Symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)


Frequent symptoms

Symptoms of significant Hompd can not appear before the disease is not advanced, and has already suffered pulmonary damage.

General symptoms At the beginning of COPD, if they occur, include difficulty breathing, wheezing, coughing, fatigue, sputum production and chronic infections respiratory,that can vary easily to very severe depending on the stage of the disease.

Lack of breath

Lack of Breath ( Dyspnea ), a symptom of a distinctive characteristic of COPD, is often the first symptom. Dyspnea Soffocates Due to medical conditions, it can be described in several ways, but many people with COPD describe the breathing difficulty of the breath of how they feel like binding breathing or work.The feeling is also often described as’ hunger in the air ‘.’

Original, you can only experience brevity when you have yourself. However, given that the disease progresses, the lack of breath can occur even during your rest.The tool known as the modified medical advice (MMRC) dispensing scale (MMRC) is often used to meet the quantitative determination of these subjective symptoms.

As a symptom, the lack of breath is the most alarming disconnect characteristic of COPD.

Exercise intolerance

can not tolerate exercises or moderately stressful actions that climb the stairs in your home.With the advanced COPD, you can not even walk from one room to another.

Healthy people tend to breathe faster and deeper, working to get enough oxygen and energy.With COPD, the air really falls into the trap inside the lungs, the condition described as the lungs of hyperinflation .The disease prevents the capture of deep breaths when exercise, so it can not absorb enough oxygen to obtain the energy needed for physical tension. You will notice that you have to sit down and relax.

Sputum production (wet)

wet It is also called mucus or sputum, a protective substance formed by its lungs to help capture and eliminate strange particles.The sputum is secreted by the cells that filter the respiratory tract ( bronqui and bronchioles ) and move when coughing or cleaning the throat.

eliminate the mucus due to the dysfunction of the lashes, small hair as hair .

A large amount of thick sputum is often associated with AA bacterial infection of the lungs , which can aggravate Symptoms of the COPD . The color and consistency of sputters can change when there is a bacterial infection present.

Effects of COPD in air tubes and alveoli.

Chronic cough

A chronic cough in the COPD is the Unique that is long-term, and it seems not to disappear. Doctor, it is defined as cough, which lasts a period of at least eight weeks.

COPD cough can be dry (no production) or make mucus. With some types of COPD, such as chronic bronchitis , cough occurs daily and is associated with the production of mucus.Initially, cough can be intermittent, but when the disease progresses, it may be present every day.

Chronic cough is often the symptom of this problem diseases, but this is the one that is overlooked, because many people attribute it to smoking (‘ smoker cough ‘), allergic stimuli or other environmental stimuli.


HOOD is often described as the sound of the whistle during the Inhalation, exhale, or both. This is caused by a narrowing or contracting of your respiratory tract.The house may or may not be accompanied by abnormal sounds listened with a stethoscope.

Petence on the chest

Selaution on the thorax can give you a sensation of pressure in infants that complicate breathing AutomaticThe captive position may be present when an infection occurs in its course, it can cause deep breathing to be labeled ( pleuritic tricky deposit ), which makes breathing short and small.

Restriction of air flow and your symptoms

The long-term effects of the Irritants of the respiratory tract cause respiratory swollen and inflamed tract, avoiding air and lung flows.This process, called Restriction of Air Flow, is getting worse gradually, especially if this impact continues.The air flow limit correlates directly with a decrease in the function of light (and related symptoms) observed in COPD.

Chronic respiratory infections

Another common The symptom of COPD is often cold, flu and / or pneumonia.COBL makes it more susceptible to these diseases, since it can not eliminate the lungs enough.


Fatigue related to COPD, differs from ordinary fatigue.It is little understood and, often, the underlined symptoms of COPD is something that does not respond badly to a cup of coffee or even good night.

In general, fatigue is three times more often in humans with diseases of people than those who are without it. If the lack of encouragement is the most anxious symptom among those than with COPD , fatigue can be one of the most.But, in addition, the fatigue associated with COPD increases the risk of growth of hospitalization.

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