Stakohepatitis Soft-alcohol (Nash): Symptoms and reasons


Soft Steatohepatitis (Nash) is a type of fatty liver disease. This is often developing due to a metabolic disorder, such as obesity or diabetes, which leads to the accumulation of toxic grease in the liver.This is the listened form of non-alcoholic liver disease (NAFD) .

Nash symptoms are often silent or non-specific, which makes diagnosis difficult.As a result, Nash patients may not know their condition until the end of disease diseases.

For most people, the length of fat in the liver, although it is not perfect, no Causes problems.But in some people, fat can become toxic to liver cells, causing inflammation and damage to cells.

This article will discuss the symptoms , the causes, diagnosis and treatment of Nash.

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Types of hepatic diseases in bold

Liver, greater organ the body,It is responsible for creating and storing energy, detoxifying drugs and the manufacture of bile, which help to make residues and subsidies in fat digestion in the small intestine.If the liver is damaged, damaged, or simply stops correctly, fat can accumulate in the liver, causing a fatty liver disease.

There are two main types: / P>

  • Non-alcoholic liver diseases ( NAFLD)
  • Alcoholic liver disease, also calls alcoholic surf (ash)

Nash vs. NafLD vs.Ash

NAFD is mainly a benign state characterized by increasing fat in the liver. Nafl is sometimes called hepatic fat disease, because the presence of fat in liver cells is the only characteristic of the state.

NAFLD has no symptoms of liver diseases. It is quite common to 25% of people in the world with this condition.

Nash is the type of non-alcoholic hepatic disease. About 20% of people with NAFD Nash. Nash is generally associated with obesity, type 2 diabetes and a high level of body fat ( hyperlipidemia ).

(hardening liver) and hepatocellular carcinoma (type of liver cancer ). But the probability of both is much greater in those who are with Ash0.5% compared to 3% to 10%, respectively.

Symptoms of NO – Steatohepatitis of the alcoholic

Nash nash is without symptoms, so you do not even know what you have .If your Nash is getting worse, you can begin to test the symptoms that indicate inflammation and damage performed for your liver cells.

nash General symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • inexplicable weight loss
  • Total address
  • at the top right of your belly


How unsveloped diseases of fatty liver are being studied.The first step includes the resistance to insulin and obesity, which leads to high levels of fat infiltration in liver cells, so-called steatohepatitis.

The following is the inflammatory response, which causes non-alcoholic steatohepatitis .The mechanisms that are established are still studied. Inflammation can damage liver cells, causing fibrosis (scars) of the liver.

Experts are not sure why some people get Nash and experience of symptoms, and others can not. Researchers conclude that genetics, family history and its surroundings play a role.

People with the following conditions are a greater degree of risk of developing liver diseases and Nash symptoms:

Nash is generally visible in those that vary from 40 to 50 years and have one or moreProblems listed aboveAunque Nash can happen in people who do not have any of these risk factors.


Nash can imagine without symptoms, or symptoms can remain unnoticed, which makes it a difficult condition to diagnose the refusal of that,There is no single test, which can diagnose Nash.

To make a diagnosis, a health professional will ask you about her illness. This includes medications you take, your symptoms and your health problems you had.

They will then perform a physical examination, specifically looking at the signs of enlarged liver or cirrhosis, as jaundice .

If your medical history and your physical examination in relation to Nash, your doctor can offer tests or visualization to see if fat is increasing in your liver and excludes other diseases. Blood analyzes include liver blood tests.

The measurement of liver enzyme levels are especially important because they help diagnose Nash and differentiate Nash from alcohol hepatitis.Two levels of hepatic enzymes, aspartate aminotransferases (AST) and Alanine aminotransferase (ALT), increased approximately 90% of people with Nash.

Image tests may include:

  • Ultrasound in the ventral half
  • Computed tomography (CT) Scan
  • Restaurant magnetovisualization (MRI) Scanning

Your doctor can also doA liver biopsy to confirm Nash or eliminates other causes of liver disease. In the biopsy of the liver, your doctor takes a fabric sample of your liver. and it is checked for the signs of Nash.The liver biopsy can also provide information on the degree of Nash disease.


NASH treatment medications were not approved, so the management of its basic health status and a healthy lifestyle is the best treatment option.You can: