Symptoms and treatment of acute cholangitis.


Cholante is a bile duct infection. Acute Cholangitis can cause symptoms of fever, jaundice and abdominal pain. The condition is sometimes called ascending cholangitis.

The forecast for cholangitis improved in recent years, and most people are restored with the treatment.

Locking bile channels

bilis is a substance that helps destroy fat in food so that it has been reversed.Yellow is created in the liver and travels through the channels called the bustle ducts to the of Gallbube , where it is stored until it is needed.After a meal, especially in the fact that there are fat, bile, stand out through the common bile duct and in the first part of the small intestine ( Duodenum ) ..

Sometimes bile ducts can be blocked or rarely become too narrow.This can happen when biliary stones are formed or when there is another reason why air ducts narrow, such as tumor growth near the flow or vigorous conduits. The goufstones are more common in women, people with intestinal inflammatory disease (IBD, in particular crohnsss ),

Sclerosing cholangitis and HIV / AIDS.Tumors or restrictions, since the cause of narrowed bile ducts are less common.

When the galaid conduit is blocked from the biliary stone or other reasons, there is a potential to be infected with bacteria.The infection can also occur after the operation, where the stent is placed in the bile duct. This type of bacterial infection is called cholangitis.

Risk factors

The risk of development of cholangitis will depend on a series of factors, but there are several conditions that can make this infection more likely likely.People who have an increased risk of developing an infection in a bile air duct,They include all those who have:

  • Billar calculation history
  • Diagnosis of sclerosing cholangitis
  • recently went to the districts,Where parasitic or bacterial infections can occur
  • Recent retrograde retrograde cholangiopangraphy (ERCP) with a wall (in a study, the risk was 13 years.2 percent)

Signs and Symptoms

Signs and symptoms of acute cholangitis are often similar to those stones and may include:

  • Pain
  • ChillsChiffs
  • clay color stools
  • urine
  • <

  • jauicide (yellow color of the skin and eyes)
  • nausea
  • pain under the shoulder
  • right of the upper quadrant orMedimentemo pain, which is sharpened,crabmy or boring
  • vomiting


makes the diagnosis of cholangitis as as quickly as possible to start The treatment is important.You can use one or more different tests that analyze the bile ducts and gallstones.

Blood analysis

While blood tests will not be used to diagnose infection in bile ducts, they are used to help obtain the image General of what can cause symptoms.The blood tests that can be done include:

abdominal ultrasound

ultrasound -This is a test that uses sound waves to see that the structures within the bodies of the refusal can be done in the stomach, when a biliary or a bile duct obstacle is suspected.


During this test, a tube through the mouth and towards Below through the digestive tract is drilled to achieve bile ducts.It can also be used in some cases to eliminate bile stones or process another blocking form or obstruction of bile ducts. During this test, some type of bile can be removed to verify it for bacteria.The bile will be grown in the laboratory to find out which bacteria cause infection.

Magnetic resonance cholangiopancography (MRCP)

This test is a display test, That is not invented and used to visualize the pancreas, the gallbladder and the bile ducts.Any blockade in the bile ducts can be seen in the images.

Human converted Cholangiogram (PTCA)

PTCA is the X-ray type beam , which is used for prominent conduits. While the patient calms down, the needle is inserted through the stomach and the liver to administer the contrast medium to the area.Then a series of X-ray rays are being taken to visualize air ducts with a contrast medium that flows through them.


It is diagnosed once it is diagnosed, the treatment should start quickly. Since cholangitis is caused by infection, the treatment will include antibiotics to kill bacteria. WTISH, the cause of the root must be processed. In the case of biliary stones, stones can be seen eliminating them with ERCP when stones are in the general bile duct.In many cases, you can do an operation to remove the gallbladder.

For blows in the bile duct, the procedure can be done to accommodate the stent and save the open air duct. In the case, when there is a narrowing of bile ducts due to a tumor (which is not common), which may require operations or other forms of treatment.


Sepsis is a possible complication of cholangitis, and this is a condition that threatens life.Sepsis occurs when the infection is not processed and does not cause an organ inability, tissue damage and possibly death. Sepsis is processed by antibiotics and, sometimes, other measures. They are necessary to eliminate infected fabrics.Sepsis can be insidious and dangerous for life, so it is important to easily notice medical workers if it is suspected that the infection has become a state.


In some cases, what prevents cholangitis, may be impossible.However, given that most cases are caused by biliary stones that block bile ducts, which avoids assistance on gallstones.The prevention of Bilis boards may include a healthy diet with a corresponding amount of soluble and insoluble fibers and receive regular exercises. Stop smoking can also help prevent the development of more severe cholangitis forms associated with ERCP and stent placement, antibiotics can be administered during the procedure or after preventing infection.

Word of the Meds information received

Acute cholangitis is a serious condition, because it is an infection that can make a person quite painful and leads to complications.The appearance with a diagnosis is rapid and obtaining the treatment is important, therefore, the symptoms of abdominal pain, jaundice and fever are reasons to immediately see the doctor.When the diagnosis is a track, the treatment with antibiotics begins, the good news is that most people have recovered from cholangitis.

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