Surgical dispersion to eliminate the unhealthy fabric.


dbridement is a word that is used to describe a specific surgical procedure. In Debraider, the surgeon eliminates damaged body tissues to promote healing.Remote fabrics can be:

  • contaminated

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, eliminating this fabric, the body is still a healthy cloth,To try to accelerate healing. If the dead, infected or contaminated tissues remain in the body after the injury or health status, these fabrics can lead to the infection.The stores will not be any long-term benefit, so it is better to eliminate them from the body to support a more timely healing process.

The equipment is often done along with the ‘washing’ procedure, often called irrigation.Therefore, many surgeons refer to this combination as irrigation and a debt or identifier.

Orthopedic surgeons, generally performing a breaking operation after an open fracture or after the infection. Open fractures (sometimes called fragrant layers that arise when the wound is applied, which allows the object to be protected to communicate with The exterior of the body.All open fractures are contaminated and due to the degree of soft tissue injury, many open fractures have a necrotic fabric (dead), which was so damaged that it will not survive.In these situations, surgeons eliminate contaminated and necrotic cloth to promote healing destruction and prevent infection.

Debrids for infections

The infection can Be a result of a recent injury or surgery.When the infection occurs deep inside the body, the infection can participate so involved in soft tissues, which is the only way to adequately eliminate the infection is to make some of these tissues.In addition, the infection can also lead to necrosis of fabric or death, and again requires removing the unhealthy fabric to cure the infection.The infection is especially unpleasant when metal implants are inserted, as in the case of replacing the thigh or replacing the knee in these cases, in addition to the breakage of infected tissues,Sometimes the metal should also be deleted to cure the infection. .

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