Strengthening the elbow and training exercises.


If you have an injury to the upper extremity or elbow, you can use the services of physical therapy to help you restore the usual range of movement (ROM) and the strength of your hand.The strengthening of the elbow exercises can be an important component of your rehabilitation lesion Knee .

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Elbow muscles

Mevescles mewscles and muscle tricep -Large muscle groups that fold and straighten the elbow.The biceps are located on the front of the upper arm, and triceps are located on the back.

As indicated in the name, two heads (points of origin), form biceps when three heads form a tricepecus refusal is also responsible for converting your forearm so that your palm is chosen. / P>

Make these muscle groups not only increases the strengthening of the hands and helps people (especially the Older adults) Perform tasks and daily actions.Strong elbows and weapons help you out of the chair and provide you with means to dress, lift objects to the counter and open and close the doors, cabinets and boxes.

Be sure to register with your health care provider or physiotherapist before starting this or any other training program.

Isometric elbow strengthening

There are several excellent exercises for the elbow and strengthen the turns that your PT can add to your exercise program.These include <> isometric exercises , in which you cut the muscles around the joint, without making any movement.

There are three, which is extremely suitable for building strength and flexibility, regardless of your age. You can do several times a The week to help improve muscle function around el elbows.

Strengthening triceps

Objective of this exercise is to use your own body weight to provide sustainable pressure in the muscles of the triceps.You will need a chair with a durable guider, able to carry your weight without putting it in an uncomfortable position.

For this exercise:

  1. sit on a straight chair with armrests.
  2. puts your legs on the floor.
  3. Place your hands on the armrests and raise your hands, slightly raising the lower lifting of the chair.
  4. wait for six.
  5. Lower slowly on the chair and relax.
  6. Repeat this exercise strengthening 10 times.

This exercise works on the muscles of the triceps located on the back of the upper arm. These muscles are expanding their hands and help you repel things.They are also muscles that are active when you get up from the chair with your hands.

Strengthening TRICEP-Fortifications training are useful if you have many lesions in the extremities or fragile, and it is difficult to scale from a position of a sedencing.

Suppin and pronation

SUPIDATION and pronation is the Rotation of your hand to mark palm or palm. These simple exercises aim to increase and strengthen the ability to rotate the elbow and forearm. For this supination and the exercise of pronation you will need a mind.

To perform this exercise:

  1. Stand Stand Stand, holding the cloth in your hands.
  2. pause and repeat this movement 10 times.
  3. Change the address in which your hands compress the fabric.
  4. repeat 10 times.

bent isometric elbow

Flying the elbow when your forearm moves to your body, reaffirming In the elbow. This movement intended for raising objects, and also includes the muscles of the upper arm, including biceps. For the exercise of isomence bending, you will need a chair and a table insufficiency

to perform this exercise:

  1. Sit straight with hands under the table, palm up.
  2. Raise your hands up as if you try to raise the table.
  3. Keep this position for six seconds.
  4. Repeat this exercise 10 times.

Apply the highest possible pressure, without causing pain.This exercise strengthens the muscles of the biceps located in the front of the hand. You will not strengthen the muscles around the radius and the bone of dadromo your forearm.

Although you can experience pain during training, especially after the injury of the knee , never presented ‘sharpening or shooting’. The pain is the sign of your body You have to stop everything you do.

Word of information Meds

If you have an elbow injury, your physiotherapist can estimate your condition and assign exercises to improve the mobility and force of the elbow.This isometric strengthening of exercise can be one of the components of a balanced program of therapeutic rehabilitation.

The progression of these exercises to more complex can be made by adding a resistance band to training or using weights when exercises are performed.

, working with PT and be vigilant in your home exercise program, you can return to your usual functional mobility quickly and safely.

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