Signs That You May Have A Fracture

Without an X-ray, it’s almost impossible to determine when, or if, a patient fracture. There are layers of skin, muscle and fat between the lifeguard’s eyes and a possible broken bone.

Some people believe they can determine if a bone is broken by whether a patient can use it, such as a young athlete who thinks his foot is not broken because he can walk on it. It’s a myth. Often, the only thing that prevents a patient from walking in broken leg or use broken arm.- it’s a pain.

Sometimes, a really serious complete fracture will not be able to support the weight or function properly. However, in most cases, fractures can support the weight. It is likely that the patient can even walk on a broken leg, it only hurts like Dickens.

You can confidently assume that any fracture will hurt, so there is no pain on this list. If a patient has an injury mechanism and is very painful, you should consult a doctor if you also have one or more of these signs.

Illustration By Seth Williams. © Get medication information, 2017. 
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