclerodermá provides contact information for individuals and groups throughout the United States with which you can talk or meet with respectively.Knowing others who experience their own struggle, can be extremely comforting and useful.

It is also sensitive to working with the therapist, in particular, someone who has experience, helping them are with chronic diseases.

Finally, optimize its operation and daily feeling of well-being, it is important to take the habit of a healthy lifestyle.

Several examples of these habits include:

  • with nutritional and balanced dishes,
  • Stress control (you can consider the inclusion of factory therapy , such as meditation awareness ,In your daily routine)
  • avoiding smoking

Word information about Med

If you or your favorite say, ScleroderMá, be sure to consult a team of specialists who experience experience,Considering this unusual condition and several manifestations. If scleroderma is a disease that represents unique problems, there are therapies and strategies to help you administer it and live well.

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