Symptoms and treatment of excessive effects in the sun.


Most people love spending time outdoors on sunny days, but too much exposure to the sun can have serious consequences,Including:

  • tongue
  • hyponatremia
  • heat
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BurnSolar is a general lesion of the skin caused by excessive exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation of the sun.Injuries of injury caused by the inflammatory response as ultraviolet radiation, damage directly to those that DNA in skin cells.

When the DNA of the cell is irreparably damaged, it will go to apoptosis (cell death) and it will be quickly included, which will lead to peeling and skin peeling.

Tanning symptoms

Common tanning symptoms include:

  • reddish leather
  • pain
  • fatigue
  • fartigue
  • Hot skin temperature


In more severe cases, it can also be:

  • deausea
  • fever
  • fever

Professional medical contact If you find these symptoms to fail

The degree of sunburn can manifest with:

  • a> (tissue edema)
  • fainting

, When it is at risk

Solar sema can start after 15 minutes of Direct impact on the sun. Pain and redness, as a rule, are the largest for the first six to 48 hours.

Sunny solar burns not only arise in The hot summer days.The prolonged impact even in snow or cloudy days can lead to burning. Refilact measures, including Senscreen and protective clothing , can significantly reduce risk.

Over time, the excessive effect in the sun can cause skin damage, prematurely and skin cancer . The story of strong solar burn gives it 2. 4-fold rate at risk of carcinoma flat cell cell and 1.5-Double increased risk of mellanoma .

Sunburn Treatment

You can treat a soft sunburn with a fresh bath or shower, cold compresses, as well as an ultra dry moisturizer .

For pain, you can take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) (NSAID) , as Advil (ibuprofen) or thyleneol (acetaminophen).

If the formation of blisters, do not break them.


Dehydration is exhaustion or imbalance of liquids or electrolytes, which avoid the normal functions of the body.This happens when the loss of fluids of the organism exceeds liquid consumption, usually on hot days when worried.

Symptoms of dehydration

Most healthy people can stand from 3% at 4% water loss without symptoms without symptoms.

5% can develop:

  • dizcess
  • fatigue

Since the water loss exceeds the 10%, serious symptoms can be developed,Including:

  • reduced urination
  • confusion
  • adopting

Treatment of Dehydration

Soft dehydration can usually be resolved with drinking or electrolytic water rich in sports.

The best way to avoid dehydration is to drink water to , thirsty, especially if you plan to be in the sun for a long period or overvoltage.


The opposite of dehydration is a state known as <> hyponatremia (sometimes called ‘water poisoning’).

Hyponatremia can occur when you lose a lot of water through sweat, but it does not replace replacing sodium when you register.People often think about dehydration as water loss, when it also includes an electrolyte imbalance.

Symptoms of hyponatremia

Hyponatremia can occur during resistance when you lose a Many liquids, but only drink water.If you do not replace the lost sodium, you can begin to feel the effects of exhaustion,Including:

  • headache
  • fatigue
  • Irritability loss
  • >
  • Muscle weakness
  • cramps
  • confusion


The slight hyponatremia can be painted, drinking a rich sports drink of electrolytes.

Strong cases generally require a solution of salt of 3% delivered intravenously (in Vienna) through emergency medical personnel.

Thermal depletion

Dehydration in combination with a long sun or a thermal exposure can lead to the fact that heat exhaustion .

By definition, the depletion of heat occurs with the body’s heat temperature rises above 98.6 F (30 F), but does not exceed 104 F (40 c). Generally occurs in damp and humid days when you are worried about yourself.

Risk of heat depletion

Dehydration and obesity significantly increases the risk of heat depletion, as well as:

  • alcohol
  • caffeine
  • certain preparations (diuretics, antihistamines,beta-blockers, alcohol, ecstasy, andmpetamins) / Li>

Babies and the elderly in the largest Risk, as they tend to interrupt the thermoregulation (the capacity of the body to adapt to climate change).

Symptoms of the heat image

Common symptoms include:

  • dizziness
  • thir> thirste
  • thirste
  • thirtness
  • abundant sweating
  • decreasedExhibition
  • Vomiting

Processing of heat depletion

If you had a lot,It has a thermal exhaustion:

  • Move them into cool space
  • Remove excessive clothing
  • Reduce body temperature, fast or fresh,Fresh wet detaoallas on your skin
  • offer water or sports drink if you can keep fluids below
  • if dizziness occurs,They are located on the back and lifts the legs

If first aid measures can not provide relief for 15 minutes, call 911 or develop medical care for emergency.If it comes out raw, thermal depletion can lead to the radiator.


The heat fusion , also known as Sol Fastening, is a heavier form of heat depletion, wherein the temperature of the core of the body exceeds 104 F (40 ° C).

cause more than 600 deaths in the United States each year, EitherFor excessive loads at hot temperatures (so-called thermal extension coating) or certain conditions that violate thermoregulation (non-expansion or ‘classic’ of thermal excavation).

Causes of thermal heating

Common causes of the classic heat screen include:

  • Age
  • alcohol
  • stimulants
  • death by the merger of heat occursWhen melted or older people remain in cars parked in direct sunlight, where the temperature can rise to 124 F to 153 F (51 to 67 s). Symptoms of the radiator

    Thermal symptoms The deepest air than the depletion of the heat, but it may differ, regardless of whether it has external or classic taplea.

    , for example, sweating is characteristic of external radiation, but generally absent with a classic heat coating.

    Other symptoms may include:

    • Quick breathing
    • Quick and weak pulse
    • nausea and vomiting
    • confusion or meaning
    • initiation
    • insistentcomo behavior
    • Fainting consciousness and unconscious awareness
    • is to limit and limit the exchange of blood and oxygen.

      If you do not get rid, the radiator can take to:

      Radiator processing

      The heat melting is the emergency.The treatment includes:

      • cooling body rapidly
      • ral and iv specirty
      • standard reassurance measures Trained medical workers

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