Strange nervous feelings in fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.


paresthesia is a medical term used to describe strange, but dishonest, tingling sensations crash, itch , numbness and smell. These sensations can be smooth, something annoying, inconvenience or, people with Fiboomyalgia , even quite painful.

Some people describe them as an irritating ticty or hair, brush on their skin.Others may experience a feeling similar to the legs’ of the legs, which ‘fell with sleeping’ due to the limited blood flow, or the beetles crawl under the skin.

Parasthesia often comes and comes, it is not a permanent feeling. They can be beaten without prior notice, usually without an obvious trigger.Although these sensations are more common at extremities, legs, hands and fachetee may be present anywhere in the body.


Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue in chronic fatigue syndrome are associated with benchmark, which include a painful view. They can be of seriousness and with time to be more or less painful.

In chronic fatigue syndrome, we do not have real studies on paresthesia, but the richness of jokes. As in fibromyalgia, they can vary from light to severe and can show almost anywhere.

In fibromyalgia, this symptom is firmly established by the research, as well as through jokes of people with a condition.

A was investigated in 2009, suggested that people with fibromyalgia, who also do not smoke, tend to have a more intense pain of paresthesia. Only one of the various fibromymptomsMtomptoms, which smoking can aggravate.) Smoking care can help relieve pain, as well as other symptoms associated with smoking.

Research in 2012 suggests that the tunnel syndrome of the Tunnel (CTS) is more common in people with fibromyalgia than the entire population. CTS is a painful and potentially exhausted condition, which includes nerve compression and / or swelling on the wrist.

cts, especially common in people who spend a lot of time on a computer or play video games and ladies at the grocery store.Researchers who found this link warn that CTs can be difficult to detect in people with fibromyalgia, because pain can be confused with paresthesia.

If you have fibromyalgia and hand pain, especially nervous pain or nervous foxes’, and especially if you really become Bad when you sleep or you try to sleep, you can ask your medical care to verify on CTS.It has not been treated, it can make a lot worse over time.


Courstants are the most often caused by damage to peripheral nerves (those that are in their hands and legs) or pressure on these nerves,They can be caused by inflammation or injury. can also be caused by chemotherapeutic drugs. However, most of the time is unknown.

In fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, a hypothesis is that they are the result, as a rule, the increase of the sensitivity of the nerves, as well as the reinforced response of pain in the brain.However, more opportunities emerge with more research. It is believed that it may be associated with chronic fatigue syndrome associated with inflammation .Fibromyalgia has been considered for a long time not to attract inflammation, but studies indicate a low level of inflammation in the connective tissue called Fascia. . Leather, organs and nerves of your hands and legs (peripheral nerves). Your job is to guarantee the feeling of your skin, for example, when you touch something and control the function of your worn nervous system.

What is the possibility of automatic things, such as the regulation of heart rate, breathing and body temperature? When this nervous damage affects hands and legs, it is called peripheral neuropathy .When it affects organs and automatic functions, such as heart rate and breathing, it is called small fibrous neuropathy.


When paresthesias are not painful or destructive, they are not what you need to treat. When they are painful, there are several methods of treatment.

Some options for peripheral neuropathy are already used to treat fibromyalgia, including and neurontin (gabapentina) . The health providers are more likely to understand paresthesia and how to treat them : Neurologists and rheumatologists .

Manual figure of chronic fatigue syndrome>

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