Skeleton examination: use, procedure, results


Skeleton Survey is the X-ray series , which includes all the skeleton. Skeleton studies can be ordered for several reasons in children and adults. In general, they are used to identify focal or generalized skeletal anomalies.

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The skeletal exam can be performed for the study of the Well-knowledge or suspicious.Physical abuses in children, look for anomalies congenital skeletal or seek bone diseases in patients with well-known or suspect cancer.Skeleton studies are often used in adults with the suspect of some myeloma to seek the participation of bones.

Be careful not to confuse a skeletal study with bone scintigraphy or bone scan.This is another test that uses a small number of radiotics injected to create a skeleton image.

In addition to a skeletal study, bone scintigraphy can be used to detect bones of cancer, infection or injury.However, this is a more complex test, which is used in certain situations in which simple radiographs of the bones lacked.

The whole body ct , MRI and PET / CT / CT are sensitive tests to detect bone participation safely in types Of cancer.These exams are more expensive and that they consume labor, that X-ray surveys, but they can also find anomalies that will lose a skeleton investigation.Your health care provider will choose a better study based on your specific clinical situation and its ordinary practice in your institution.

The cost and presence of the visualization mode can also facilitate the solution.Feel free to request your health care provider why a diagnostic test was chosen on the other.

Risks and contraindications

Any visualization study that uses the x-ray includes an exposure to radiation .A complete skeletal study may require approximately 20 x-rays and is associated with a dose of moderate radiation. In general, there is a low risk of adverse health consequences associated with the effects of the radiation of a skeleton.

however, it is reasonable to keep the radiation doses as low as possible, using only what is needed to answer a medical question.Some populations, such as children and pregnant women, are more sensitive to radiation and require special precaution.

Before the test

Your health care provider can order a skeletal examination as part of the evaluation for some conditions that suggest you are associated with the bones.If, for example, the health care provider suspects that your child may suffer from congenital syndrome , he / she can ask for a skeletal exam to look for bone anomalies, which can help confirm the diagnosis to determine The degree of illness.

In adults, abnormal blood tests can indicate the presence of some cancers (such as multiple myeloma), and skeletal surveys can be carried out to establish if there is a bone participation.This information will help determine the prognosis and treatment of the guide.

Skeleton studies can also be requested in cases of suspicion of child abuse, especially in children of two years or younger.

Often, this happens in the emergency department, when a child is a traumatic injury.Some elements of history, physical examination or assessment of radiography can lead to the fact that health care providers are suspected of non-accidental injury.In this case, you can request a skeletal exam to seek evidence of other injuries that can increase suspicious suspicion.


Allot for at least one hour for the dough.A typical skeletal study consists of approximately 20 separate radiographs (x-rays) of the body. The reception of the radiography will take 25 to 40 minutes. Time will also need to register and change in the dress.

After the test, you can go home. The images will be sent by a radiologist or another health care provider for interpretation. The results are often available within one or two business days.


Skeleton studies are often performed on the basis of the patient once in the visualization center that can be associated with a large hospital.In the cases of a suspicious child of abuse, a skeletal study is often carried out in the emergency department as part of the secondary estimate of the injury.

What to use

It is likely to ask for changing the dress.Be sure to wear comfortable clothes that change easily and leave.

Food and beverages

Usually, there are no dietary needs or specific lean before the skeletal survey. You can eat and take your usual medications.If you doubt, ask staff when considering the procedure. For a skeleton, an oral or intravenous contrast material (dye) is required for a skeleton.

During the test


On the day of the test, adult outpatient ambulatory patients will be recorded at the Visualization Center.After that led to radiologist-radiost technology. Most likely, it is most likely to ask for changing the hospital dress.Do that skeletal research requires head x-rays, Streetwear can interfere in the image.

along the test

The typical skeleton survey consists of approximately twenty equal radiography (x-rays) of its body.In particular, the examination includes x-rays of the skull, chest, abdomen, spine, both hands and both legs. In the dependence of the institution, the radiographs of the hands and the legs will also be obtained.

X-rays can be done with a patient standing or lying. The radiographs of the extremities are usually performed by placing the extremities in the horizontal X-ray table.It will be located in radiological technology, and will be available for a response to any question you may have during the test.

After the test

After completing the x-ray, you will be allowed to change and return home.There are no specific precautionary measures to take after you can resume normal activities immediately.

Interpretation results

After getting the images, they usually go to radiology AA or other health care provider for interpretation.He or she will transmit the results in the form of a written report. As a general rule, the results do not have more than one or two business days to be available. Contact your health care provider (one who ordered a test) by results.We are often available web portals that allow you to access your X-ray report directly.

If a skeletal study was performed to evaluate various myeloma or other form of cancer, the radiology report will be described in detail, whether the anomalies caused by the disease.Multiple myeloma causes characteristic bone abnormalities, which can be called lobolic lesions, protected forests against forestry or perforated lesions.

If a skeletal exam was performed for the alleged abuse of children, in the report, specify if there are fractures on what bones and how many years appear. Fractures at certain places sometimes indicate unhappy lesions.Several fractures of different centuries suggest strongly constant abuse.

If you suspect that the congenital syndrome is suspected, the radiology report describes whether the bones implies a concrete syndrome.


Skeleton research is used to evaluate bone disease in patients With several myeloma.The most advanced tests, such as CT, MRI, MRI or PET / CT, can be more sensitive in the detection of the disease. The health provider can choose a more advanced visualization if the initial skeletal investigation was negative.If you are experiencing treatment for a crowd of myeloma, a skeletal study or other visualization studies can be carried out to see how it responds to therapy. The following schedule will depend on your specific treatment protocol .Ask your health care provider.

If you are still suspected that child’s abuse, despite the normal initial study of the skeleton, the refund can be made in a few weeks.Sometimes, thin fractures can become more noticeable over time and can be found in the subsequent study.

The MEDS information word obtained

The skeletal survey information is part of a larger part .In the cases of multiple myeloma, the results of the visualization will be taken into account in the clinical image when developing a management plan. As always, it is important to maintain open communication with its health care providers.Do not ask quickly why decisions about treatment are made, and what factors contributed to a given decision.

You should feel like FREET asking for a second opinion about the results of any visualization study.You can request that your radiological images and report will be copied to evaluate health providers in another institution.

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