Summary of tears of tears


The imposing egg is a serious condition that can lead to a strong pain, strong . This happens when the cloth surrounding the testicle is not completely united, which allows the ovule to rotate.This, in turn, causes cord that sperm, extends from the abdomen in a rotation of Moshtonto, cut with the blood supply sole to the Ɓguilas.The technical turns cause pain and swelling of the eggs and are considered a torsion of medical emergency rejection, time is critical. Obtaining the aid for 4-6 hours on the interrupted occurrence gives the eggs the best opportunity when repairing.

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Without blood supply to eggs, it is likely to occur cardiac attacks (death of the web), causing very soft eggs,Red and inflamed. Torque of the eggs requires emergency surgery to save eggs. But when the blood supply was reduced for long periods, ITCAN leads to damage to the testicle or in the worst case, loss of eggs.

Torsive torsion is a relatively unusual state that is happening in 1 of 4,000 men under 25 years of age. You can also arise from men of all ages, from newborn children for older men.The imposing generally occurs only on the one hand, but in rare cases it happens in both testicles.


Symptoms of tears Eggs include severe intense pain, usually on one side of the scrotum.The swelling of the scrotum will lead to the fact that the egg egg will appear more than that of another , and can lead to the position of the previous egg, which is generally in a strange corner. The redness or darkening of the scrotum is also common.

Other signs of tears of eggs include:

  • abdominalinpane
  • vomiting
  • frequency
  • > Fever
  • mass in the middle of the night or early in the morning with severe pine pain in solo (youngOrdinarioschicals).

This is possible that a newborn is born with a twist egg. The eggs are usually dead if the state is produced inute.Usually, there is no apparent pain or discomfort, as a rule, can be seen in adults.


It is not clear that exactly what causes torsion eggs.Some experts say there is a genetic anomaly, which allows the egg freely to swim within the scrotum. In general, the eggs can not be twisted into the scrotum, because the fabric is connected correctly.However, when a man is born with a condition that is sometimes called bell deformation, the testicles are not united, and can move freely within the scrotum.

Other factors related to the appearance of tears tears include:

  • eating eggs
  • rapidrowth during puberty
  • coldtemperatures

Although physical activity can be impulse,What leads to the egg torsion, is not the main thing. The condition usually occurs when standing, sitting or even during sleep.


Each time a man is experiencing intense pain in the scrotum or the testicles, it is important to seek emergency medical care at once (even if there is no swelling or discoloration).Direct treatment is required to avoid egg loss.

Another scenario, which represents an immediate visit to the urologist or other health care provider, is that a person has a sudden pain in what is lower without treatment.In this scenario, called the intermittent torque and disconnection, the operation is required to prevent the appearance of a rotation.

Elevated eggs, as a general rule, is diagnosed through a physical examination or ultrasound (which is seeking the absence of blood flow in the testicle) by a doctor in the emergency room.From there you will consult a urologist to help in the treatment of the turn.


Because the torque of the eggs includes the elimination of the exclusive blood supply to the ovary, the treatment must occur rapidly.This includes an operation to promote sperm and restore blood supply. Well, if the doctor can promote testicular communication during the exam, the operation called ‘Orchiecia bilateral’ is still needed to avoid future entry.Surgery is carried out by cutting the scrotum in which urologists expose the intecticle in toast and optimize it.If the eggs seem viable, the eggs will be placed back to the scroth cavity with constant seams placed in three different areas joined to the environment for the environment.The same stitches will be placed on another unaffected misfortune to avoid future entries.

After a person was treated by torsion torque, ordinary expectations may include:

  • take preparations for pain
  • going back to work or school a few days before the week
  • ,Avoid difficult activities or exercise for several weeks
  • Notadoque The other egg is increased slightly after the surgical of the eggs touched (the condition is called compensatory hypertrophy)

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Elevated, although rare eggs, it is a very serious condition that requires immediate medical attention and treatment.It is important that a person seek medical attention if he experiences some serious pain in tests or scrotum. As well as many diseases, it is likely that symptoms deteriorate with a long lack of medical treatment.

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