Side effects that carry unnecessary shoes.


If you have experienced pain in your leg, corn or corn, leg deformations or do not feel like constant legs, as usual, you can get the size of the measured shoe.According to the 2018 study, only from 28 to 37% of people actually carry shoes with long length and width. This is what you need to know about the consequences of gastric shoes and, as you can protect your legs, and your health is perfect.

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Health of the leg and incorrect shoes

Now you have been demonstrated studies,What bad things can have a negative impact on health, and why the well-adjusted shoes are so important.


Peripheral neuropathy is a painful and generally irreversible condition with symptoms of pins.And the needles in the legs and the reduction of the ability to feel where the legs are in space.

Student 2017, which, among the elderly with leg stories, like corn and corn , only 14% took place in the correct dimensional shoe. Thirty-seven percent of the population reported proof of neuropathy; The jar shoes can worsen the symptoms of neuropathy, putting pressure on the nerves.

Other conditions that are most often found in the elderly, such as diabetic neuropathy , can work with bad shoes suitable to worsen both symptoms and a prognosis.

Peripheral neuropathy associated with diabetes leads to almost 100,000 Amuturas per year in the United States and is the reason why people with diabetes (as well as other medical conditions) ignore the fiery legs or numbness of the fingers.

Pain and deformations of the legs

A 2018 Scientific Review of 18 studies that analyze the problems of shoes and legs, found that bad shoes were associated with pain and legs of pain,As a smaller deformation of the leg finger ( hammer, corn and calluses. People with diabetes, as a rule, used shoes that were either. close.

They are not just shoes that are too tight, which can lead to pain and deformation. In some cases, the shape of the shoe can not be suitable for the shape of your foot.If you already have a deformation of the legs of some, for example, shoes with a soft shape that causes pressure on the bone areas irregularly. of your foot, you can get worse.

Ingrown ToeBeils

If your shoes are too narrow or short, additional pressure , Published on your sock, you can carry on the edge of a non-car that grows on your skin.The incarnated nails can lead to the fact that the skin around its gvoy turns red or infected.

Inad nails are the most common in the thumb, but they can also occur in other fingers.To avoid this problem, be sure to properly install the shoes and do not cut your nails too short or rounded around the edges.

Reduced the quality of life

If your shoes will constantly hurt your legs , the rest your life is forced to suffer for it.According to a study, women, in particular, pointed out that the symptoms of the legs had a negative impact on their quality of life. It is probably because women’s shoes are often not intended to be as functional or comfortable, like men’s shoes.

In addition, leg pain and legs

Change in size of the shoes

many often think of the size of the feet as static;As soon as I reach 18, or at least stop growing, the legs no longer change in size. But your legs change in many ways throughout life:

  • when it increases , the tendons relax, and the legs can be expanded naturally. Certain medical conditions and medications cause water retention that can cause swelling of the legs (and, consequently, the difference in size ).
  • During pregnancy, hormones are affected, which often leads to an increase in the size of the shoes.

Even in young people, legs They are slightly swollen at the end of the day.They also swell with participation in vertical activity, such as walking, running or practicing sports.

While your shoes can fit just in the morning or before training, they can be too tight later that day.Even people who wear ‘reasonable’ shoes can experience adequate problems.

Signals that your shoes are incorrectly

Pain and discomfort are some obvious signs that your shoes are of incorrect size, but sometimes less clearly.If you observe any of these questions,There may be time to verify the size of your shoes: / P>

  • Bishise One Toollaail:
  • pension phantreil or damage
  • blisters
  • skin irritation around the nails

You can see the shoe store to be correctly correct. There is no size there, everything responds to the ideal frequency of feet measurements.Some experts recommend that you measure your legs at least once or twice a year or at least at any time when you buy new shoes.

It is also worth noting that not all the shoe brand has the same shape, regardless of size. For example, size 8 in A brand can feel more like size 7.5 on the other.If possible, try before buying.

Word of the Meds information received

There are many possible reasons for possible reasons for pain in the leg , so if your legs damage now,It is important to designate a meeting to see your health care provider. However, given the statistics, there is a possibility that you only need to look down to find the cause.Whatever it is, take the time that your legs are measured correctly and buy shoes that best suit you.

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