Symptoms of alternating current arthritis and treatment.

CA AC is a chronic inflammation of the acreoclavicular compound (alternate), one of the four joints that work together in a complex system that is the shoulder.Like most cases of arthritis, alternating current arthritis occurs when the cartilage, protects certain bones within the joint, thin.

Recognition of current arthritis alternates as a unique condition that is important when it comes to treatment. Although shoulder arthritis occurs in the same region, conditions do not have the same.

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Your shoulder connections

Ball and nest in the shoulder compound, the attached opening,It is a two-bone compound: the blade (blade) and the upper part of the hand (shoulder). Skapula forms a connector connector, and shoulders have a round head that matches this output.

Arthritis of the shoulder is actually a thermal placement to paste arthritis. Here the ball of the tribe and its cartilage coverage wear out in the sleeping joint.

The projection of the blade’s finger is called an ACRAY, which is produced with the lateral end of the clavicle for the formation of Acraquelavicular / Alternating current. The loss of cartilage between these bones is what causes an alternating current arthritis.

Not only are these two conditions differ in anatomical terms, but that the consequences for treatment, recovery and complications are also different.

The other two-shoulder joint is a rigorocular compound (SC) that binds to the sewer in the sternum and the blasty compound that connects the blade to the rear edges.


Patients with arthritis generally complain of pain associated with shoulder movement ,But the pain in the neck and hand can also perform a part that can complicate the diagnosis.

Special movements, as a rule, aggravate the symptoms.The general test, made by its health care provider, will bring a surprised hand on the chest. This movement compresses the alternating current connection and more frequently will recreate the symptoms of pain.


AC Arthritis is usually osteoarthritis, the result of repeated movements that use the cartilage in the acreoclavicular compound.Since the shoulder is used from time to time, it is not surprising that the surface of the articulation can use subtle years of use.

however, other problems can provide symptoms:

  • Inflammatory conditions: Autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid and to> psoriatic arthritis can attack the AC connection.
  • Septic arthritis: This is due to the infection in the joint, which can be transmitted through the blood flow or injury, delivering the microbes directly in the joint (for example , the puncture).
  • Injuries: Shoulder injury, as the separation of the shoulder , can contribute to the development of AC arthritis.


The treatment of arthritis depends on the severity of the symptoms and the presence of other shoulder problems, including the syndrome of imperform,Paste arthritis and muscle injury, as the rotator rotator of the rotator .

If the symptoms of arthritis are smooth to moderation, anti-inflammatory drugs and physics The therapy are the most common conservative measures.Your health care provider can enter an AC connection with local anesthesia or steroids to see if your symptoms are improved.

If the symptoms do not react to the conservative treatment, or if the pain is too heavy, the operation may be necessary.The arthroscopic procedure can remove the end of the clavicle (colorOnebone) and allow the alternating current compound to be filled with the help of the cicatricial tissue .

It is generally smaller than the santimeter of the bone.This allows the normal movement of the alternating current connection (which is minimally even on healthy shoulders) by stopping the open bones to rub together.

For an alternating current movement, the processing generally lasts approximately eight weeks and, often, includes work with a physiotherapist.

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