Stroke and brain ponch


pons is an area of the brain located in a cerebral accessory. Famous relatively small, and is located at the bottom of the brain that connects the bark of the brain using the brain cortex with Oblongata .

ponne contain nervous nerves and trajectories (routes), which integrate the functions of the brain, such as movement and sensory messages between the brain and the case.The bag also coordinates the balance on the head, neck and body, and plays a lead role in the movement of the eyes, sleep, sleep, digestion, degestion, breathing and heartbeat.

In scientific terms, Poni is sometimes known as the rear brain, the name that is based on the location of the breakdown in relation to the rest of the brain in the development of the brain (child).

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The strikes that occur on a visit can cause several symptoms gravea despite the smallArea of damage.

Some of the symptoms of the Pontin career include the following combination:

  • Complexity balance
  • vertigo (turning sensation)
  • Double vision
  • Loss coordination
  • Glotaniste
  • Duras articulated words
  • The loss of sensations
  • weakness in the middle of the body
  • Nausea

Putinone can cause serious condition called blocked syndrome.The purchase, which suffers from blocked syndrome, can be awakened, notifying and capable of thinking and understanding, but can only move through our eyes.


A the course with neck participation can be caused by a blood clot (ischemic stroke) or bleeding (hemorrhagic stroke).

An ischemic career occurs when the blood clot blocks blood flows through the artery in an area Determined in the brain.To hemorrhagica move occurs when blood vessels breaks, reduce or stop blood flow in the area in the brain.

If the course is reduced or hemorrhagic, as soon as the blood flow is interrupted in the area of the brain, brain cells will begin to die, which will lead to the brain dam. .The bleeding of hemorrhage can also cause damage due to pressure and irritation of close brain structures.

Physical and cognitive skills (memory, thought) controlled by the area of the brain where a stroke arises.The degree of damage depends on the location and size of stroke.

In rare cases, stroke, including pony, as a general rule, is called pontine Move, May are the injuries of the artery of results caused by sudden head or neck injuries.

can occur because the blood vessels feed the blood in the horizontal vessels, and the rest of the brain cables are on the back of the neck,and can be injured as a result of sudden injury or pressure or head of movement or neck.

Risk factors

Risk factors for the pontic stroke are the same as for strikes in other areas of the brain,Including:

  • High blood pressure
  • diabetes
  • heart disease >
  • Friendly fibrillation
  • smokers
  • Old age
  • Family History of Medicine Medicine
  • Obesity
  • Unhealthy and fat cholesterol
  • Physical inactivity

Diagnostics of a PontiMico The stroke requires a complete neurological.Some tests for diagnostic visualization, such as the brain magnetic resonance display (MRI) and magnetic resonance angiography of the brain (MRA) or computed tomography (CT), angiogram,It can help confirm the diagnosis of potential stroke.


Trace processing depends on the receipt of medical care as soon as possible.Treatment with the help of a crisal solution of the tissue plasminogen activator (TPA) can be effective for the treatment of ischemic stroke only in the case of QUERSI is introduced within three hours afterThe symptoms of the race negative

A hunt handling guide published jointly by the American Association and the American Trayos Association in 2018, recommends resolving using TPA in patients suitable,But keep in mind that doctors should evaluate the acceptability of the patient before controlling this processing.

Factors playing a role in the field of law include age, blood sugar levels and Blood pressure.Some patients with TPA can be used up to 4.5 hours after the start of stroke symptoms.

During a recovery of stroke, there are several methods that can help Maximize improvement, including control of skin incitement liquids,Treatment of problems with the heart and maintenance of adequate nutrition.

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The excitation of the Pontin movement is possible.If you have experienced a pontic stroke, after your symptoms stabilize over time, your recovery approach will be based on preventing complications such as suffocation and will avoid more blows.

Stroks In the cerebral barrel they do not affect language skills, and this facilitates participation in rehabilitation therapy. Page/A> and the double vision is usually allowed if the stroke is soft or moderate.Physiotherapy and rehabilitation are important components of stroke restoration.

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