Summary of the cholecystitis


Colecystitis is the inflammation of the gallbladder. Star Bubble is an organ in the digestive system, which is under the cookies.GookBlandder is where BILIS , the substance used in digestion is stored until it is necessary.The symptoms of the cholecystitis include pain in the upper or right central stomach, which can be extended towards the shoulder or right back, swelling, fever, nausea, vomiting and tenderness of the abdominal cavity.

cholecystitis can be diagnosed several procedures and / or tests that are used to obtain an image of the gallbladder and bile ducts reimburse the more Common cause of the reproduction of the bubble of the bile.That will be inflamed, it is the extension of the bile, because gonstones block the bile spots. The treatment is usually with surgery to eliminate the gallbladder, but in some cases it can also be more conservative methods in the hospital. use.

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. It is formed as a pear and sits under the cookies. The bubble is functional: stores the bile made in the liver.Bilis is a digestive compound that helps the body test fat and absorb fat vitamins of food. The gellas are released from the gallbladder and in the small intestine through the air duct, called the cystic air duct.

The bubble of the bubble is a bit like a balloon in its functionality. And it is destroyed when the bile leaves it after eating.

In some cases, a GallBubble can it needs to delete due to illness or damage. People can live without their gallbladder and in the Most cases, in most cases, there are no long-term side effects.However, some people may experience diarrhea or have problems with fat absorption of food.


Signs and symptoms of cholecystitis usually occur after meals and, in particular, when eating fatty products.Symptoms may include:

  • >
  • fever
  • pa> pain in the center or top of the pain
  • that extends on the right shoulder or back
  • pale light stools
  • vomiting


There are several potential causes of cholecystitis. It may be necessary to approve tests or procedures to find out the reason to be able to treat it.High sharpening is more common in men over 60, women over 50, those who have overweight and people who live with diabetes.People who are patients of American or Latin American origin can also be exposed to development development.

cholecystitis can be acute, or it can be chronic (long-term).Acute cholecystitis suddenly, with an acute start of symptoms. The chronicle can occur when the bile duct is blocked for a while, but then clean, and the process is repeated.For a certain period of time, continuous inflammation can damage the gallbladder. The gallbladder can be difficult and unable to produce bile in the bile ducts, as well as necessary.


The most common cause of the inflammation of the gallbladder has bilisite stones. Yellow stones can be formed when there is an imbalance in the composition of the bile.Joy hardens in stones that can vary in the amount of small, as a sandy grain, is so great that the golf ball.When the severe tables block the bile ducts, and the bile can not be released into the small intestine, it can lead to inflammation.

Locking in the bile duct

Other types of blocking in a bile duct, which is not a biliary stone or a tumor will also lead to collections.If the bile becomes too thick, what can sometimes occur during pregnancy or after losing a lot of weight, you can also block the bile ducts.

Reduction of blood flow

During the Damaged blood vessels and affected the bloodstream to the gallbladder, can lead to inflammation of the gallbladder.


Some viral infections, such as HIV , can cause inflammation in the bustle bubble.


Biliary ducts can also Be growth of the tumor blocked or narrowed . Building Bilis that can not leave the gallbladder can cause inflammation.This is the rare occurrence of cholecystitis.


Colecystitis can be diagnosed by one or more tests.

Ultrasound in the abdominal half

This The test that is sometimes called ultrasound, uses sound waves and non-invasive.It can be used to visualize the abdominal organs, including a gallbladder and look for any problem with them. Ask stones can be visible according to the results of this test.

Blood test

The blood test will not diagnose the problem of the Gallbladder, but it can be used to look for signs of infection or inflammation, as higher than a normal blood cell.

Computed tomography (CT)

This test, which sometimes also Call Act Scan, Scan Cat or Computed Axial Tomography, uses a series of x-rays that the computer can be collected in a 3D image.The presence of a detailed image of the gallbladder can help visualize the bile stones or the presence of ocecistitis.

Cholangiopanmatography Endoscopic retrograde (ERCP)

This test can be used to view the bile ducts and can also be used To eliminate certain types of gallstones.The thin flexible tube is inserted into the mouth and down through the upper digestive tract and in the bile.

Endoscopic ultrasound

this The test uses ultrasound and endoscopy together.Patients are calmed, at the same time, a slim tube with an ultrasonic probe and the camera is passed through the mouth or anus and in the intestine. The images of this test can help doctors see some gallbladder problems.

Hepatobiliary inMinodiakutiic acid (HIDA) scanned

is a study of the Apple display Sometimes, sometimes they call cholinesethigraphy or hepatobiliary scintigraphy.TRASSER, which contains a small amount of radioactive material, is introduced into the vein. Belly images are accepted while tracking moves through the body and bile ducts.

CholangiTractionM Magnetic summarization (MRCP)

During this test, the MRI machine is used to take pictures of High: Resolution Bilis Bubbles, including bile ducts and other abdominal organs.Its non-invasive test, which can show the presence of gallstones or other anomalies in the bustling bubble.


Treatment for possible possibility can include an operation to eliminate a gallbladder and / or more conservative methods,Like antibiotics or other medications that dissolve gallstones.


Surgery To eliminate bile The bubble is called cholecystectomy, it is the most common treatment of formyolecistitis.This operation can take approximately one hour and is performed under general anesthesia.Gookbladder is eliminated through the incision in the stomach.

Most people will not notice side effects after deleting their gallbladder, although some people may need additional treatment or medication.

Colecystectomy can be done with open or laparoscopic surgery.

Open surgery

In an open operation, a large incision (approximately 5 to 8 inches) is designed to access and eliminate the gallbladder.Stay at the hospital will generally be a few days, and the restoration of the house may take several weeks. Open surgery can be done in situations when there are scars, which avoids a laparoscopic operation, or there are other complications.

Laparoscopic surgery

When the operation appears for subselery, smaller cuts are made, and special devices are used to eliminate the gallbladder without making a MayorThe recovery period will vary depending on whether medium polar surgery as a whole can have a shorter recovery period and stay at the hospital (sometimes it goes home on the same day).

In most cases, laparoscopic surgery will be used to eliminate the gallbladder, but there are situations in which an open operation may be required.

Bright drainage

In a minority of cases, as patients who are too sick to go through the operation, A pin of the gallbladder can be exhausted through the tube,That is inserted through the belly and bile ducts. Surgery to eliminate the gallbladder can be performed at a later time when the condition of the patients is improved.

Look and wait

Conservative treatment, Orwatch and Warkmight will be used in some cases. Probably includes staying at the hospital To closely monitor the patient’s signs and symptoms.Antibiotics can be administered to obtain swelling and inflammation in a toro pulse control. Anesthetic medications can be used to treat any discomfort.

If there are smaller gallstones, medications can be administered, which can dissolve stones, such as the active (Ursodiol) or Chenix (Chenodiol).

Word of medicine information obtained

Colecystitis -This is a condition General and surgery is usually handled to eliminate the gallbladder.By withdrawing in many cases, it is possible that it is not possible to prevent inflammation of the gallbladder, but some changes in lifestyle that can reduce risk, compliance with healthy weight, reduce cholesterol levels,Performing and sticking a low-fat diet, which includes many fruits and vegetables.

Surgery to eliminate the gallbladder, it is considered safe, and most people continue to live a healthy life. When there are symptoms of the gallbladder problem, it is important to seek medical attention immediately to obtain treatment and avoid possible complications.

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