Surgery of Bypass Stomach: Restoration


The recovery of your search surgery takes approximately three to six weeks. This is said, its recovery ‘real’ lasts all your life.This is due immediately after the operation, should take strict habits and exercises to maintain weight loss.

To optimize your chances of a successful surgical result, it is important to carefully follow the postoperative instructions of your surgeon.These instructions will include when for observation, types and subsequent amounts of liquids and food, and what actions are limited.


Rear operation

After the bypass operation of the stomach,You can later wait for your Herrome inside these time frames:

    two up to three weeks after operation
  • four days five weeks after the operation
  • every three months during the firstAdd after the operation
  • after the first year, every six months initially,and then annually for life

Some of the main objectives of these visits will be:

  • Evaluate any possible complication operation (for example, infection,Gastrointestinal intestinal or reset syndrome ). Vitamin or mineral or mineral failure monitor monitor through blood test (taken at least six months).
  • look at your weight loss.
  • discuss and manage any symptoms associated with weight loss (for example, body pain, dry skin or mood changes).

Approximately four to six weeks after surgery, you should also see your main health care provider and any professional A specialist (for example, , endocrinologist or cardiologist).With its significant weight loss, any chronic health status that has, for example,, for example, type 2 type 2 diabetes or hypertension Typertens or . Therefore, your health care providers may need to adjust your medications.

In addition to your destination surgery, you will also regularly schedule sessions with a registered bariatric nutritionist.These sessions should ensure that it adhere to healthy eating habits, the correct cooking, does not transmit food and control portions.Diet-based meetings will be held around the following points of time: / P>

  • two to three weeks after the operation

  • six at eight weeks after the operation
  • three months after theoperation
  • six months after the operation
  • in nine months post-AGROICGY
  • A year after the operation
  • in a year,It will meet every six months at the time of life

Scale of Recovery of the timeline

will stay at the hospital for approximately two to five days after the operation.Stay in the hospital, as a general rule, shorter for patients who spend in patients laparoscopic surgery in Russian compared to open surgery.

During your hospital stay, wait:

  • have their signs and symptoms of life (for example, pain or nausea) by a nurse.
  • Start drinking clean liquids for breakfast on the second day after the operation. Your diet can be moved to complete liquids with protein knives (if transferred) for lunch.
  • Use a breathing instrument called Spire Spire on your feet.
  • I have your ureate catheter after your operation.
  • Start exercises for legs and legs, and then get up from bed and walk (usually on the first day or two after surgery). Your nurse or physiotherapist will help you with her.
  • Switch to medications for the oral pain of intravenous pain.

After downloading at home, your surgical team will provide you with the following instructions:

  • moves slowly from a complete liquid diet to soft products and, in last instance,For solid products (this process takes place for approximately weeks).
  • Take daily food additives (complex multivitamin, calcium , vitamin D a> iron , vitamin c and vitamin B12 ).
  • Drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day to prevent dehydration.
  • Walk daily with the purpose of walking 2 miles per day or more than the sixth week after surgery.
  • Avoid intense activity for three to six weeks after surgery .
  • Avoid heavy elevations (a growing amount of 20 to 30 pounds) during the first six weeks after surgery.

  • Avoid driving until it corrects the pain preparations from the recipe, which is about a week after the operation.


How will you cope with the physical and emotional effects of the operation, it is a good idea to have someone later,At home with you during the first days after surgery.

In addition to the provision of comfort and improve your emotional well-being, a friend or a loved one can help you with cleaning, care about pets,Product purchases and keep it on the track with your fluid consumption and counseling diet. If you still take medication for oral pain, you can also take it to any meeting you have.

When you restore the house for those who are in the first few days, keep in mind that you may need help with personal habits, such as using a bath or taking a shower.

If you have not purchased or rented products for rent to avoid falling, such as a long sponge, a toilet elevator or a shower head with a removable hose, a social worker or a person who helps you The house, maybe take care of it for you.


Preservation of your abdomen in purity and dryness, as far as possible, it is important to prevent irritation and infection.While it is likely that your surgeon will allow you to take a shower shortly after the operation, you will advise you to caress the dry area after it is gently washed with a mild soap.You will also advise you not to swim or enter the pool until the wound is fully cured (usually around three weeks).

You can have a rest or thin dressings, called Staries, in the wound (s) of your site. Talk to your health care provider about how to solve the wound after taking the soul or when you can expect the stroke strips to fall.

You can also have surgical brackets that must be deleted (approximately ten days after surgery) or soluble points that do not need intervention.

Seek medical attention.Basic as: / P>

  • fever
  • yellow / green and / or angry download with the floor of the wound )
  • Enlargement of paint wounds, edema or tenderness
  • cos, chest pain or leg,or difficulty breathing
  • vomiting and diarrhea
  • Abdominal or shoulder pain


Word of information received by medications

Normally test a wide range of Physics Y.Mentals atmosphere after sewing. These symptoms may include fatigue, pain of organism, nausea, constipation and several emotional and minimum maximientos.

When focusing on recovery, do not hesitate to contact your surgical team with any problem or question. They are there to help him succeed and feel good.Often, some changes in their daily habits can be of great importance for the weakening of unpleasant symptoms.

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