Support your shoulder with kinesiology tape


Support your shoulder with kinesiology tape

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If your shoulder hurts, physical therapy can help reduce pain, improve shoulder mobility and strength, and improve functional use of the arm. Your physical therapist can use a variety of treatments and methods to help you return to optimal function.

Kinesiology tape is a common treatment used in physical therapy. It can be used to relieve pain, support joints, treat lymphedema, and relieve normal muscle contractions.

Shoulder pain is often accompanied by a loss of shoulder range of motion and decreased rotator cuff strength. Your physical therapist can teach you various exercises to improve rotator cuff strength and shoulder stability .

The kinesiology tape can be used to facilitate the work of the rotator cuff and deltoid muscle. You can supplement your physical therapy exercises to help you quickly gain strength and begin to move properly around your shoulder.

Learning how to apply kinesiology tape to your shoulder to increase shoulder and rotator cuff strength can be part of your exercise for shoulder pain. Before applying kinesiology tape, it is recommended that you undergo a physical exam to assess whether this type of tape will benefit you. Your doctor will also inform you about the contraindications to the use of tape and will teach you how to properly cut the strips of tape on the shoulder.

It should be noted that research on the use of kinesiology tape is limited.

A 2017 study examined the effects of using a kinesio tape to relieve shoulder pain and change the kinematics of the throw in 20 people. The results showed no difference between the patients who used the kinesiology tape and those who used the sham (sham) treatment with the K tape.

This treatment may not provide dramatic benefits, and positive results may be associated with a placebo effect. The risks of using the tape are also minimal. It is important to understand how K-Tape works and what to expect from it.

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