Surgery of the century: Preparation, Restoration, Long-term care.


Eye surgery, also called blepharoplasty, helps sculpt or lift fabrics around the eyes. It can be performed on the upper or lower eyelids to eliminate excess skin and grease and softens thin wrinkles.

Some investment operations for cosmetics for cosmetics. It will help to tighten the skin with flaccidity and brings more eyes open in the eyes. Others are recommended for the procedure, because the skin around the eyes violates the vision.


What is the operation of the century?

Location surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon and can bePerform upper tangles, lower eyelids, or both. The operation begins with a surgeon created by a cut.

With the higher century, the incision is usually made around the natural board of the century.This allows the surgeon to remove or change excess fat, redirect the muscles and eliminate excess skin.

With the lower eyelid, the surgeon makes a cut under the tabs.Excess skin is eliminated and grease is eliminated or reduced. The incision can also be made inside the lower century. This excess grease is eliminated or redistributed, but the skin is not eliminated. / P>

Your surgeon recommends common anesthesia or Local anesthesia With intravenous sedation, depending on your condition and degree of your surgery.

ENGLIC surgery is generally carried out as an outpatient procedure.


can not be a good candidate for surgery if you have:

  • uncontrolled medical condition, as diabetes
  • dried eyes
  • inflammatory skin condition,Such as eczema and psoriasis

  • psychological problems or unreal expectations for surgery

Potential risks

Some of the possible complications of surgeryEmergency in themselves: / P>

  • Changes in feeling or numbness around the tabs
  • SEC Sensitivity
  • the bright lights,Including the sun
  • Bearing out of the lower eyelid
  • LUG LIDS,Or traction of the lower eyelid (generally temporary)
  • Hard eye closure
  • Temporary or constant changes in vision

Purpose of eyelid surgery

Older surgery can helpChange and DurableOblast Eye. It can be used to treat fatty sediments that make the eye area look like a blow, bags under the eyes, lowering the lower eyelids and free skin around the century, which can sometimes worsen how well you see.

Before planning the operation operation, you will have a query with your surgeon. It will discuss its operations for the operation, its medical conditions and history, any previous operation and medications you take.

Your surgeon will examine your eyes and eyelids that may include measuring, evaluating the weakness of the skin and checking the muscles that close the eyelids.

You can also request to see your main medical provider for preoperative work.This often includes conventional blood tests (for example, a one blood ), ) electrocardiogram (ECG) and physical examination to make sure it is sufficiently enough Healthy as to approve the operation.

Most health insurance plans do not cover surgery for cosmetic causes. However, the procedure can be covered if its medical cause.One of these examples is a bluphoralzis, a condition in which the inflammation of the upper eyelids, circulation and stretch the skin, which forces it to bend and prevent vision of vision.

Find out with your health insurance provider to see what is covered by your policy before the operation plan.

How to prepare

Ask your surgeon any questions you have about the procedure.During the preliminary assignment, it will discuss what type of anesthesia will be used, the steps associated with your specific surgery and what results can you expect.

Old surgery can be done in an office institution, centers of ambulatory surgery or hospital,

What to use

Free operation, day operation of comfia clothing.You may want to wear a shirt that buttons or zippers, and not what you should slide over your head. If you wear contact lenses, do not forget to wear glasses that day.

Food and beverages

Avoid eating or drinking after midnight on the eve at night at your operation. This ensures that your stomach is empty before getting anesthesia.If your medical provider asked you to take medications, it will take you with a small sip of water.

Avoid aspirin, Advil (Iburofen), Aleve (Naproxen), Coumadin (warfarin) or any anti-inflammatory or broken medication in the blood five days before its operation, as can cause bleeding problems.

To avoid complications, let your provider or surgeon healthy know if you take some medication, including recipes and Anti-drugs, herbs and vitamins.

What to call

per day of operation, do not forget to bring your ID, Insurance map and any necessary document. Also bring someone to take him home after his procedure.

As it can be sensitive to light after the operation, bring the sunglasses to use after your procedure.

Previous lifestyle changes

Avoid sunburn around your eyes at least two weeks before the operation .Your health care provider can give you a recommendation for what type of sunscreen wear around your eyes. / P>

Also avoid smoking, ideally for at least one week before the operation.Smoking can reduce the size of the blood vessels, reducing the ability of your body to deliver blood and oxygen, slowing the healing and elevation of the risk of infections.

Cooking for this, you may want to download several audiobooks to be ready for your recovery period. If you have a voice assistant, the configuration of it to perform / receive calls can also be useful.

What to expect on the surgery day

Surgery of the eyelids should take less than two hours.In addition to its plastic surgeon, a nurse operator and anesthemeloga (when approved a general anesthesia) will be present during the procedure.

Before the operation

When you reach the operation, the nurse will review your Substances of Life and Place IV in Your hand or hand. This IV is used to deliver medications or liquids (as necessary) during its procedure.

Next, you will meet with your surgeon, which will pass the details of the procedure with you and will mark the upper and / or lower eyelids using an ASA to mark the surgical mark.

When your surgeon is ready, you will enter the process room, where you are on the table or chairs of the procedure. The nurse will then clean the face with a solution to kill bacteria and place sterile curtains around the head.

