Side Effects of Diphen Hydramine in elderly or elderly


AIDS, especially those that contain diphenhydramine (like benadryl), are a relatively ordinary option for people with <> insomnia

however,Older people should not use drugs that contain diphenhydramine, as they may be prone to hazardous side effects,Including:

  • confusion
  • dementia
  • keep

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What is The diphenhydramine?

Disenhydramine are the most common ingredient detected in contradictory sleeping tablets.

This is the main ingredient in benadryl , which is an allergy medication, which causes drowsiness as a side effect.Therefore, it is generally used in PM preparations for insomnia, which include:

, as doxylamine , the point sleeping ingredient for sleeping pills in Nyquil and Unisom, the diphenhydramine is an antihistamine.It inhibits histiacim roads in the brain. Histamines increase the wall, so medications that block histamine routes can cause drowsiness.

Difterahydramine for insomnia

The efficiency of diphenhydramine as sleep care is not well studied.There is some evidence that when used for a short term (less than two weeks), diphenhydramine can help you sleep.

Sometimes it is measured with the concept called Sleep Efficiency .Sleep efficiency is the total amount of sleep, divided by the total amount of time dedicated to bed. According to people who use medications, it seems to improve.

The time you want to fall asleep (called delayed addresses ) or the total amount of time dedicated to sleep, does not seem upgraded similarly.This can refer to the time required so that the medication begins to work and how long it remains in the body.

In general, the diphenhydramine is active from four to six hours, and about half of it eliminates it from four to eight hours.

however, the side effects of the morning, such as drowsiness or residual benefits, although it generally improves approximately four nights of use.

In the study of the elderly, the diphenhydramine reduced awakening, but did not improve the delay of sleep, the Full sleep time, or sleep quality.

Serious side effects

The test suggests that diphenhydramine can cause serious side effects on adults over 65. These effects can lead to the fact that it is twice to think about using your fault

. The higher, the greater the risk of adverse consequences. This is also the side effects that can experience all others.

Risk of fall

Difenhydramine can lead to the fact that the reaction time is reduced in and dizziness .

In the elderly with other medical problems or physical disorders, it is can lead to cascades or accidents , especially to rise by night urination.

Cognition and drying

Antihistamines, such as diphenhydramine, can also have anticholinergic effects. This means that medications act on the chemistry alarm called acetylcholine.It can have important consequences.

One of the most significant cognitive violations: , like confusion, it seems what is happening with dementia or nonsense. The growing evidence suggests that the chronic use of these medications may be due to dementia dementia .

There may also be drying effects.It can manifest as Sury Rout , constipation , Blurred vision and subject to urine . Urine retention may increase the risk of developing urinary tract infections (UTI) or affect the kidney function.


Older people should not use diphenhydramine if they have a story:

Word of the medications received

Fortunately ,Other treatment options are available for insomnia of seniors.

When a Sleepy tablet is an option, cognitive behavior therapy for insomnia (CBTI) can be the best option without side effects of medications.

In presence, the obstructive sleep of apnea must be identified and treated, and can help facilitate awakening and as a result of insomnia.

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