Side effects of red yeast rice.


Red yeast rice (RYR) is a dietary supplement, often used for lower cholesterol levels , and it has been shown Cash in some people.But it is also known for its side effects, so if you are considering taking red yeast rice, it is important to learn about side effects before starting.

This article seeks the health of the RK, its side effects, possible reasons why you should not take it, and why it is important to talk first with your health care provider.

What is red yeast rice? . Monascus PORPUREUS in white rice. It contains a group of substances called Monakolines, which include Monacoline K.

Lovastatin is an active ingredient in several prescription drugs used to treat high cholesterol, including Mevacor and Altoprev. Monelacolin a chemically identical to Lovast in these medications, so sometimes it is called ‘natural lovastatin’.’

In 2007, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is prohibited Red yeast rice products containing natural logogastatin, which may contain an unauthorized drug that can be harmful to health.’ Although some dietary additives contain non-worn RYR, little is aware of how effective these additives are designed to reduce cholesterol levels .

Ryr Tout Suppliers of your health benefits, but as with many Neraceuticals (Drug Benefits) can be side effects, some of them are severe.With an incorrect enzyme, for example, RYR can contain citrinine, a poisonous substance that can cause kidney damage.

Health Health

RYR, used in additives, is similar to the fact that the Chinese were used for centuries of cooking and helping people with digestive or circulating problems.RYR also contains beta-sitasteanstrs and mono-saturated fatty acids , other nutrients that can help control cholesterol.

The significant number of Monacin K found in RYR can reduce cholesterol levels and associated lipids , fatty acids circulating in blood flow.It helps reduce the risk of a heart attack , , and other cardiovascular (cardiac and blood vessels).

RYR can be easier to use for people who can not tolerate the side effects of products statina But it is not without risks.One of the reasons why FDA is prohibited RARY products with LAVASTATATIN is that there is no way to ensure that the number of Monacholina K is also in different additives.It is difficult to know that in it, and people can not have a health care provider for supervision on their use.

The pretty is an example of a prohibited product: In July 2021, the FDA warned consumers that are widely available, a main excessive addition of rearing, illegally contained amastatin.The FDA warned that this ‘indispensable ingredient of drugs’ can lead to side effects in combination with other medications.

The researchers who looked at a dozen studies from the dozen Ryr came to the conclusion that it has real advantages and should remain Classified as a meal.But they also offer a standard approach to create and label RYR products, so that people know exactly what they get and know the risks.


Red yeast rice was used in traditional medicine along The centuries. Monacoline A, the natural way of a decrease in cholesterol reducing cholesterol.But the MONAKOLINE K is not approved by the FDA as a medication. The red yeast rice is available as a supplement and can offer health benefits, but there are also risks and side effects.

Precautions and contraindications

It is important to discuss RYR with your health care provider to guarantee security for you,Taking into account your health record and other current medications.The general reasons no use RYR, include:

  • Pregnancy : Do not use RYR additives if you are pregnant, you are planning pregnancy or basket care.
  • Hatin Preparations: If you are already in the recipe preparation statin, do not take the addition.
  • Using children : Do not give children Ryries, not talking to your child’s health care team.

It is also important to evaluate the claims made by RYR suppliers, and your health care provider can help here.

Rice Rice and other nutrients are not a substitute for professional medical care, and your health care provider should know if it takes a food additive.

Side effects

Because monacholine is chemically identical to Lovast, which is found in pharmaceutical products, side effects are similar.Some may be serious and include muscle pain, muscle damage and kidney and liver damage.

General side effects

Not all Ryre side effects are serious.Some of the most common and soft side effects include dizziness, headaches , stomach acidity and stomach discomfort.

Grave lateral effects

Recipe or Natural lovastatin can cause serious muscle problems, such as myopathy Type of damage to muscle tissue.It is also associated with rabomyosis , deteriorated muscle tissue, which highlights muscle proteins in the bloodstream.


Liver toxicity also causes anxiety with some cases of hepatitis associated with RYR.

Alternatives to yeast Red rice

RYR is just one of the many natural tools announced as an alternative to the reduction of cholesterol to medications.Some studies suggest that herbs like garlic guggul and guggul .

There is also evidence that drinking green tea on a regular basis, increasing your soy > consumption, Obtaining your omega3 fillers and planted sterling acids consumed can help control cholesterol.

As a red rice yeast, these alternative medications can also cause certain side effects. To protect against the potentially adverse effects of any type of food additive, it is important to use additives safely.


Science in the Rur has shown that health benefits are real, at least in some people who require it to control the cholesterol level.But the side effects are also real, and there are reasons why Ryr is not safe for everyone. Talk to your health care provider before taking RYR additives.

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