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The thorax consists mainly of oily tissue, and if this tissue is damaged by injuries, surgery or radiotherapy, packages can be formed. This is called fat necrosis .The state can be scary, because the package can not feel like breast cancer and may seem like a tumor in a mammogram. But grease necrosis is a benign condition (inappropriate).

Necrosis is a medical term used to describe damaged or dead tissues.

These packages can occur at any age and appear at any point of the thorax, but they are more common in women who suffer obesity or have a very large chest.

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The greasy necrosis develops the body Replaces damaged cells with a clothSolid scar

Effects may include:

  • Bullets: You can feel hard, round bundle or as a thick skin cut. ( Sometimes fat cells are converted into a scar tissue or form an adequate collection of oily liquids, called cyst master , which may feel like a Soft and scarce bundle (similar to the small grape).
  • Pain: is usually painless, but your chest can feel soft or in the area surrounding the necrosis.
  • Strong> Changed Appearance: Leather around a package may look red and bruised. You can see the drainage of the nipple , which is the closest to the bruises. The nipple can throw a little inside, or the leather of the breast can be born on the fat of the grease of the necrosis.

One of the studies on grease necrosis found that you can feel 97% of the packages. OTHER CHARACTERISTICS OF THE NECROSIS INCLUDED:

  • The kits are often periareolar (around the nipple) and superficially (feels so Soon as under the skin).
  • Murder or tenderness or tenderness was marked 26% of the time.
  • The binding of the skin or a vertex were observed in 14% of the cases.
  • Nipple retraction was present in 9% of cases.

The symptoms of thoracic necrosis can be the same as the symptoms of breast cancer. It is important to seek medical attention to determine the cause of your symptoms.

After the appearance of nutritious sinuses, you can increase the size, decrease in size or remain the same. You can persist for many years or you can decide, leaving fibrosis and calcifications that can be seen in mammography.


There are several reasons for grease necrosis.


The bold breast tissue can damage after any type of Injury injury, for example, a ball hit or restricts the seat belts or air bags during a car accident. Sometimes, although fat necrosis is developed without injury.

Radiation processing

The use of ionizing radiation for the treatment of cancer cells It can sometimes be grease necrosis area that can be confused for the recurrence of breast cancer. .

Breast Surgery

Any type of thoracic surgery can damage the fat fabric , including biopsy (for example, biopsy needle or surgical biopsy), reconstruction,Decrease and lipomodelization (AKA fat transfer ), which is when you get grease from another part of the body and is introduced into the chest. .The refusal is increasingly worrying about fat transplant during reconstruction, as it can be difficult to differentiate grease necrosis from breast cancer recurrence.


Grease necrosis can be difficult to diagnose, because it is often seen and feels like many other types of chest packages.Both during the clinical examination of breast and mammography or other study of the visualization mass may seem like a malignant breast, with an irregular shape, a great and a collection of microcalicycles .

Grease necrosis on the chest can seem atypical lipoma or liposarcoma, types of tumors that are rarely rarely in the chest tissue. If the fat became a liquid, it may seem like a cyst at UlttSound .

Fat necrosis can take a different appearance over time,so the subsequent mammograms will show that the change in the mass fails for