Suitable lifting equipment to avoid problems from behind


The incorrect lifting equipment can lead to back , leg and . The bad technique can cause acute injuries and long-term serious operators. Study the correct way to raise will help you avoid these problems.People’s mining knows, but in fact, time reaches elevation events, often forgets.

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Steps to guarantee the position and the correct lifting technique
  1. Plan why The knowledge of what you do, and where are you going, will prevent you from making uncomfortable movements, keeping something heavy. Clear If you raise something with another person, make sure that both are in accordance with the plan.
  2. Near your body. will be a stronger and more stable elevator if the object is kept close to your body, and not at the end of your reach. Be sure to have a solid retention in the object that you raise and hold balanced next to your body.
  3. The legs should be the width of the shoulders. The presence of azolid base support is important during lifting.Placing your legs is too close to each other, it will be unstable, while if you are too far from each other, it interferes with movement. Keep your legs on the width of the shoulders at a short distance and steps.
  4. Fold your knees and keep your back straight. Practice raising before raising the object, and think about your movement before lifting. Focus on keeping the column straight.Lift and go down to the ground, flexing the knees and do not bend on the waist or hips.
  5. Squeeze the muscles of the abdomen . Tighten the abdominal muscles in a good elevation position and help prevent excessive power from the spine.
  6. raises the legs. Your legs are much stronger than the muscles of the back.Your strength works in your favor. Again, get down to the ground, flexing the knees, and not back.
  7. Keep your eyes up … You go. If you need to rotate, stop, turn small steps and then continue walking.
  8. If you try, get help. If the object is too heavy, or embarrassing on the form, be sure to have someone who can help you increase.

The rear straps do not reduce the risk of injury

is common hasbecome for many people who work at work, which requires lifting to use on the hind belts or rear support.However, studies have not shown that they reduce the risk of obtaining injuries.For this reason, they are not recommended by the National Institute for Health and Health, the American Industrial Hygienic Association, the Office of Min, the Office of the General Surgeon Army and other institutions.

Instead of relying on the back strap, it is important to use good lifting techniques and not try to raise objects that are more difficult than you I would be without an elevator belt.If your workplace requires you to use a rear belt, do not trust that this be a substitute for the correct lifting positions.

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