Signs and symptoms of stroke.


is caused by the chopped blood supply to the brain part and can cause several symptoms and signs. It is difficult to miss the most common blows, but many people will scold them, without realizing how serious they are.

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is subject to treatment,So it is important to be able to recognize the stroke so that it can obtain the correct emergency processing as quickly as possible.If you see or experience any of the following symptoms and signs of stroke, it is important to obtain immediate medical attention, since stroke is an emergency.

Think quickly using the

Frequent symptoms

The recognition of stroke symptoms can save life.Acrony can quickly help you remember them and what to do next:

  • F Acío Document
  • RM Weakness
  • S Poech Difficulties
  • t IMERS Emergency Services

Face Weakility

Weakness in The muscles of the face as a symptom of a stroke, are manifested in the form of a decrease in a eyelid or fallen on one side of the person.Sometimes, one side of the face looks flat, and the mouth can be crouched. The language can also be affected, with the inability to move the tongue on one side of the mouth.

Hand or legs

Webness Hands, legs or both are a general symptom of stroke.When a stroke causes physical weakness of the extremities, it generally affects one side of the body.

You can notice a partial weakness, which means that it does not have a full force, or complete weakness to the point of disability to move the Extremity at all.The weakness of the hand can lead to a decrease in objects or can make it impossible to achieve objects. Sometimes the easy weakness of the leg can be tilted aside, while severe weakness of the leg can make you fall.

Squaurred Speech

The speech full of people can be more remarkable for others than for a person who has a spill cerebral. With the healing console and it is often associated with the weakness of the face.

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Foot weakness can take Alo that falls incredible events can lead to an injury.Therefore, if you have noticed that someone falls, and there are possibilities that they can not stand without help, or suffer from the head, it is essential to ask for help.

Loss of vision

Visual stroke losses can manifest in several different ways that cut half of half From one eye or in half both eyes, often refers to a homsopea of .

homianopsy without pain, but cares and can make the eyes flash as you try to find out what happens with your vision.If you suddenly experience the loss of vision, you must get help if you can see a little or, if you can see your eyes eyes.

Language problems

Sudden linguistic problems are one of the symptoms of The characteristic distinction of stroke. Aphasia , Language deficit, can manifest itself as problems, produces free and consistent words and phrases, problems with the understanding of written or spoken languages or combinations of any of these problems.

Heavy headache

Stroke does not always cause headache, but strong headache can point to stroke,Especially the hemorrhagic stroke.Sudden and strong headache, which is different from its ordinary headaches, can be a symptom of stroke, especially if there are other related symptoms, such as visual changes or weakness.


step can cause confusion due to the effect it has on the brain.


dizziness , the feeling of instability and in general: all the symptoms Possible cerebrovascular accident. If you feel the meaning that you can not stay to yourself or that you or your surroundings turn, it is important to attract medical care.

Symptoms rare

The less common symptoms of stroke include:


The bladder and intestinal control requires a complex interaction Between severalAreas of the brain. Incain incontinence, as a general rule, is not the first symptom of stroke, but it can be the first one that is noticed to access some cases.

numbness, tingling or sensory loss

Sensory problems, such as tingling or numbness, or inability to feel your face, hand or leg, can be the first stroke symptom. The stroke generally causes more remarkable problems, but sudden sensory problems, and less common, can be the first symptoms that appear.

Strange sensations

Unusual sensations can be the first symptoms of stroke. In general, the skin burns or crawl, as a general rule, are signs of neuropathy, not a stroke.However, neuropathy is being developed slowly over time. Sudden disturbing sensations are concerned and can point out the stroke. VISION CHANGE

Most time, the visual changes that denote the Strokes fall into the category of sections of the visual field.However, there are also some other drawings of visual changes, including the loss of vision in one eye and loss of vision. HECCUPS

one of The less common and intriguing stroke symptoms,Persistent idols can be the most remarkable and symptoms most notable and assumed a small stroke in a cerebral accessory.Other symptoms of this type of brain planning syndromes, called the Wallenberg syndrome , include dizziness, nausea, vomiting, balance problems, coordination on one side of the body and sensory deficiencies.

Coordination problems

The stroke There is usually no coordination.However, the type of stroke called ‘cerebellar cerebellar can cause coordination problems that are more remarkable than weakness or other symptoms.

Cognitive deficits

The stroke can Interfere with concentration, memory and learning.The deficiency of thinking and thinking skills and symptoms of the delicate dish are generally the long-term consensus of stroke, and not the symptoms of the new one. However, a new stroke can cause sudden cognitive problems, especially if it have already had a quiet influence on the cerebral reserve.


After stroke, symptoms are usually stabilized and, often, are improved.However, new symptoms, such as seizures, spasticity , muscle atrophy , depression and drink problems.

The long-term career effects may include the following, some of which are perpetuating the symptoms in themselves,who are presented with their arrival:

  • Weakness on one side of the body
  • Weakness on one side of face;FALL PARPAGO
  • Loss of vision or loss of partial view
  • Double vision or blurred view
  • Born Speech
  • You have to understand the words o Problems with the language
  • Balance and coordination problems
  • Loss of sensationsAl side or face
  • The lack of awareness of your environment or your own body
  • difficulties with a problematic solution
  • dizziness,Dolores of Cabeza y Pain
  • The incontinence of urine

can take time. How a permanent damage occurred, what happened, the brain needs time to heal.Many patients with stroke are subjected to physical or professional therapy to restore skills that can lose as a result of a stroke.

When you go to the Hospital

If you are experiencing or witnessing someone with any symptom of stroke, call emergency services and reach the hospital without delay.The movement is in the first hours after the start of the symptoms.

The treatment requires a trained medical team that can act quickly to administer powerful drugs that can reduce or reverse the blood flow obstacle before it leads to the fact that it causes constant damage to the brain.

Word of the Meds information received

It is important to know the symptoms and signs of stroke at an event that can experience one or testify who has one.If you suspect that you can have a stroke, you will receive medical attention immediately. The previous one turns out, the better the result.

Frequently asked questions

  • A silent move is a stroke that remains unnoticed until it is identified by AA CT or MRI.Doctors can say the difference between recent and major blows based on certain characteristics that appear in these explorations.

  • Depending on the type of stroke and rapidity with which someone reaches the hospital after the first sign of a stroke,The patient can take medications to break the rejection purposes of blood clusters. This is another treatment option in which the doctor inserts a long catheter through the groin to damage the blood vessels to repair weakness or gap.Surgical procedures for correction of interruptions can also be used to treat certain types of career.

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