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juanete is the condition of the leg that most people may not be familiar if they do not suffer from one.The Bunion is to raise it, which is formed in the bond of the thumb nose usually, which is technically known as the first metatarsfool board .Vouple often causes the characteristic of red and inflamed winding on top or lateral part of the joint and leads to an expansion of the front part of the feet (s). These changes not only cause pain, but force Shoewear Crelue due to the extended front front and can create cosmetic problems.

Despite the fact that the rebound is generally being developed on a large foot, another area where the juanet can occur is the side of the pink toe. This type of juanet is known as a bunioneto buioneta or custom. This leg state was known as the Bokov tailor of the concept that the tailors were often sitting in the cross position, while working, put pressure on their feet .Higher this chronic pressure led to the development of a characteristic impact.

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A JUNION SASTRE -This condition that progresses gradually, generally begins with an acquaintance or an impact, above the side of the fifth metallic bone. This is an area where the pink sock forms a connection with a long fifth metatarsal.The blow can increase in the amount over time, causing pain and makes it difficult to find shoes that are adequate.Chronic rubbing to shoes can also make the skin in this area become red and irritated, sometimes even leads to the skin calling .

Swelling and pain in the race can also occur.These are signs’ Bursitis , which is an inflamed fluid pocket. Buniona Suffer will also notice that his foot seems to have won a broader rejection expansion due to the gradual separation of the Fifth Metatarium Bone of the Fourth Meta Bone, which is below thereto.This separation of the bones of the metatars is the main cause of the juanete and is a consequence of the abnormal function of the leg.

What causes the absorption juanet?

The abnormal function of the legs is the common cause of the juanet adaptation. The foot is a complex depreciation structure with many joints.If there is an excessive movement on a part when stability is needed, changes in the structure of the feet can occur. The gradual separation between the Bones of Metamar, which leads to Buniuu, is an example of this.

Other reasons for Staror’s Joanete include hereditary, abnormal shape or position of the Fifth Bone Metatarian, as well as tightly adjacent shoes.

Interestingly, the bubil of the luecha is produced much more often in women than men.One of the reasons for this is considered to be shoes for women, in particular, high heels and styles pointing to negatively affect the function of the leg.

Treatment of Sastre Juanete

The non-cord care of the Bunig Tailor can include procedures to facilitate pain or reduce any abnormal foot function that has been identified.X-rays or another study of the visualization can be prescribed to evaluate the fifth metastases. Pain control may include cortisone injection if there are bursitis (swelling).Any drop can be chumped (a procedure known as dispersion) for additional facilitator pain. Devices that exceed access can also help you minimize shoe irritation.

Surgery can be optional, especially if there are anomalies in the fifth bone metatar. The procedures may include shaving a blow or movement of the fifth bone MetectorialThese surgical procedures include several moments of inactivity after later time, but they are the only effective way to correct Binik.

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