Sleep apnea tests at home: sleeping expenses, pros, cons


Almost nobody sleeps better in the sleep laboratory for night study compared to the home. Obviously, there are the best ways to sleep than get confused on the cables, with someone who looks at it and feeling the pressure to sleep.Many patients questioned the results of their tests when they have a bad night’s sleep. What alternative? Fortunately, a domestic sleep apnea test can be attractive.What is home test apnea to sleep (HSAT)? Consider this convenient option if it may be appropriate to diagnose sleep disorder, as well as costs and restrictions related to housing studies.

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What Is it a home test to sleep?

As your name indicates it, household apnea tests -This is the administration of sleep research in the comfort of your home to diagnose for this test there are several devices. It can be access to a dream specialist, a primary or even independent medical care provider.Companies.

Most of the device apnea home apneapressing.Although devices differ, many discover oxygen levels in the blood using an oximeter , heart rate, breathing efforts with a tape in the abdominal cavity, Snores and air flow Through the nose with the oxygen cannula Rejection devices record additional measures, such as limited brain waves through EEG to establish sleep , the position of sleep and even movement.

Home Apnea Tests That’s right for me?

There are specific criteria that are used to identify patients who can pass home test apnea.These guidelines will maximize the success of the test and guarantee the correct diagnosis.

It is currently recommended that pediatric patients still have a presence of the diagnoses of polysompress.Therefore, HSAT is limited to those people who are 18 or older. Those who are with a high probability of moderate sleep to severe depending on the presentation of the symptoms and contribute to an anatomy must be selected for Home tests.Some of the most important symptoms include:

  • noisy snores
  • Witness apnea (pauses in breathing during sleep)
  • excess daylight ( epworth score 10)
  • nocturia (often wake upParamition)
  • Bruxism (grinding or teeth compression)
  • Sleeping fragmented with insomnia
  • obesity
  • half to old age (including postmenopausal women)

is often important forBoard Specialist in certified sleep to evaluate it to determine the corresponding test for you. In some cases, they may be contraindicated to test domestic sleep.

Conditions requiring laboratory surveys within sleep research

Due to the nature of the tests and its limitations, the following exception criteria are observed.In some cases, the factor can interfere with the proper management of the dough at home. There are also some medical conditions in which a formal sleep study is required at the Test Center to adequately diagnose disorder.The most common reasons for not having a home test apnea include:

  • Cognitive or linguistic barriers that interfere with the administration of the test
  • moderate to strong lung disease
  • Neuro -Muscular Disease
  • Heart Stagnant
  • Suspicio Central Sleep Apnea
  • Estimated Traffic Tip Movement Disorder (PLMD)
  • Primary Insomnia
  • can be considered in each case among patients, who can not visit polysomnography in immobility, safety or critical diseases.The Podcans, the Medicare insured may require a higher suspected indicator, given the strictest evaluation criteria used with the start test.

Organization and implementation of Research Apnea Home Sleep

Patients who were seen and are considered suitable for HSAT will act with the evaluation.After your health care provider requests research, technician or medical assistant will show how to apply the equipment. She will take him home and perform a test, as a rule, more than one or two nights.

After completing the test, the device returns to download, so the professional can see the data and make the diagnostic and treatment recommendations.Having a test carried out on a blackboard, certified by a dream specialist who can interpret the results, can meet quickly with the health care provider, who will send your attention and start therapy to resolve your sleep apnea.

Pros and Cons work apnea start sleep

There are certain obvious advantages to hold an appne home. One of the most important attractions is a great sleep comfort in your own bed at home.If you are a responsible caregiver for another person, including children, it can facilitate as much as possible. For the measurement, less cables are needed, which causes the tests less intrusive and more convenient.The tests are usually less expensive , is often worth a few hundred dollars compared to more than $ 1,000. The United States, which are included in laboratory studies to What is often worth it . The insurance often covers these expenses.To increase availability, this can be done faster at speed for the start of treatment.

Before choosing to have a test test apnea, you must also take into account the potential cons of this test.As indicated, this test is used to diagnose obstructive apnea alone.This is not suitable for evaluating the central sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, circadian disorders, couples, narcoties, seizures and other disorders.

If the test is returned as negative, with a normal result, it is possible that it is not necessarily precise. You can lose the soft sleep apnea. This is especially important in younger women and normal body weight people.

The favorite time that is spent on the vigil will reduce the average number of sleep apnea events observed in the recording time. This can be diagnosed or carried to a false significance of normality.If something goes wrong in the application of registered sensors or measurements, the test can be repeated.

As a general rule, if the domestic sleep apnea test can not be diagnosed. APNEUL sleep, it will be recommended within the laboratory test for the Estimation of the Final State.

If the main sleep apnea is detected with the mass of apnea at home, the title study for the therapy of Pailoevier therapy. If the test shows the APNEUL sleep, it will be easily moved to treatment, such as CPAP therapy or the use of an oral instrument.

What do we like ul>

  • convenient

  • P> less expensive

  • Less obsessive equipment

    < What we understand 'seems,

    • is useful only to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea,and not for other sleep names

    • Possible negatives Falsers for misuse or time performed when downloading

    • you will be able to repeat the Test in the clinic

  • Word of obtaining information

    If you are interested in VDDS more information about the Sleep Home apnea domain test as an option,Find a certified blackboard from a dream specialist next to you and evaluated to finally get a diagnosis, therapy and a high quality balance you need.

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