During the operation

If the local anesthesia passes, the surgeon will inject the impressive drug on its eyelids (s) . It will also be given a sedative medicine through its IV so that its drowsiness and drowsiness during the procedure will also be given.

If it is happening General anesthesia, you will receive medications or iv, or, inhaling gas through a mask. This medicine has it temporarily unconscious during the operation and the inability to feel discomfort.An endotracheal tube will also be placed to provide respiratory support and oxygen during surgery.

upper eyelids

When a surgery is performed on the upper eyelid, the surgeon makes a cutting with a blade, a laser or a tip device of needle. Web sites labeling section.

The additional leather is deleted, and the excess fat is moved or removed using electrocakers (heat from the electric current) or ligature (Trim) and scissors. . or below the bottom line of the tabs (infracyll).The steps may vary, but often include the following:

  • Transconjuncival: The device is used To push through the lower cover.The incision is carried out through the conjunctiva, and the lower retractors of the centuries are placed inside the cover. Thick shoes visible under the eye are reduced or move. The cuts are closed with absorbable seams.
  • Under the line of the eyelashes (infringey): The incision is 1 to 2 millimeters (mm) below the timeline line.This can be removed a small amount of excess of leatherThick pockets are reduced or moved in the same way as during the transcenturation section.

age tests are usually closed with seams or glue of the skin.

After surgery

From the completed operation it will be delivered to the recovery room, where it is read by tracking.It is likely that your surgeon will give you the ice housing to help reduce any direct postoperative swelling. They should be placed in centuries for 20 minutes.

After your anesthesia is worn, and your surgeon gives you well, a friend or family member can pick it up your home.

Get information from Meds / Julie Bang


It is expected to take full recovery from 10 to 14 days.As in the case of any operation, blepharoplasty has side effects, most of which are insignificant and temporary.

may include:

  • Pain: Wait some for the first days after surgery; This should improve, since the week continues.
  • Eknesses or bruises in the century / around the century,that can last from one to two weeks
  • Eyelid apprehension / Li>
  • Eyes drying

Your eyes may also feel stupid faster than it is usually within a few weeks.

When you call your doctor

Call your healthcare provider if you are experiencing everything that is not normal or unexpected.In particular,Let them know anyone in the following way there may be signs of infection or other complications:

  • increasing swelling and bruises
  • redness around the cut
  • strong the pain
  • Temperature is more than 100.4 degrees f
  • Yellow or green download section
  • Bleeding that can not be monitored with light pressure


Your surgeon can assume what the section of SitesExternal twice with a cotton buffer, impregnated with brine or hydrogen peroxide? After that, it will apply an ophthalmological ointment with recipe over points.

You can also be managed to compress a cold salt solution to use in your eyes a day after surgery to help reduce bruises and swelling.

To save the surgical area to clean and reduce the risk of infection:

  • do not wear makeup in front From your eyes as the incision cures.
  • Avoid rubbing your eyes.
  • Do not swim.
  • But you saw glasses instead of contact lenses for two weeks after surgery.

Wear dark sunglasses when you can help with the lighting sensitivity and use sunscreen on the healing leather face.

You can expect your surgeon to be a later meeting in two or three times the first week after the operation. During these appointments, their seats will be verified, and their points will be deleted.

To deal with recovery

Plans To take this time from work, if possible. If your work requires you to be physically active, you may want a little more.If you include working constantly on a computer, you can consider time to work part time and increase your watches when you become better.

You may want to be organized so that someone will help you home for one and two days after your procedure.

Sleep with a head, elevated 45 degrees in a few pillows, or placing in a chair, can help reduce any edema.

Follow the instructions of the health care provider on activity restrictions, which probably include avoid:

  • raising something severe, participating in heavy stocks,o They are carried out hard for at least two weeks
  • bending / standing in the lower position up to four weeks

Long-Thermal attention

While protection against the sun is useful in recovery, it is also as important for a long time. Avoid impact on the sun as much as possible.And when you are outdoors, use sunscreen with SPF 30 or more to protect your skin and maintain the results of your surgery.

, While most sunscreens are safe to use around the eyes, mineral-based sunscreen based on mineral holes with ingredients,As Zinc dioxide or Titanium are the best optionsMientras won, wait or thin skin irritants in this area.

Possible future operations

Results Top Surgery The eyelids are the last ones anywhere five to 15 years, and the results of the lower eyelid surgery are mainly constant. Due to these long-term results, it is most likely that you do not need another surgery.

, which said that by eliminating fat and excess skin, they will not return after the operation, even if the weight increases, its face changes naturally with age.Therefore, you can choose another century surgery in the future (or other plastic surgery, such as the elevator of the eyebrow or facelift ) to meet these age changes.

Word of the Meds information received

If you are considering eyelid surgery, it is important to choose a certified plastic surgeon,that has a lot of experience in performing this type of procedure.

During the initial consultation, do not hesitate to ask the surgeon about his powers, how many of these procedures were performed in the past, and his level of complications .You should also request to see before and after the operations in the youters, photos of previous patients, so you entered the operation with realistic expectations.

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