Slim leather: causes, prevention and treatment.


The slim leather is the result of slimming the skin’s own layer, called Epidermis. It is more common in the elderly and most remarkable on your face, weapons and hands.A man with thin skin may find that they can see veins, tendons, bones and capillaries under the skin of their hands and hands.

Despite the fact that no treatment can completely change the thin skin process caused by aging, some measures can help promote healthy skin, reducing symptoms.

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Symptoms of thin skin

The general symptoms of the thin skin include:

  • leathersees slim leather, dry or transparent
  • , which is easy to bleed easily
  • atrophic (thinning) of the upper layers of the skin
  • bruissecommon Find in the forearm,Very lower injury
  • irregular WhiteishRegions or rays, which are often seen on the back of the hand and forearm,caused by the impact of light and / or long use of current steroid creams

The main cause of thin skin (due to aging) -These skin changes are produced as part of the aging process,They include: / P>

  • Collagen fiber fiber and elastin (Frequently caused by ultraviolet sunlight)
  • Damage to small capillaries near the surface of the skin,which carries the skin seam of cell contraction,Skin layer components
  • thinning of the fabric grease layer under the skin
  • menopause (resulting in a decrease in estrogen)

factors that increase Broncky’s skin:

  • genetics
  • aSolar light
  • malnutrition
  • Impairment of mobility
  • long-term use of certain drugs,Such as current or oral cortisone creams


Although there are no medication of the normal aging process, which makes the skin go well, there are some preventive measures,As well as medical procedures in the form of certain types of skin cream that can help relieve symptoms.

Prevention of primary processing for thin skin, which includes protection against sun skin.

Start treatment

The measures to protect thin skin and tears include:

  • with long sleeves and long pants to protect the skin from the sun
  • with double layers,To protect the skin from breaking when working out of the gauze machines from the application outwards
  • under the skin for leather, which is very fragile to protect it from the breaking
  • > Using at least 30 SPF sunscreens,When you are outdoor

  • Keep the skin well hydrated


Many factors when scoring the aging process of the skin, therefore, the potential thin skin.These risk factors may include environmental factors (such as an impact on the sun), as well as internal changes in the body, such as hormone-level fluctuations.Risk factors include:

  • Impact in the sun (ultraviolet light,What causes changes in the DNA of the skin cells)
  • Ultraviolet light artificial sources (such as thick beds)
  • Environmental contaminants
  • Genetics
  • smoking
  • menopause

NutritionFor the health of the skin

it is practiced that they influence the aging process of the skin, which, in turn, can help decrease the thin skin process Due to aging.

Nutrition and health research has shown that healthy foods can reduce wrinkles, atrophy (contraction) and dry skin.Examples of food products that have thought to promote skin health include:

  • Vegetables >

  • olive oil
  • Wild chot, waterfrockes

  • beans
  • Fresh fruit,whole
  • restriction or elimination of food, such as sugar, dairy products,and margarine
  • diet below in fat and carbohydrates
  • food or vitamin A
  • Fish oil supplement Medical treatment

    Slim leather resulting from aging -This condition, which generally does not require medical attention, but in some circumstances it is important to consult with your health care provider, including:

    • that has a very dry, itching leather,vanished
    • experiencing pain or discomfort that does not soften with preventive measures
    • with the skin that tears open very easily
    • , noting any type of drainage, skin painted or painful,That will not be cured (which can be signs of skin infection)

    Retinol cream with vitamin A, as it is considered effective when the thin skin is treated.In fact, according to the 2018 study, current retinoids are the basis for thin skin. Be sure to consult with your doctor about the use of current retinol.

    Word of the Meds information received

    There are many health and well-being problems of this surface as a human age.It is important to know what is normal aging, and what is an intervention, for example, a visit to the health care provider.

    Find out how to take care of your skinde and what causes premature aging Skincan, will allow you to take measures to start protecting your skin before the appearance of complications that require medical intervention.

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