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Dental pains may vary in the slight presentation to pulsating pain, affects the whole side of your face. There are many causes of dental pain, including caries, gum disease or other conditions in the mouth.However, a smaller cause, but not rare of dental pain is the presence of sinusitis.

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myself-Tests and diagnostics

If you have recently restored from your head, or has chronic sinusitis, and you noticed that you have a painful tooth, the test you can do what you can Doing to show, it is caused by its sinusitis.

When you make the head moving, as tilt, bending or up and down and walking, and you feel the deterioration of the pain of your teeth, then your dental pain can be a direct result of an infection Sinus.

Sinus infection (Sinusitis) is generally known as inflammation of the nasal breasts. Sinusitis is generally of cold or influenza caused by viruses or bacteria that migrate to breasts of breasts leading to a more painful and constant bacterial infection.

Sneakers on the cheek (which are more affected) are contained in the upper jaw, therefore, when a sinus infection occurs, as a result of which the pressure of the Inflammation can do pain in your teeth.

Sinusitis can also cut from a sick tooth that propagates the infection to the sneakers. , Therefore, a correct diagnosis of your dentist is necessary to determine if the teeth fall.Once the sinusitis is confirmed, you can treat and handle the pain.

Treatment of sinusitis

If you have a toothache, but I suspect sinusitis, it is important to try to solve the infection the best.If SINE infection is resolved, and dental pain still exists, it is time to return to the dentist.

Depending on the severity of the infection, several procedures. There are bending medications, prescription drugs and natural therapies to eliminate and control sinusitis, can help control symptoms of sinusitis and treatment of infection.

Full dental verification Every six months will exclude the basic problems of dentistry, which can cause dental pain.

Natural methods of therapy

Hydration : Drinking many liquids can help preserve membranes through hydrated and thin mucus.In addition, a balanced diet and many others are useful for increasing their immunity and recovering from the disease.

Thermal facial facial : Applying the hot wet fabric on the nose and the surroundings of 10 to 20 minutes several times a day can alleviate the sides of pain.

Saline nasal spray or irrigation : The treatment for salt water is available in pharmacies. They can help in the liberating stagnation and unlock the nose, irrigate the breast bias.

Humidifiers : Wet air of hydration or shower or bath can help weaken the selection In the breasts and unlock the nose.

Herbs : Some herbs can help relieve the teeth. Garlic is a natural bacteria fighter. Holding a fresh carnation for tucked teeth can relieve pain .Kurkuma is known as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory grass, and if in a pasta water it can help reduce painful teeth. The tests are

they also showed that ginger is also known as anti-inflammatory agent and analgesics. You can combat the main infection, as well as facilitate the pain caused by the breast.

Adorable medications

Analgesics : Drugs that can facilitate pain , such as acetaminophen and ibuprofen, it can also help reduce fever, which can be associated with sinusitis.Ibuprofen is also anti-inflammatory, which can reduce inflammation in the breast cavity. If the pain is very strong, the token analgesics may be necessary for a short period.

Competitors: Nasal sprays, drops or tablets that can alleviate blocked nasal work, limiting the blood flow to the sinus cavity, causing a reduction in the breasts.Another general accentuation that can be taken in the form of a tablet is pseudoephedrine, which can reduce swollen membranes.

Sprayers and nostril nasal drops containing FEILIN and Ephedrine should only be used for a short period of time, as they can lead to rebound congestion.

antihistamines : may be necessary if a suspected is suspected as the cause of sinusitis .If you have sinusitis and allergies, controlling allergies, can help with symptoms of sinus relief.

prescription drugs

Antibiotics : Antibiotics will be prescribed only if bacterial infection cause Sinusitis.However, most people with acute sinusitis are improving in two weeks without the need for antibiotics.

Steroids : Steroid recipe sprayers can help prevent sinus infections.These medications are recommended if you suffer from nasal allergies (for example, Hayfever), as well as sinusitis, which can reduce swelling around the breast, as a result of which leads to a narrow drainage. .

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