Subcutaneous fiber: the innermost layer of the skin.


Subcutaneous fiber, which is also known as hypodermis , is the internal layer of the skin.It consists of fatty tissues and conjunctivos that live the great nerves of the blood, and acts as an insulator to help adjust body temperature. The thickness of this subcutaneous layer varies throughout the body, as well as man to man.

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The composition of the subcutaneous cloth

The skin consists of three layers: Epidermis > , Dermis and subcutaneous fiber. There are several specialized structures and cells that exist in subcutaneous tissue,Including:

  • collagen and elastin fibers (attach dermis to muscles and bones)
  • fat cells
  • blood vessels
  • > social glands
  • nerve endings
  • Line of hair follicles

Hipodermis consists largely in adaxastic (fatty tissue), which consists of adipocytes or fat cells. The amount of adipose tissue varies throughout the body.These are the worst in the buttocks, the hand palms and the legs of the legs. The size of the adipocytes is determined by the nutritional habits of a person.In general terms, a person who supports a diet and healthy habits for physical administrations has smaller adipocytes and is less likely to have surpasses.

The location and thickness of the subcutaneous cell differ across the floor. Men, as a rule, accumulate more around the abdomen and shoulders, while women tend to accumulate it around the hips, hips and buttocks.

Functions of the subcutaneous cell

Order of the epidermis, increases the fabric as an energy reserve. After the body uses energy, which is purchased in carbohydrate consumption, it becomes adipose tissue as a fuel source, which can lead to the loss of weight.Adipocytes can swell or decrease depending on whether the grease is stored or used. Morboneleptini, highlighted by fat cells to help control appetite and signal when it is filled.

In addition, this grease acts as ‘armor’, which protects the muscles, bones, organs and thinner fabrics. Think of the subcutaneous fabric as a protective equipment that athletes are used, such as soccer and hockey players ..This is a Board of Natural Body, an absorption of blows and protection of your bones and muscles, if it falls or hit.

The subcutaneous fiber also adjusts the body temperature, making sure that its internal temperature is not too high or also low. Hipodermis isolates essentially to the body, which allows you to leave on a cold day, without getting a hypothermia (a dangerous condition that, if Allowed to continue too long, can lead to freezing to death).

Subcutaneous injection

Since the subcutaneous tissue contains a limited network of blood vessels, the medications introduced here are gradually absorbed over time. It makes them perfect for many medications. It is why you can enter medications in the hypodermis.Examples of drugs that can be administered subcutaneous injections include adrenaline for allergic reactions, some vaccines, insulin, some fertility drugs, some chemotherapeutic drugs, morphine, growth hormone and anti-arthritis. The parts of the body that have large concentrations of subcutaneous cells make ideal injection areas.These include:

  • outer part of the top of the hand
  • half of the belly
  • from the head of the hip
  • > Top Back
  • Berries Top

age effect onSubcutaneous tape

As it increases, the subcutaneous fiber begins to be sought. This weak insulation layer causes the body more sensitive to cold, because less tissues make warm.

The loss of the subcutaneous cell due to aging also causes the body to be less, which, in turn, makes it harder to remain fresh in the warm climate. This can also affect the reaction of the body to certain medications that are absorbed by subcutaneous tissue.

Although hypodermis is not visible, Itcan has a dramatic effect on the appearance of the skin, and the aging method affects the skin, especially in the field of the face and neck.With aging, the size volume of the face decreases, and less supports the fabric to support normal elasticity. Skin. The skin of the face begins to lower and give up; The bones and face muscles also lose volume.Some people can take chemical cosmetic fillers to the ‘Gordita’ skin in these areas.

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