Symptoms and treatment of weed allergies.


could you have marijuana allergies ? Is it possible to be allergies in a weed or pot? You can be new in the therapeutic marijuana or the legal recreational marijuana. Or maybe he used it in the past without problems.But it is possible to have allergies to Marijuana.

This article explains the symptoms of allergic weeds. It includes information about allergies to the visibility of marijuana, challenges of the diagnosis of allergies and what you can do if you have one.

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For some people Marijuana allergies can cause a reality of the skin thatOcurrecting play or face a plant or its colors.

The symptoms of skin irritation may include:

  • itch
  • redness
  • shash or yives
  • dry, scratch leather

There is also some evidence that marijuana can be an aerial allergen.Some people feel sensitized after the inhalation of marijuana pollen. They can also be sensitized after the inhalation of cannabis in the air of the plant processing of the plant.

Aerial allergy Symptoms of marijuana may include:

Allergic reactions to appearance

Marijuana ECOMS has become more accessible to the emsseinal medical .And there are also regions in the United States, where they are legal for all users.

Rarely, rarely, cases of reactions are reported anaphilaxis of food / a> seeds. Symptoms may include:


Many types of pollen plants, such as ragweed , flowers and trees, can cause allergic reactions for some of Some of people.Marijuana flowers also produce pollen that can cause these reactions for people who are sensitive. The reaction can affect the skin or respiratory system.

can have an allergic reaction of marijuana seeds or marijuana.Symptoms may include:

  • eRMEs
  • edema

sometimes allergic on other products react with The marijuana and vice versa.

Allergies to tomatoes, peaches, bananas, citrus, grapefruit, aubergines, almonds and chestnuts were notified, to cross the reaction with marijuana in several studies ,failure

Use and awareness of marijuana In other allergens

look marijuana for smoking can feel people or stimulate them to develop allergies to other allergens.

In a study, the use of marijuana was associated with the development of allergies in the Mold , with dust ticks , plants and clarity >


In most cases, your doctor will diagnose marijuana allergies based on your description of your exposure and symptoms.

Skin tests are a way that allergic specialists determine allergies. These tests are not standardized to try allergies to marijuana.But in theory, your allergist can prepare an extract or suspension, using leaves, kidneys and flowers of plants. The allergist can perform a standard injection. / P>

This is not a typical way to identify Allergies to Marijuana.And its allergist can consider this if there is a serious concern for the reason, the effects and treatment of their allergies.


If you suspect you have developed allergies to marijuana, as a rule, it is better to avoid it on all plants.

If you are using marijuana for therapeutic purposes, you should talk to your doctor and seek professional medical advice. They can offer alternative treatment for their condition that does not cause allergic reactions.

Sometimes you can avoid the exposure of marijuana with an exposure to air that has no control. If so, discuss treatment options for your allergies with your doctor.They can recommend that you use antihistamines or to prevent or treat symptoms such as the nanny’s nose and red eyes.

For the symptoms of an anaphylactic reaction type, seek immediate medical attention in emergency situations. These reactions can be threatening for life and the need to be processed quickly.

You may need to carry EPI-PEN in the future, if the anaphylactic type is diagnosed .


Some people can be allergic to marijuana also known as weeds or pots . If you are allergic to marijuana, you can experience itching, redness, eruption, urticaria or dryness and scales.Marijuana can even be an aerial allergen. There are some people who are committed to nasal congestion, a nasal secretion, sick throat and respiratory problems when they breathe pollen from the marijuana plant.

If you think you are allergic to forty, the best solution is to avoid it. And if you are using marijuana for therapeutic purposes, you can also consult your doctor to see if there are other alternative procedures you can try.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes. Allergic reactions were noted in some people who inhale, played or eat products from marijuana or cannabis.Symptoms and gravity change on the basis of how seriously your allergy and what form of cannabis has been exposed, and can cause rash, swelling, breathing problems, sneezing or silent eyes.

  • Yes, but rarely and mostly found when someone with allergies eats hemp seeds.

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