Strategic Eczema: Symptoms, Types and Treatment.


eczema is a condition that the barrier of the skin damages. It is known that it leaves the itching of the skin, dry, discolored and pothole.

eczema is not contagious and can affect different areas of the body.Although eczema is a well-known condition, Eczema Scrotum is a general condition that is generally overlooked by doctors and dermatologists.

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In general, eczema is caused by several factors.These include:

  • genetics
  • environment



p> in general,Symptoms Eczema includes the following:

  • Dry leather
  • Leather itchy
  • red rash
  • crusting leather
  • sheet
  • science
  • leather leather scales

When eczema.Individual conditional, often overlooked in the form of a fungal infection.

Symptoms of scrotum exhibitions:

  • Heavy Itel
  • zoom
  • thick and lean texture of the skin scrotum

Factors in this state include and psychological stress.

Types of scrotum ECZEMA

Eczema scrotal is classified into four categories.

  • Type 1: Soft, sharp and dry : is They characterize the sensations of liquefy and itching in a specific area.At this stage, the scrotum ECZEMA condition will affect a person for several days to weeks, and will be left to himself.
  • Type 2: Strong, chronic and dry : In this stage, the hips and the lower part of the penis can also be affected.The scrotum is hipopigot (a condition in which the skin is clearer than usual) and the scaly> this stage, all the scrotum and the internal sides of the thighs are affected. Climbing blood vessels that cause the flow of patterns on the skin.Known in the affected area. Another symptom is that the scrotum and the inner side of the thighs are mowed (loss of the skin), and can occur.
  • Type 4: Swollen with ulcers : In this stage, the skin is swollen.There is a liquid and the discharge of the pussy along with an unpleasant odor. This stage produces extreme pain of ulceration. If the housing is extreme, the gangrene can be established and extended from the scrotum area to the legs and the lower abdominal wall.

Causes and risk factors. This causes the initial sensation of itching in the scrotum. Itching cycle and scratches can cause leather with a thick and skin texture.

Other reasons include the shortage of vitamins and minerals, such as riboflavin and zinc.

Another reason includes a dye reaction in clothing or other materials,such as:

  • lubricants
  • diesel
  • condoms
  • / li>
  • spermicida nexinol
  • Other reasons include: / P>

    • Extreme thermal and humidity
    • antibiotics
    • Another doctor andSkin conditions


    Doctor can determine the correct diagnosis for eczema scrotum.Primary medical care can direct it to a dermatologist who can help diagnose the condition.

    To perform the correct diagnosis, you can take the culture of the skin and be sent to the laboratory.It is known that eczema scrotum, known as other conditions, such as fungal infections.


    The processing of the scrotum eczema varies according to gravity.

    The health provider can determine the correct treatment .

    Drugs and procedures include: / P>

    • Steroid Creams ( Recipe or excessive meter)
    • Injection steroids
    • Radiotherapy therapy


Since the voltage is the main reason, the search for methods to reduce stress sequentially.

Voltage reduction methods include:

  • I’m looking for professional help
  • exercises
  • sleep enough
  • meditating

Other ways to control sprouted eczema -Wear loose clothing and stop using any potentially annoying product.

Frequently asked questions

How common is promotional eczema?

Eczema scrotal -This is a very common condition, which often vanishes as other conditions, such as fungal infection.

What causes a promotional copy?

One of the main factors of the eczema of Moshonian is psychological stress. This causes the initial sensation of itching in the scrotum. / P>

The treatment of drip eczema varies according to gravity. You can determine the correct treatment.

Word of obtaining media

ECCERMA scrotal is known as the general condition. If you have any symptom, it is important to contact your doctor.Therefore, you can get adequate treatment and plan efficiently control values with a scrotum with your doctor.

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