Swing of fast and extreme humor: causes, symptoms, help


Mood changes are related to sudden changes in your mood or emotional state, and are a normal part of life.However, they can be caused by a mental health disorder, such as border disorders of the individual or bipolar disorder , which is characterized by an extremely high and low mood.Rapid or severe humor fluctuations may feel disorientation, and can interfere in their life and daily relationships.

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Symptoms of the mood translations

WHEN Experience humor changes you can feelA very happy moment without a reason and it is very sad, while it was close, without knowing why. These mood changes can also be accompanied by changes in sleep models, levels and activity behavior.

Changes in mood are a normal part of life, especially when it happens a lot of stress. However, sometimes they are a sign of mental health disorder.For example, a bipolar disorder, the type of mood disorder , cause maniarriculi (abnormally happy or irritable episodes) and depressant (sad).Unlike conventional sentiment changes, these episodes can last a long time, such as several days or weeks.

When you are experiencing a depressive episode, you can have the following symptoms: < < < / p>

  • talk slower than usual,
  • feels sad, desperate and useless
  • or dream too much
  • ,Try an increase in an appetite increase and increase weight
  • with problems with concentration problems
  • feeling fatigue
  • having small interesting activities that they usually use
  • have thoughts about theSuicide Orurok

When you are experiencing a human episode, your symptoms may include:

  • talk more or faster than usual, generally
  • Attract to risk behavior
  • ,Appearing with irritable or euphoric or euphoric or euphoric events with greater energy and intensity
  • sleeps less than they are usually
  • feel like your thoughts,Racing
  • feelingsHow are unusually powerful or important

Possible causes

Causes of the mood The swing in children and in adults vary.Working with mental health to reveal the reasons, requires honesty with them, and others about what is really happening in your life.

Changes in life

The change is part of life, but some changes in life, such as the breakage of the relationship; School, labor and professional changes; Movie;And reproduction can lead to enough stress to cause mood swings.

For young children, swing moods may seem hysterical, melt and incorrect behavior.During puberty, when children achieve sexual maturity, hormonal changes can also cause mood swings.

Using alcohol and drugs

Significant mood fluctuations can occur during the use of psychoactive preparations and alcohol.If people become addicted, they can achieve these mood amplifiers even more to try to manage their emotions and energy levels, severity and symptoms of production.

Mood For women

Humor changes are normal in women who experience natural hormonal fluctuations throughout their menstrual cycle. estrogen and the level of progesterone change dramatically during this time, immersing themselves in the days prior to menstruation and causing mood changes.Drops of mood also expect a natural decrease in estrogen that leads to menopause, which marks 12 months after the last period.

Music lights in men

Mood swings due to hormonal fluctuations can also occur in men. Testosterone , male sex hormone, made greatly in the tests, fails with age as estrogen, and low levels can lead to a low mood.

According to the American Urological Association, about two of 10 men over 60 and 50% of men more than 80 have low testosterone levels.

Other potential causes of low testosterone in males include:


ManyPhysical disadvantages and medications can be a change of humor. One of the most common steroids.

Androgenic anabolic steroids (commonly called anabolic steroids) are synthetic substances similar to testosterone.They are often used as medications that improve performance, but they can also treat delayed sexual matures and other conditions. Anabolic steroids can cause greater irritability, aggression, anxiety, mania or depression.

corticosteroids (usually called steroids) are anti-inflammatory drugs, such as prednisone , cortisone and methylprednisolone.They are used to treat a plurality of states, such as arthritis, lupus, asthma, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease and multiple sclerosis.In high doses, steroids can lead to the impacts of the mood, the change of personality, depression, mania and even psychosis.

Mental Health

Many mental health disorders can take the mood, including :

  • RISS: Problems with finance, relationships,The work and education of parents can contribute to the droplets of mood.
  • Personality border disorder (BPD): BPD is a personality disorder characterized by a state of extreme fluctuations.These episodes of humor are easily caused and can last from a few minutes to hours.
  • Bipolar disorders: Extreme episodes of the mood of any depression and mania, or hypologia are a distinctive feature of these mood disorders.Changes in mood can last from several days to several months, and people can have long periods (months until the year) without any symptoms of mood.
  • Depression : People with depression (especially untreated depression) may experience dramatic changes of feelings that affect the level of energy, sleep and the appetite.
  • Anxiety: The alarm disorder can also lead to negative sentiment changes.
  • Syndrome (PMS) and a Disphorruoso Disorder of the Subject (PMDD): All who menstruate their monthly hormonal changes in different ways. Because some PM can lead to fluctuations in humor and irritability.PMDD is a heavier PMS form. The symptoms of PMS and PMDD generally come out two or three days after the start of their period.


Treatment for mood oscillations may be necessary if you live with mental health disorder or substance disorder.

Treatment parameters include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) -This type of psychotherapy, which can help you learn to recognize the triggers and warning signs of the humor swing that are approaching before the rejection occurs,You can also challenge and change your thinking to cope with other
  • mood stabilizers,Second generation antipsychotics and antidepressants can be used to treat the basic conditions that cause differences to mood.
  • The group support can be useful if you are looking for someone safe, you can talk about your mood disorder and how it affects you.


Normally Differential Mood, especially during emergency stress.Hormonal changes, changes in life, dependence and high doses of some medications, such as steroids, can cause changes in their emotional state.However, some mental health disorders can also cause humor changes and require mental health treatment.

Word of the Meds information received

There is nothing bad or unhealthy about feeling stunned, processed or even bad in certain situations.It is also clear if you are experiencing legal fluctuations caused by mental illnesses, even if you are trying to control or relate to them. Talk to your doctor or a psychic health professional.They can offer resources to help you manage your humor fluctuations and offer advice on a conversation with your loved ones so you can understand and support it better.

Frequently asked questions


Yes.The best humor changes from time to time, this is normal, but when the differences in humor are severely and interfere negatively with your life and daily relationships, this is a problem, and you should seek help from a mental health professional.

Quick mood oscillates a sign of a mental illness?

Sometimes.A rapid change of humor can be a sign of mental health disorder, such as a bipolar disorder, but this does not mean that all rapid mood changes are caused by a mental illness.Other conditions of health, dependence and main changes in life can also cause rapid humor fluctuations.

How does someone whose mood always change?

When you love someone with mood swings, you can be upset. You can feel that you go to egg shells or you can not be sure of waiting.Look for support for you and determine your personal limits regarding what you will not accept.

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